Samsung Galaxy Note II Multi-Window Update Rolling Out Now

Take note Galaxy Note II owners as the multi-window software update started rolling out early this morning bringing multitasking goodness along with it. The update, which is available Over The Air (OTA) and through Samsung’s Kies software adds multiscreen functionality, along with several bug fixes. Galaxy Note II units will be updated to Android version 4.1.1/T889UVALK8.

Full Changelog:

  • New multi-window feature
  • Resolves Exchange calendar events not appearing on device Calendar
  • Resolves issues with being unable to swipe through Gmail messages

T-Mobile Support

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  • Get_at_Me

    Love it!

  • steez12

    got it this morning!

    • auser72

      OTA or through Kies????

      • auser72

        never mind , it was available in software updates in settings.

  • aj martinez

    got it but cant send picture mail, i have to turn on and off the phone in order for it to go thru, didnt have that problem when it was the regular software… or am i doing something wrong

  • No issues and works like a charm, very nice.

  • Got it last night thru Kies. Works great!

  • Everyone has the update….no one will answer my question where the he ell is screen record damn !

    • dkbnyc

      What’s screen record damn?

    • Marcelo_L

      I can’t find it either……

    • Marcelo_L

      I don’t think this update came with it.

      You press the HOME and UP Volume at the same time and it’s supposed to put an icon in the notification bar that shows it’s recording, but I can’t get it to come up.

      Also… still shows at 4.1.1, not 4.1.2.

      So much for my short-lived exuberance….But at least I’ve got Multi-Window !!

      • stqa

        It is likely that Samsung won’t ever bring that feature back due to legal concerns over copyrighted contents (i.e. recording paid video content, etc). As for the software version, LK8 is at 4.1.1

    • Marcelo_L

      I found this (, which apparently says it’s NOT available due to copyright issues? Hmmmm…..maybe time to look at XDA-DEVELOPERS, and see what’s really going on.

      If it’s a CR issue…it’s pretty much a goner, unless someone acquires the right libraries, wires them up, and cooks a ROM for it that includes it. If Samsung has/is pulled/pulling the feature…doubtful it’ll make it into our hands. C’est la vie.

    • nizzle

      To take a screen shot on the Note 2 you need to go into settings > Motion and make sure it’s enabled. then to do screen shot you must use the side of your hand and swipe left to right or vice versa.. oh and by the way, this feature came on the phone out of the box.

      • just me

        He wasn’t talking about screen shots, he was talking about screen record. This was an advertised feature of this phone, and is in at least some international versions. Lets you record a video of what is on your screen.

        • thepanttherlady

          “He” is a she. :)

      • You’re simply dumb…why do you own a smartphone…SCREEN RECORD… NOT screen capture..go back to a flip phone do us all a know.humanity


      • I hate when people comment on YOUR comment with lack of intellect…don’t add that unintelligent garbage to my post I feel offended, make your own post! Anyways I own the device I know what I’m talking about, and what I’m talking about is NOT on our device at the moment ….idiots


    • Guest

      Are you sure your not thinking about the ability to record yourself drawing/ taking notes in S-Note? I use this feature alot when I’m with my little sister.

    • deestudd

      Screen recording was one a the main features I wanted swing that I’m a studio/sound engineer so I could give detailed instructions on screen n with the sound of my voice and is not even mentioned anywhere I have seen no one with this feature not even international its only been seen on that samsung first look by samsung smh

  • miaminative

    I just got my update this morning and i love it. Ive been showing it off to all of my co-workers making them jealous. I wish though we could use it for all apps that would be the ultimate thing.

    • g2a5b0e

      Maybe next year’s edition.

    • Jesse James

      . oops

  • while it is nice to have.. Its like not having it, since the amount of apps you can use is severely limited

    • Root access will solve that. Then you can add all you want…

      • YoMama221

        Any recommendations for a stable, easy to follow root method? Also, do you only need to root it to add more apps to multi-window, or do you also need to install a custom ROM to do it?

        • Root with stock rom, and you are done. Google root galaxy note and you will see the website.

  • eanfoso

    Got mine this morning when I woke up! :) Omg I honestly thought that multi Window would be opening more than just two windows, great but not there yet, MeeGo you can have more than 6 things running at once

  • danny

    Why cant I make it work? Its saying my phone is modified but its not. Never been rooted. P lease help!

    • Factory reset it, then you should be okay. But be sure to back up first.

  • chris

    Works like a charm!!! Finally!

  • Danny

    Can someone please help me? I’m trying to update but it’s saying my phone is modified. It’s never been modified. I bought it brand new and wouldn’t know how to modify it if I wanted. Please help.

  • thepanttherlady

    Got this last night. Can’t wait to test it out. :)

  • Marcelo_L

    Now THIS….is why I bought this phone……Finally….TMo has a winner on it’s hands… only if they’d made it a little more affordable to begin with (You know I was gonna say it, and you know I’m right. So go on and be haters if you must.).

  • Josue

    “Take note Galaxy Note II owners” I see what you did there Dave

  • Robert

    The update went smoothly and the multi window worked for a brief time but now when I long press the back button nothing happens. The build number shows the latest update installed properly. Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

    • thepanttherlady

      Long pressing the back button should bring up the dock, then it “hides” either on the bottom or top. Long pressing the back button again makes the whole thing go away.

      Check to see if you have a round tab on the bottom or left side of your screen.

      • Robert

        Thank you panther for taking the time to help.

    • stqa

      You might want to check if you accidently disabled Multi Windows feature. On/off toggle can be access through quick setting bar on the notification or under Settings -> Display

    • stqa

      Why are my comments disappearing? Anyway, check if you have accidentally disabled the feature. On/off toggle can be access through notification or Settings -> Display

      • Robert

        Thank you stqa, that did the trick. :)

      • thepanttherlady

        Hi stqa, your first comment is 2 comments down. :) Sometimes Disqus is slow with putting comments up. I’ve commented before via cell and not seen mine as well, only to comment again and then see the original. :/

        If it makes you feel any better, I’m just now getting emails regarding comments left hours ago. :)

  • Paul

    I installed for the fixes. The Multi-windows is alright, but since most apps aren’t compatible it’s kind of useless to me. Also, with this update (I’m rooted) I had several apps installed that I can’t find to uninstall. This is annoying.

    Meh, I’m sure they’ll release another update early next year. Maybe it’ll be up to a new Android. Key Lime Pie anyone? Here’s to hoping.

  • Asquared

    Very nice feature! My only very minor issue is that it appears to have replaced the “Sync” option on my notification bar.

  • Anonymous

    got the update last night.. unfortunately it doesn’t work with many apps
    and they also removed the “sync” toggle from the notification
    panel………. so now i need another widget……….

  • monster

    Freak att. im going to tmobile today. att doesn’t have this feature

  • chris

    Um anyone notice after the update a screen that pops up like if its the lock screen that has greenish colors in it and shows quickly total messages etc.. its popped up twice very very quicly. It didnt show up before update…. It’s tripping me out

    • Hector

      It’s the quick glance screen. It’s a option under “motion” in settings.