Samsung Galaxy S III On Sale At Best Buy For $79

Looking for an even better deal than Walmart’s recent Galaxy S III price drop to $98? Of course you are, so turn your attention to Best Buy and their one-day only sale on Samsung’s flagship smartphone. The retailer is dropping the Galaxy S III price tag to $79.99 for 16GB with a new two-year contract and $129 for the 32GB size. The price is good for new and qualifying upgrade customers so run, don’t walk to your nearest Best Buy and grab this deal before it’s too late.

Really, you should already be out the door to take advantage of this.

Best Buy

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  • Rielle

    I work at Best Buy, and in the store today, we have it for $49.99!

    • 0neTw0

      Not if your a T-mobile user. Then its 79.00 bucks.

      • I don’t see any reference to $49.99 for T-Mobile inside stores, especially considering stores don’t carry T-Mobile.

        • Rielle

          I didn’t even think about it that way, I’m sorry guys!

  • benjdm

    Is it on sale without a contract?

    • Guest911

      Read. The answer is provided.

    • eanfoso

      How old are you? Do you really not know?

    • od312

      Yes. It’s free without a contract

  • od312

    Or you can go to walmart and they will price match best buy, and walk out the door with the device TODAY :)

    • bleeew

      Can’t Best Buy price match Amazon?

      • od312

        Brick and mortar stores RARELY price match websites. But since tmobile phones aren’t carried in-store at best buy, it could be different. Definitely worth a shot. Keep us posted

    • joe

      Walmart does not do price match on cell phones. i tried.

      • JBLmobileG1

        Yes they do with an ad but it can’t be after MIR or buy one get one.

        • Melissa

          Nope. Best Buy did not advertise the price in an ad, only the other carriers because they can only sell the Tmo ones online.

      • od312

        Yes they do. They lied to ya!!

    • kevin

      Walmart doesn’t do price match on “cellular phones with contract”. They only do price match on prepaid phones. It was printed in their Terms & Conditions.

  • Rik

    The problem with best buy is you need to change your data plan to a new plan. To get the same plan I’m on now, it would cost me 10 more a month

    • Melissa

      I just called TMo and they said you do not need to change your plan. Is this incorrect info they gave me?

      • eurohomie

        you would have to change it to plans best buy has available, so if you’re on the unlimited everything plan, you wouldn’t have to change it but if you’re on a grandfathered plan, you would… unless you talk to customer loyalty before in order to get them to switch it back after you extend your contract…

        • Melissa

          Ok, I spoke with them about it and they said they would change it back for me but I’m having a heck of a time even buying the phone. The BB’s in my city do not carry TMo plans so I have to order it online but BB’s system is down… Wal-Mart would not price match it unless I had a paper ad and they did not have one… =/

        • predation

          tmo is lying to you. lol

    • od312

      Which plan are u on? And if best buy’s system is set up that way, switching back to your original plan is a quick phone call away. Been there, done that!

  • Okay let me get things straightened out…It’s $79 for Tmo and the other companies are $50.

  • galaxyears

    Now let the paid and bought Value Plan creeps start doing their fuzzy math to prove its cheaper than ANY Classic offering

    • Lol

    • od312

      It actually works out to about the same :)

    • tmo_rep

      Actually, with the $50 MiR we are giving now the value plan comes out being $60 cheaper…

      • galaxyears

        ah, paid puppet number one, this one at least seems to claim s(he) is a t-mobile rep. You can take your unlimited minutes/text/data and show it up you a@$. It’s time you turned honest and admitted not everyone needs unlimited everything. The $60 difference (if that exists, you haven’t done the math) is typically only for unlimited plans, and even then a $3 extra savings per month doesn’t seem like great ‘Value’ for the customer.

        • tmo_rep

          You really aren’t that smart are you? Not only can’t you add but you don’t know how to spell…it’s “your a@S” not “you a@S” so lets do the math for you simple minded, dumb customer number one. I’m excluding grandfathered plans because there are too many scenarios. Some save, some don’t. The classic 500, unl msg, unl 2g data is 69.99. Multiple that by 24 months = 1,679.76, add 79.99 that equals 1,759.75. The same exact plan on the value would equal 49.99 a month x 24 = 1,199.76. Take of $50 from the $549.99 retail price due to the MiR equals $500 for the phone (16gb) you are now up to 1,699.76. I don’t understand how simple mathematics is that difficult for you… You claimed that only that people with the unlimited plan could save, I proved you wrong…Again. It’s a shame to admit some of our customers are not the brightest people in the world.

        • galaxyears

          forgive me, I didn’t know there was a standardized way to refer to your a@s.

          Looks like you being the “smart” rep saved the “dumb” customer $60 across 24 months. T-mobile realized the narrow difference between the two plans and hence offered the $50 MIR, without which the difference would be $10. Good luck explaining how your new Value Plan saves a customer $2.50 a month while other vendors and operators sell $199 and $99 smartphones. I’m glad with smart folks like you, T-mobile can scrap all Classic Plans. They should soon over take Sprint with ideas like this.

        • tmo_rep

          So you’d rather spend more money is what you are telling us…wow! I thank God I didn’t end up being like you. Seeing that i’ve been one of the top 5 renew reps in my center for the past 2 months (mainly due to switching customers over to the value plan) indicates it’s not so hard explaining if you are dealing with a customer with half a brain. The fact that I proved a point, and you are still trying to come back at me with pointless attacks only proves my point that when it comes down to dollars and cents, you don’t make sense. Lets not forget most of our customers don’t know they can upgrade through 3rd party retailers. You my friend are the customer we silently laugh at behind your back, tell stories about to make our days go by better. And, that’s the truth.

        • party_nickel

          for a t-mobile rep who claims to be a top renew or whatever, you exhibit very little sense, but you seem to be a loyal soldier who tows the party line of selling unlimited everything to everyone. Two other guys have already proven its cheaper to be on Classic Plans for non unlimited usage, you exhibit sheer ignorance by side steping that and stating things like most T-mobile customers don’t know they can upgrade through 3rd party dealers. T-mobile customers on average spend more time at Walmart and other retail locations than a T-mobile store, it would be hard to not notice the ads and banners some time or the other.

        • greenplum

          do your math again, galaxyyears might be right – the Classic 500 min plan with 2GB data is $59.99, its $69.99 only if you add texting (which is an unlimited feature). This changes the math around to a savings of $180 on the Classic Plan.

        • tmo_rep

          The example was including unl msg. As most customers have some type of msg plan on their account. I’m sure there are some customers who use 3rd party text apps or services, but the vast majority have a msg plan, and it’s very very rare to come across an account holder using a smartphone who doesn’t have a msg plan. In this case I don’t have to do my math over again.

        • party_nickel

          I have been reading this thread, and you conveniently forgot the fact that the OP actually said the Value plans are not as cheap as people think for limited plans, and it seems to me it has been proven by the fact that the only way Value is cheaper is if UNLIMITED texting is added. And even in that case, the savings are a few dollars a month.

          You offered no proof for the fact that only “some” smartphone customers use 3rd party texting apps, while the vast majority have texting bundles, but aren’t those bundles unlimited texting?

      • droidboy23

        “paid and bought Value Plan creeps” = t-mobile reps & existing customers who moved from their expensive Classic Plans to Value Plans who convince themselves that they are saving money. They should have used their existing clout to negotiate and get a better loyalty rate and rebates. This would have got them Value Plan or better prices and Classic Plan device subsidies. Have the cake and eat it too…

    • UncleFan

      LOL, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed the blatant astroturfing…

      The equivalent Value plan costs $10 less per month than my Classic plan, but the EIP on the phone I got would have been $20 per month! On top of that, I paid less upfront for the phone from Walmart than what T-Mobile was charging for Value plan customers. And no, I don’t care about the theoretical $40 I’d save during the last few months of a Value plan contract… I could be dead by then, LOL!

      Of course, this doesn’t even take into account the disparity in costs between Classic and Value if you decide to *terminate* the contract early, say 1 year in – don’t you have to pay off the phone ***AND*** pay an ETF? I wonder what kind of fuzzy math they’ll come up with to explain that…

      • ripoff

        there are several others who have been saying its not always better to go for Value Plans, it depends on your usage, number of lines, how frequently you want to change out phones etc. They have even offered links and calculations, but they are drowned by the Value Plan pushers. When the difference across the two is not much, the Value Plan pushers all say its cheaper than ATT or VzW or how they were on so and so expensive plan and moved to Value or (lamest of all) how the math is wrong as there is much more $$ difference as the prices on is more than what Walmart/Costco offers and how that should be the real comparison. yeah, take the most expensive device option out there from a vendor who openly want customers to move away from Classic Plans and use that for comparison.

        Astroturfing – my word for the day! :)

  • The Architect

    Got my S3 for $148 plus a $100 gift card at Walmart (no rebate involved) on Dec.1st as a classic plan upgrade! Paid plan and Value plan pessimists do your convoluted math on that one! Bahahaha!!! XD

    • UncleFan

      I did the same deal you did and used Plastic Jungle to launder my gift card back into my bank account within 2 days. 50 bucks for a GS3 felt like a sweet deal, and it was.

      A T-Mobile mail-in rebate, on the other hand, can take MONTHS to get back, assuming you ever get it at all.

      • eanfoso

        Lol I got my note II for 250 lol

        • B S

          how’d you get it like that?

        • eanfoso

          I Went to my local t-mobile on day one, aka October 25th , and I only paid 256 and something, right now it’s for 200 after 100 rebate, so I’m glad I went first, because I didn’t have to go through any hassle of rebates and such lol

  • And just when I bought mine at walmart…

    • od312

      They will give u the difference if u bought it within 30 days

      • joe

        they will not. Unless price changes in Walmart.

        • od312

          Quit spitting out bs. I speak from experience.Plus, it’s their policy. So, sit the heck down!

  • thepanttherlady

    Some T-Mobile corporate stores will also price match an advertised price.

    It’s usually manager’s discretion but I’ve had them do it for me in the past.

    • joe

      I agree. i have done this successively couple times. Just go on google maps type tmobile stores and start calling.

      • John

        would they still do this with all the Value Plan migration and other efforts to move people to Value Plans?

        • joe

          not sure. in my opinion grandfathered classic plans are better than value plans

    • Melissa

      I tried this but out of the three stores, the manager wasn’t there today. The other store tried to sell me a value plan and not price match for me. I’m very bitter today towards tmo.

  • Liam

    Galaxy s 3 free at costco today after mail in rebate. Classic plan with unlimited data. Upgrade or new.

    • Joe

      Costco is better deal because they accept grandfathered plans. Also for $50 you can buy membership and get your phone then you can cancel membership at the service desk with full refund on the same day.

  • Dan

    If you go to mobile rewards on the Best Buy site you can get it for $49 and get 5,000 reward points.

    • rewarded

      I’m surprised you’re the only one talking about this. The 5,000 points have a value of $100, so I actually got an S3 and $50 worth of stuff just by visiting BB’s rewardzonemobile. No need to physically deal with underpaid humans, and free shipping. I don’t think a value plan beats that…

  • joe

    problem with best buy is they don’t allow me an upgrade on my grandfathered 1000 min family plan


    With the $350 Nexus 4 getting a lot of attention, you would think that aside from the subsidized Classic Plans, they would also lower the full-price on Value Plans/Pre-Paid. Bestbuy’s $700 outright is rape. Fortunately, T-Mobile’s Prepaid is a little more attainable at $550.

    • archerian

      good point, I see that the full retail price for a 16GB SGS3 at Costco is $389. Of course, it might be the “price” they are it getting from T-mobile for, they won’t sell it to you at that rate. I wonder how they came up with that number though.

  • Benmartin1974

    Id been weighing up buying a Samsung Galaxy S III for a couple of weeks. I read loads of reviews and this one was quite helpful , I got my order last week and am very happy. I Would highly recommend to anyone still unsure:

  • brandon-jay

    Best buy is a joke. Just spent an hour there trying to get this before Christmas, only to find out that even there stores can’t get it in expedited. Website was showing an after Christmas delivery date. Extra $$$ paid or not they can’t do it!?
    Also the system crashed twice. Wal-Mart here I come!

    • melissa

      Good luck. Let us know if you can get it without an ad.

  • Spectospook

    I waited in line for 2 hours at Best Buy. When I saw the mobile dept.
    manager to finally place my order, your system was unresponsive and
    crashing. She advised me to wait at the desk with her while I call Best
    Buy on my phone. While there with your agent I waited another 58 minutes
    on hold. The person she reached (on my phone) said that her end was
    down too and there was nothing she could do. Finally the mobile dept.
    manager at the store location was able to place the order for me online
    at After
    this almost four hour ordeal, I got home and saw I had an email stating
    that there was “a problem with my order.” I called the number that the
    email directed me to, and after waiting on hold again that agent told me
    that this was the wrong department and she would again transfer me to
    the correct one. I reached a recording that said “my hold time would be
    greater than 20 minutes.” Six hours previously at the store that is
    exactly what the recording said… and as I mentioned the hold wait was
    nearly an hour.

  • predation

    where are the galaxy note 2 sales??? seem like everyone else EXCEPT tmo is offering the phone at a subsidized price of $150-$175.

  • Bklynman

    What happens next yr.after Tmo goes only value plans? Does that mean stores like BB,Target,Costo,will then sell value plans also? Why about online stores? Does anyone know the answer? The people who classic plan is over next yr what happen to them? Anyone? David do your Tmo ninjas know?