HTC Offers iPhone Owners Easy Method To Transfer Data With Upcoming Sync Manager Update

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HTC is pulling out all the stops to entice users to take a long, hard look at their upcoming One smartphone including a special new feature inside their Sync software geared specifically toward iPhone customers. When the One hits store shelves in March, HTC will unveil a new version of its Sync Manager which includes the option to transfer photos, calendar entries, text messages, videos and more from iPhone backup files.

For the moment, it’s not clear if the new Sync manager will work on both Mac and PC platforms however, earlier versions of the software have worked on both. The feature will make switching from the iPhone to the One just a little easier for those on Apple’s smartphone. The data itself will require desktop syncing through iTunes to pull the backups HTC’s Sync manager will need, so iCloud users will be unable to undertake in this venture without saving at least one backup to iTunes. It’s especially compelling to move text messages, which cannot easily be copied from the iPhone to the computer or another smartphone without some trickery that most iOS users wouldn’t discover. It’s not especially difficult to move calendar entries, contacts, photos and more from phone to phone, but the option to do it all in one shot for HTC customers is a bonus.

It remains to be seen if iPhone owners will move over to the HTC One en mass, but the opportunity to transfer some of your data is definitely worth taking into consideration.



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