Question Of The Day: How’s Your Coverage In T-Mobile’s Modernized Network Markets?

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The promise of T-Mobile’s modernized network is one T-Mobile project that we’ve eagerly watched over the last year. The consideration that we, as T-Mobile customers can use handsets we’ve long since assumed would never work on T-Mobile’s 3G/4G networks are now ripe for the taking is plainly stated — wonderful. As of this writing, T-Mobile’s modernized network  consists of more than 40 markets and thereby allowed for images like the one above.

As a longtime iPhone user on T-Mobile, I’ve long since become accustomed to the EDGE network and its limitations. Now, with T-Mobile swapping 3G/4G over to the 1900 band, using the iPhone is like a whole new world. Pages load fast, the sun rises in the east and the sky is the clearest blue I’ve ever seen.

However, there’s a “but” here and that’s the notion that T-Mobile’s modernized markets are not as “filled out” as we want to believe. My understanding is that T-Mobile considers a market “live” when 75% of the tower work is completed. Unfortunately, there appears to be a lot of complaints across the interwebs that while plenty of 3G signal is found in those areas, it’s staggered and not reliable enough for full-time use.

Which brings me to my question, which is really directed at those of you who live in those forty modernized markets — how is your coverage and do you find it reliable enough for full time use? Tell us your experience.

Want to know more about the modernized markets? Check out our breakdown of what they are, how it works and when you can expect to see it your way.

Thanks to everyone including @rbrome for the iPhone screenshots!

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