Dear Google And LG, Please Let This White Nexus 4 Be Real


While we can’t verify the authenticity of the above image, this purported photo of a white Nexus 4 has me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. With the LG Optimus G available in white, it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch for the Nexus 4 to show up in white as well. However, until some “official” confirmation arrives, we’ll have to take this image at face value and hope that it’s the real deal and not just another leaked prototype.

According to the EXIF data taken from the original image discovered by PhoneArena¬†image, the picture¬†was captured with an LG Optimus G sometime last week, which really could mean anything. More importantly, there’s definitely the distinctive textured and reflective pattern of the Nexus 4 here in this image which gives us just a smidgen of extra hope this is a real live phone.

Seriously Google, LG, if you’re listening, make this and they will come.


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  • Tyrone Diggs

    Want dat!

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    Not a fan of white phones, but that looks really great!

    • J-Mo

      For some reason white electronics looks like a kid’s toy.

  • UncleFan

    It *could* be cool, but I won’t get excited until I see the front. I’m scared they’ll cop out with a black bezel. I wanna see white everything on the front, except the screen of course!

    • Bennion

      I agree completely! A completely white Nexus 4 would be gorgeous. If the bezel is still black, it won’t be nearly as beautiful. If it’s completely white, I’ll be sorely tempted to sell my One S to get it.


        I would be temped to sell my White 32GB Galaxy S3. Anyone know if the Nexus 4 has MHL/HDMI support? That would be a deal breaker for me if it doesn’t. I miss having a Nexus phone. My last 2 phones were GS2 and GS3 running CM or AOKP. Bring this White one Google and LG and you got me.

        • Prox

          SlimPort HDMI

  • As of 10:54 pm Eastern t’s available on play store!!!! Awesome!!

  • And it’s sold out. 10.55… Bastards

    • loopyduck

      It’s been on sale the whole day. Sorry you missed out =P

  • trife

    My wife will LOVE this. Count me in for 1 should this be real!

  • Kufat

    Assuming this is real, I wonder if there’ll be any other changes, like a 32GB option or (duh) LTE. It could also be a prototype of an alternate color that never went to production.

  • I have a feeling someone was playing with a Negative filter

    • Herb

      Not a bad theory, but the flash and camera lens are not inverted.

      • While that is true photoshop is easy to use. They could simply have done the negative filter and then replaced the camera module with a stock image

        • BahamasGeek242

          You just spoiled it for me but YOU COULD BE RIGHT damn you!!

  • kreks

    Even though I’d still go with the black one this looks pretty slick. Either way, choices are good. PS the N4 is downright amazing. If anyone is unsure about getting one, I highly doubt you’d regret the purchase.

  • I am still waiting for a 64GB Nexus 4.

    • g2a5b0e

      You might as well give up on that. Seeing as how there’s not even a 32GB version, I would say you MIGHT see one when the 6th iteration rolls around.

  • Tmoguy87

    Hey David what’s your email for good news?!

  • jbrizzy

    Ughh Im jealous, I got the black one. Ole well better to have one than not have one at all

  • LC

    I’d definitely rock one!

  • steveb944

    Makes me reminisce of my white Amaze. I would prefer the white over my current black one due to it standing out more, black is mostly the norm nowadays

  • GS3user

    Am I correct that the GS3 is more advanced in almost every way? Why the hype over this phone…especially when LG has dropped the ball, yet again? Is it the price point and earlier OS updates? Fill me in somebody.

    • not4sakn

      Apparently you haven’t taken the time to look into the specs of the nexus 4. After doing so I’m sure you’ll then be able to see which phone is more advanced. Doing away with touchwiz alone is a huge step up in my opinion.

  • Dakota

    Black, white, or purple. What does it matter if it’s not available for sale? Ayr this point, might as well wait for the next Nexus. Buying first always backfires.. Many folks out there with 8gb Nexus7 only to see 16gb for sane price a month later

  • thepanttherlady

    Sorry, no selling or trading on this site. Thank you.

    • BahamasGeek242

      Didn’t know thank you very much!!

    • Thenolifelady

      oh my!!! :O big boss is here now!! Hide!!

      • thepanttherlady

        *looks around* Shhhhhhh. Don’t tell David. He thinks he is. =P

  • Ivan X

    White nexus 4. really??
    Too long too late.
    I’m waiting on the Google “X” phone.