Google Senior VP Promises “Insanely Great Cameras” With Future Nexus Devices

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If anyone inside the Google food chain has his pulse on the latest developments in the Nexus world, it’s Google’s Senior Vice President of Engineering, Vic Gundotra. Gundotra is a name that needs no introduction with the die-hard Android crowd as he’s a presence at almost all major Google/Android announcements. That’s why Gundotra’s comments inside his own Google+ posting struck a cord with me today and while the news isn’t specifically T-Mobile related, given that T-Mobile has directly or indirectly supported all previous Nexus devices, I’m eagerly following developments on upcoming hardware.

With that in mind, as a brand new father, there’s few things that have been as important in the last few weeks as making sure I have a camera with me no matter where I am. So here’s a little tidbit of news that should excite Nexus fans the world over as Gundotra responded inside the Google+ post discussing cameras while on vacation. A passing comment mentioned that a respondent was hopeful future Nexus devices would remove the need to carry heavy cameras in the future. Gundotra, for his response gave the best possible answer we could envision:

“We are committed to making Nexus phones insanely great cameras. Just you wait and see.”

Google has been steadily improving the stock Android camera UI, especially with the introduction of Ice Cream Sandwich and the addition of Photo Sphere with Jelly Bean. It’s clear that smartphones are clearly incorporating “the best camera is the one you have with you” adage and it sounds like Google and Gundotra in particular are keenly aware of that. Of course we are eager to see the improvements now and avoid the “wait and see” approach, but remember what mom used to say…”good things come to those who wait.”

Google+ Vic Gundotra via Android Central

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  • David

    Congrats on the little bundle of joy… If the camera is as good or better than the one in my Nexus 4 we are in for something awesome

  • mikkej2k

    I hope Google takes a leadership role and cranks out devices with specs that are THE best , instead of what has happened lately.

  • thepanttherlady

    Congrats on the new baby!

  • steveb944

    Why didn’t they start with the 4? I miss the camera on my Amaze, that thing was amazing (Pun intended).

    BTW, congrats David!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    If it doesn’t say Carl Zeiss, it isn’t “Insanely Great”

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Congrats on the baby

  • What baby?

    • Ummm, my baby?!

      • thepanttherlady

        I just LOL’D.

      • O shit, I didnt know you and iCarly were together. I wouldn’t have hit on her if had known. :-)

  • Ventz Petkov

    David – Just about any phone has a better camera than the Nexus 4 :) I’ve had the nexus 4 since it first launched in the US, and it has to be the worst camera i’ve seen to date (that includes the old 8320 blackberries and little nokia flip phones. Hell, even the razr took better pictures). My previous phone – the Nexus S was much better.

    • This is a garbage comment. My N4 takes good pictures, sometimes great pictures. If you think that your old 3.2Mp non backside illuminated, grainy, unable to shoot in low light, slow ass shutter speed having flip phone took better pictures than the N4, you must also think that your 1995 non-widescreen tube television has a better picture than a new Sony Bravia HDTV

  • BlackJu

    920 please

  • trife

    Glad to hear this. My only gripe about the N4 is the camera, as it really does suck pretty bad. For this level of hardware and software, I expected more from the camera.

    Sadly, I’ve gotten used to not even trying to capture certain moments with my Nexus because it usually ends with me taking 10 different pics, with 1 of them being somewhat acceptable. If I could swap out the N4’s shooter for the iPhone 5’s, I’d be a completely satisfied consumer on the mobile side of things.

  • NYCTheBronx

    Congratulations David on your new baby! I hope they slap on a 13-16mp camera on the next Nexus device and I hope LG gets to make it again but with better specs.I hope the new Nexus device comes with a 4.7″ screen, 3100mAh battery or the ability to change batteries, the ability to put in our micro SD cards or 32-64 GB of internal storage
    And LTE on board with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Only time will tell. I might get the Samsung Galaxy S III revamped LTE as my backup phone or the Samsung Galaxy S IV. But I choose to go with the Nexus family as my main phone because they are the first to get firmware updates. LG Google Nexus 4 is my first Nexus phone and I love it. I just wish I can put my 64 GB micro SD card and a bigger battery. Can’t wait to run LTE on it.

    • Mike

      Why LG? to keep the price down?

  • Mirad77

    Congrats on the baby and I agree with you that the Nexus line can and should do better with camera.

  • Chris

    Nice of them to say, but this reminds me too much of the crap apple does with the iPhone. Release it with pretty good features but missing some stuff, and then add it in later to get more sales. I don’t know if they’re doing this intentionally or not, but it sucks. Why didn’t they just put a good camera in the GN? There were awesome cameras around at that time and it was more than capable of having a good one.

    Just like no LTE. I can’t believe people aren’t more angry about that after how much they ragged on the iPhone 4 and 4s for not having it. Pretty bad move in my book.

  • Very good news. I wanted a Nexus 4, but the reviews on the camera ended up turning me away from the device. I went with a Galaxy S3 instead. If the next generation of Nexus phone has an “insanely great camera” I’d very much consider selling my GS3 and moving over to Nexus.

  • therealmikebrown

    Yeah right. Still using a Sony point and shoot I bought 4 years ago. No phone comes close. 15x optical zoom on a phone, what would that cost?
    Right now phones cost $700 with crap cameras, a good camera at least $350.
    If you need to zoom, you need a camera. If you are taking snapshots that don’t need zoom, phone.

  • Wolphman007

    YES, please get a new camera on the Nexus!!! I got mine hoping that the camera would blow away my previous phoes but much to my dismay it was no where near as good as my other phones cameras.
    When I take a pic at full rez, not much in the pic seems to be in focus. The light sensor is terrible as well.
    I upgraded to the Nexus4 from an HTC One S. The One S has an Amazing camera on it. I can take incredilble looking pics and vids on that device. I also had the HTC Amaze before that at that too also had a great cam.
    Now that the new HTC One is coming out, i’m going to go back to that device. I’ve really liked the way HTC makes phones lately. Better build quality, better camrea (Personal opinion), better UI overall.
    The N4 has been freezing up on some App’s which i know isn’t nessesarily the devices fault but I never had those issues on any HTC so i’m thinking it’s a software compatibility issue. Also i just really am not impressed with the UI and some features. Like the dialing feature, on HTC you can dial on the number pad and start spelling the name of the contact you want to call and it’ll pull it up right away for you to dial. It also has the history and dial pad on the same screen which i now see if very convenient. The N4’s dialer is very outdated, no intuitiveness like the HTC software.
    For the money and what I use it for, i’d rather go with the HTC.
    Sorry Goolge, maybe the next Nexus will have these features worked out.