Nokia Lumia 810 Receiving “Portico” Software Update

Nokia Lumia 810 owners take note as your smartphone is set to receive the “Portico” update, bringing with a number of “software stability and bluetooth connectivity improvements.” The update rollout began yesterday, January 16th, and is performed as an over the air update.

The update brings with bug fixes, including issues with Bluetooth, device reboots, and being incorrectly routed to tethering up sell pages when browsing. Microsoft will send a notification to your device when the update is available, but users can also attempt a manual pull down by going to Settings > Phone update > Check for updates. Once the update notification is received, follow the onscreen instructions, wait for the restart and voila, software updated.

T-Mobile Support

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  • This fix is now just rolling out? Wow, i’m so glad I dropped my 810 and picked up the Note 2.

    • Foxeh

      I briefly had an unbranded WP8 device and received that update back in November. Seeing how long carriers stall even simple updates, I think I’m going to stay away from branded devices from now on…

      • Yep, Nope.

        So it wasn’t an HTC or a Nokia but just a phone without a brand? Weird. Perhaps you mean unlocked as in it wasn’t locked to a particular carrier. In which case the carrier phones actually received their updates (the lumia series specifically comes to mind) faster than the unlocked devices. Believe it was the same for the 8x. Seeing as how you obviously don’t read news about WP updates, I think we’ll stay away from your comments from now on…

    • Wyn6

      I’m sure the Note II will be updated in a timely fashion considering Samsung’s stellar update history. ;)

      • At least my note 2 doesn’t restart hourly like the 810 did. Also the eco system is miles ahead of windows phone. Nobody but the nexus users really get “timely” updates. :D

        • BlackJu

          Mine has never done that. At least my 810 doesn’t freeze up and force close apps like my g2. Never got an is update for that pos. First one froze one day and wouldn’t reboot. The speaker in the replacement just stopped.working one day.

    • Yep, Nope.

      Lulzeus. I mean. Let’s not even get into updates there Android. No doubt your Note II is a hot phone with stellar hardware. We can agree there. I’ve owned every mobile OS though at one point or another and can say that recently, Andy takes the cake on waiting. This Portico update came to the 810 a month after the 920 and 8x received, and the 8x had it pulled and re-released again. So yeah – the first update for WP8 with multiple bug fixes and enhancements took just a month more to release for the device here. I’ve had a single instance of random restart and aside from that, smooth sailing. But yeah, before you go calling the kettle black there, eh pot?

  • archerian

    just two comments all day, fits the 2% market-share WP has currently. I’ll bet it’ll be in the double digits in a few years though

    • eanfoso

      Funny part is that one of the first two talks about dropping their lumia lol

    • BlackJu

      Because wp8 users don’t hang out much on tmo sites. It is overwhelmingly android users with a chubby for Samsung products. There are better sources of wp8 news like wpcentral. I check here for news about network modernization

    • Ordeith

      Already up to 13% in Italy, and outselling the iPhone in China. Signs are WP is gaining traction.

  • Your Mom

    Great updated… I never had any of these “Reboot” or other issues, but the Bluetooth wouldn’t connect to the Motorola installed BT in my Car, and after this update, all is well with with the world.

    The eco system on WP8 is fine… Every time I go back to my girl’s Galaxy SIII it feels like going back to Windows XP, sure it works, but it just “feels” old and busted. The UX on WP is light years ahead of Android and iOS at this point.

    There are SOME apps, correct, that aren’t there, but as far as I personally go, everything I need, want, or use is there… so I don’t have many complaints on that front.

    I’ve had my 810 for a little over a month, and had a MyTouch 4g before that, which received 1 update, so complaining about the timeliness of updates and pointing the finger at Nokia/MS/Carrier etc, is just kinda stupid and silly since that seems to be a problem no matter the brand, carrier, etc…