StarStar Me For T-Mobile Shown Off In YouTube Video

Yesterdays launch of the StarStar Me platform on T-Mobile left many folks scratching their head as to why they might want to use this service? A fair question to be sure, but there is definitely an argument to made for using a **me number against having to constantly hand out your phone number. In some regard, I can see businesses getting more use out of this than individuals, but if its something that interests you, perhaps this two-minute video can sell you on why **Me is right for you.

With StarStar Me, you can use your name, nickname, or handle as your mobile number. Provide the people you meet with a memorable phone number, like **SARAH, that distinguishes you from the crowd. Get yours by calling **ME (**63) from your mobile phone or visit


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  • Julian C. Taborda

    Great so instead of a nice 10 digit number…its going to be “call me at **lovergirly97xoxox”

  • Guest

    this will fail

  • NardVa

    So if the other person is on Sprint, Verizon or AT&T they cannot star star me?

  • EAS

    I cannot understand why you would ever pay for this.

  • jbrizzy

    Useless Tmobile Crapware

  • Dials **Chloe…

  • **gamercore

  • steveb944

    If I had the money to waste I’d add it for fun to see people’s reactions when I give them my ‘number’. But I would re add Caller Tunes before this, and we all know how much that annoys

  • **LoveMeSexy

  • **ChocoRain

  • Adam W Nelson

    whats the price on this?

    • thepanttherlady


  • Mark

    I wonder if it’s possible to hook **JENNY to the number 867-5309 in whatever area code you happen to be standing in.

  • ?!


  • rob

    TMO will make sure everyone knows about this. ex. more MB consuming bloatware on our next T-Mobile branded smartphone.



  • **AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

  • JayMoney88

    There’s this thing called Google Voice that works Wwaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better…

  • nijakyng88

    There’s this “thing” called Google Voice that’s much more effective…this is possibly T-Mobile’s worst waste of money to date