As 2012 Winds Down, Vote For The Best T-Mobile Smartphone Of The Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year as we count down the end till the end of 2012, or the Mayan apocalypse, whichever you prefer. Either way, I’m looking at your vote for the best T-Mobile smartphone of 2012. Its time for you to voice your choice and your reasons why you believe your choice is the top T-Mobile smartphone of 2012. I’ll leave the list up for 72 hours and on Friday I’ll post the top 5 choices and we’ll vote again to get the number 1 smartphone released on T-Mobile this year. Remember, these selections are phones released on T-Mobile in 2012, not necessarily available to the market in 2012 as is the case with the original Galaxy Note.

Stay tuned as I tally up the top T-Mobile stories of 2012 and we look toward next year. Unless of course those Mayans are right and we’re all goners anyway. Get voting!

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  • Galaxy Note 2 all day.

    • scottyrob82

      I almost got one but I got a special at Walmart to get an GS3 for $89.99 and couldn’t pass on that. I’m glad ii didn’t though.

      • nycplayboy78

        Good for you…Enjoy your Sammy Phone :)

    • Mujo Berbic

      I agree… Best phone… The s3 is only winning because most people own them, nor because they’re better… havent tried the nexus but not sure as to how it can get better than a note 2 with a customized launcher

      • Spanky

        No, the S3 is winning because not everyone wants something as large as the Note II. While it’s a great device, it’s very niche.

        • just me

          I wouldn’t say it’s very niche. Phones running windows phone, now THOSE are niche.

          Uh, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I mean… Uh oh, I’m about to get torn apart by WP fans, aren’t I?

        • Spanky

          Agreed. I’d love to get a Nokia 920, as it seems like a great device. However, the lack of apps and the walled garden ecosystem kills it for me. I’m keeping an eye on WP’s growth, but it still has a long way to go before I seriously consider getting one. On the other hand, imagine a 920 running Android? One can dream, right?

        • WW

          Agreed on the walled garden. The freedom (phone choices, sources of apps, customization of UI) is the primary reason Android has taken so much market share from Apple.

        • Jesse James

          I’m an android fanboy but still am intrested in the new win phones but the current line up and the app market just isn’t where I want it yet. I hope next year they grow more then I’ll pick one up and give it a shot!

        • Mujo Berbic

          “Best Phone” not which phone do most people have…. Quad Core Processor, 2GB of RAM, GIANT Battery… Must I go on?

        • The GN2 is too big for me. I respect it, but there’s more to “best” than tech specs. Same reason I don’t like 8lb laptops, no matter how powerful they are.

          There is a lot of subjectivity to “best” so let’s just speak our opinions without mocking others, please?

        • Spanky

          As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, the specs of the Note II are extremely impressive. However, specs alone don’t make the best phone. The size alone is a dealbreaker for me. My GS3 is already flirting with being impractical, as it’s sometimes too cumbersome to perform single-handed tasks on it.
          With that being said, I’m not bagging on the Note II. Again, it’s an excellent device – it’s just not for me.

      • I think people might be afraid to own a device the size of the galaxy note, but for me it’s perfect. Love my note.

        • nycplayboy78

          Same here :)

        • Robert

          Me three.
          Best phone I have ever had. The only thing I miss is being able to operate the phone with one hand. But its nearly flawless!

        • bisayan

          me 4!! lol

    • nycplayboy78

      AMEN :)

  • Get_at_Me

    Tight race between the Note 2 and GS3! Which phone will be king of the hill?

  • BigMixxx

    If the note II was on the market a little longer, there would be no question about it…

    • I don’t think it matters, look at the votes on the nexus. It’s been out how long? The impact of the first galaxy note did it for the note 2, making it in my opinion the best all around device currently.

    • g2a5b0e

      I don’t understand how the length of time the device has been on the market has any bearing on whether or not it’s the best.

  • BahamasGeek242

    I could see how the SGS3 or SGSN2 could win because more people have those devices because they are on every Major Carrier in America. The other phones are locked to some providers or are GSM or CDMA only

    • thepanttherlady

      The poll is for the best T-MOBILE phone.

      • od312

        Yes, but people will vote gor the device they own

        • kev2684

          doesn’t matter. tmonews visitors are mainly t-mobile customers or potential t-mobile subscribers. i’d say 70-90%.

        • thepanttherlady

          As they should. IF it’s a T-Mobile phone. Not sure why someone would want to take part in a poll that wouldn’t pertain to them. *shrugs*

  • Aaron Peromsik

    I voted with my wallet for Galaxy Exhibit 4G (aka Exhibit II 4G).

  • Im surprised that the nexus 4 is running neck in neck with the galaxy 3. I personally don’t like the look, feel, and style of samsung devices but I’m aware of the awesome image that samsung has made of themselves. Ive had nothing but smartphones since 2005, and i think the Nexus 4 is the best thing since cheese cake drizzled in a strawberry glaze. Mmmm…

    SN: I’m also impressed with how quickly Samsung updated GS3 and NOTE2 to Jelly. It was less than a month. I’m thinking they got an inside deal with google and had the software before it actually launched.

    • Nexus 4 is just on there cause it is new. It doesn’t meassure up to the SG3 at all.

      • cozzy

        Your right they are leagues apart =)

        Full disclosure: I voted for the actual android device not the touchwiz variant, I voted for Holo, I voted for the fastest updates to the OS and longest all around support (no 3 month end of life BS from tmobile), I voted for the 350 buck unlocked superphone, I voted for the better feel and design, I voted for the qualcom s4 pro processor

        Super full disclosure x2: I love samsung and htc devices too, I would have liked to see a microsd/droid razer maxx style battery in the nexus, 4.7 inch phones are way big enough for me

        • 21stNow

          But, if you voted for the Nexus 4 from the Play Store (as indicated by the price that you quoted), that technically is not a T-Mobile device.

        • Prod1702

          he is right they are leagues apart, also the phone is still cheaper with T-Mobile then a GS3 and the Note 2. The only phone that can keep up with a Nexus 4 is the Note 2. The GS3 doesn’t stand a chance. Why pay for a outdated GS3 when you can buy a Nexus 4 for the same or lower cost.

        • Spanky

          The GS3 seems to be standing up to the Nexus 4 quite well. Lack of expandable memory and removable battery on the N4 are a dealbreaker to a lot of people.

        • It’s doesn’t matter where you bought it from they are the same device in and out.

      • If you speak of hardware maybe but the experience is so much better than any custom ui and I have used HTC sense and touchwiz and the failed mytouches and sk4g pure android is better than anything else the manufacturers come up with as far as skins go

    • g2a5b0e

      Incorrect. The Note 2 shipped with Jellybean. And, it was well over a month between when JB dropped & when Samsung started updating the GS3.

  • Lol at the Nexus 4 beating the Note 2. Not a Note fan at all, but the N4 is a fail compared to that device.

    • Lol child please unless you have used and owned it you have no room to talk about the nexus 4 being a fail. The nexus 4 is incredibly worthy of best phone status. I’m currently typing in it right now. Sure it may not have all the features of say the note 2 but it excels in its smoothness and pure android goodness.

  • scottyrob82

    I love my GS3. I use it for everything. I had a GS2 and was extremely happy but my wife was due for an upgrade and said she’d get the S3 for each if I gave her the 2. This phone has been perfect.

  • corona10

    Wanted to vote for the HTC One X, but IT DIDNT COME TO TMOBILE!

  • dkbnyc

    Yes, the Note II is the best T-Mobile device… EVER!

  • Note 2 takes this. It’s pretty much like the GS3 but bigger and faster with a surprisingly accurate stylus.

  • kev2684

    feature wise, obviously the Galaxy Note II/Galaxy S III. Nexus 4 if you prefer stock. which many of us do.

    I have the Galaxy Note II rooted stock tw with nova launcher. the trade between losing page buddy in return of having a nexus like home screen was well worth it. i now have a nexus-ish home screen with Jellybean-touchwiz features (pop-up note/browser/video, s-note, wifi calling, smart stay and tomorrow, multi-window). what more can i ask for?

    …well maybe mobile hotspot on unlimited 4g nationwide lol

    • Mujo Berbic

      Check out xda… there’s ways to get Tethering working…

      • ManOfMystery

        Where? I have looked many places on xda and can’t find anything solid

        • Mujo Berbic

          I use the TreVee Mod

  • For those that voted. Do you actually have the device you voted for? That’s what I’m curious about.

    I have a few of these, but my daily driver is the galaxy note 2. Which is the one I voted for, love it.

    • thepanttherlady

      I did. Note 2 for me. :)

    • 21stNow

      For me yes, I have the Galaxy Note II. It’s the only T-Mobile device I bought this year.

    • Evaris

      no, I’m getting a Nexus 4 soon though. Still quite happy on my Nexus 1.

    • Prod1702

      Yes i have a Nexus 4, I got it right after it was out.

    • VapidRapidRabbit

      Nope. I have the iPhone 4S, but voted for the Galaxy S III considering it is easily the best phone in T-Mobile’s lineup. The 8X is a close second, but the Galaxy Note II is more of a phone/tablet hybrid than a phone, so I chose the Galaxy S III.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Nokia NGage all day

  • yozo

    I think the best tmo mobile is the gs3, because it may work (sizewise) for more peeps with its flat design with good processor. But I proudly own the note2 since day 1 of availability.

    If asked I say go with a gs3, but most luv my big screen note2. I see more girls/women in LosAngeles using a note2 than guys.

    Cant wait for the dec 19 update.

    • thepanttherlady

      Interesting observation regarding the Note 2. I have yet to see anyone with it around me.

      • Chris

        I also haven’t seen another one yet. But tons of people have asked me about my Note 2 (usually employees of places I’m at)

        • thepanttherlady

          Ha! Me too. I’m always happy to show it off when asked.

  • eanfoso

    I don’t understand why the Galaxy s3 is above the Galaxy note II, typing this from my note II

    • Spanky

      Because it’s a lot more practical than the Note II, size-wise.

    • A lot of people suffer from tiny hands syndrome

  • od312

    Of course the gs3 is goung to get the most votes. That’s the device most of us has ;)

  • auser72

    LG Nexus 4 is garnering a lot of votes for a phone most were bashing before it came out……lol. As for me, the Galaxy Note2 is the best phone hands down. While the LG Nexus 4 is the better value.

  • trife

    Nexus 4 all day, every damn day. Perfect combo of software, hardware (see: not mainly plastic) and the most aesthetically pleasing of the bunch, IMO.

    Oh yeah….it runs pure, Vanilla Android, unlike the other choices. Probably my best phone purchase in years.

  • gobigstayscrappy

    Droid Razr M ,HTC DNA .. One X+ or LG Optimus G … Lumia 920. IPhone 5 ..Evo ( I know its the same thing as the one x )

    I would vote if they were on the list

    • kalel33

      Huh? the LG Optimus G is the Nexus 4. Why would you vote a skinned version of the phone over the vanilla version? Droid Razr M? That’s a mid-tier phone and I’d rather have the One S over it. You would vote if they were in but 2 of them are lesser than what T-mobile has now.

  • pinoyz

    Nexus 4 all day, every day!

  • Spanky

    I’m not on T-Mobile, so my best option is the GS3, as lack of LTE capability is a dealbreaker for me. If I were on T-Mobile, the Nexus 4 would be my top choice.
    The Note II has quite a few fans on this site, and it’s certainly a great phone. However, in my humble opinion, it’s too large and unwieldy to be practical. I will never get a phone larger than the GS3.

  • Durandal_1707

    Oh come on, how is this even a question? GS3, by a country mile.

  • jbhotnessmon

    Wheres the LG G2X on this list. Its not their cause LG can’t get its SH** TOGETHER and update the phone POS company

    • thepanttherlady

      It was released in 2011 not 2012

    • The G2x didn’t release in 2012.

  • Someone

    What I would love to know;
    Why is GS 2/3 better than HTC One S?
    -Sales & opinions aside, please only FACTS in regards to the hardware/software.
    I find that the HTC One’s ability to take pictures from a video is what sealed the deal for me. Cloud storage services are great, when fully embraced.
    I find the GS 2/3 less user intuitive (that is, when you FIRST pick it up and go through the learning curve)…

  • tony

    i vote for iphone 5 hahahahaha

  • I have both the Note 2 and the Galaxy S3. I picked The S3 because of the choice of 32gb of int storage. The Note 2 after software only has about 10gb of available int storage. Not nearly enough IMO. I know the Note 2 has other choices with up to 64gb of int storage but those phones are available in Korea. The Note 2 is a fantastic device with better hardware specs than the S3 but if I was to pick just one it would have to be the S3, I need int storage for files I must have available all the time. The cloud is not the answer. All great devices must have at least 32gb of int storage and Samsung should give the US Samsung customers that choice as they did with the Galaxy S3. Samsung is the only company that listens and gives their customers what they ask for, great specs, battery and storage. I would do just about anything to get the Note 2 with 32 or 64gb of int storage. Along with the expandable sd card it is a killer of a phone. I have tried just about everything to get my hands on a Note 2 with 32 or 64gb of int storage, the Korean models won’t work on HSPA+ only EDGE. Come on Samsung break free with the great hardware, we will pay for it.

    • What a long and dumb reason ….blah blah blah…only someone with lack of intelligence compares two very similar devices and uses STORAGE as the deal breaker on two devices that have MICRO SD SLOTS… I don’t care if the note shipped with 4gb and the s3 with 64…..who cares I have a memory card I much rather use anyways with UNLIMITED potential .and finally it’s just a phone not a sata hard drive get real people you type the dumbest things

  • unbearablepleasures

    Galaxy Note 2 for the win!

  • The note two had this in the bag the moment said I decided to vote because I’m the queen of Massachusetts

  • These comments are hilarious. I mean seriously the S3 & Note 2 are so similar, however the Note is BEST over all. And shut it 4.8 to 5.5 is a difference but not called for these absurd claims of incompatibility and difficult to use. Aside the s pen and productivity I really didn’t see a big difference between the two but having owned both I LOVE my note over my s3…BEST DEVICE OF THE YEAR! Now when it comes to VALUE of course the nexus 4 trumps DUH If I couldn’t afford the note two I’d go with that device STOP hating both devices are GREAT. ONE over value and the other overall. If you got it ..flaunt it

  • czaplin

    As a proud owner of Nexus 4 I only miss removable battery. Best phone I have owned. Note 2 has great specs. I like the huge screen, but it’s too awkward to carry in a pocket and Touchwiz sucks.

    • Hi. Do you issues or tips about battery? I just bought it 2 days ago & with android 4.2.1 it had been killing my battery within 6 hours…

      • czaplin

        I work outdoors and notice that the constantly changing network signal kills my battery the most. I switch to 2G only when not using Internet. Also my gps is disabled. I turn it on only when I need it. Disabling Google Now helped a lot in my case as well.
        When at home connected to wifi I get 16 hrs easily.
        That’s all with nightly AOKP and franco kernel.

      • Shut off NFC shut off Bluetooth turn screen brightness to auto turn off location access

      • al

        That’s horrible. I get close to 40 hours with medium use and gps enabled, on the note2

  • Prod1702

    Nexus 4 all the way. yes the Note 2 and GS3 are the next great options, but how can you say no to a cheap bill and a cheap phone and is one of the best.

  • Troll Stompper!

    And the troll wears a skirt now! :-P

  • Trevnerdio

    Though I have the S III, the Note II should beat it in every way.

  • bleeew

    Wheres the iPhone?

  • Richard Yarrell

    Everyone knows how i feel about my Galaxy Note 2. It’s the BEST SMARTPHONE EVER. I wouldn’t be mad if the Galaxy S3 wins cause I had that too from June 24th to November 14th. Either way i am just happy for Tmobile they are making MAJOR MOVES.

  • Singleweird

    precision crafting, unbeatable quality and sence 4.0? the one s is THA BEST

  • tomnewtn

    It’s the Nexus 4, you know it, I know it. I just sent the Note II back to TMO.

  • hard decision since I own and love two of the phones on this list, the GS3 and the Nexus 4. Can I vote twice?? ; )

  • Danny Bruce

    You people are just BLIND. When’s the last time you launched Google’s home page on a Samsung phone and placed it next to an HTC ONE S? The Sammy is dingy and blue….the HTC is brighter and more WHITE (what color do you THINK Google’s site is?)

    I went into the T-Mobile store and the store MGR owns the S3. I told him “Launch google’s site and let me show you something” — I put my HTC next to his and he said “Oh, I can turn up the brightness” – He looked and it was all the way up in the phone settings. Then he went into the browser settings – brightness was all the way up too. Then he was mad because I showed him how crappy his phone looked next to an HTC.

    NONE OF YOU HAVE EVEN DONE THAT. Try it….so YOU can understand what CRAPPY, DINGY, BLUE screens look like when surfing the net. ;)

  • Ah-G

    So this looks like it’s a “What I bought contest” not “best phone” as a resent former tmobile manager I will tell you that the HTC One S is the best phone. The functionality of sense over wiz is night and day. Samsung is just better at advertising. I left right before the nexus but still having many friends and tmo it is a very possible contender for the top spot. Go try each one of these phones for 2 weeks before you shout out s3. Most other sites put the HTC one x as the top android phone followed closely be the one S.

    • thepanttherlady

      “best phone” is subjective to the person. The last HTC phone I bought and liked was the Sensation. Hated the Amaze, was never interested in the One S. There are also Samsung phones I’ve bought and didn’t care for. I have purchased, and now use the phone I feel is the best. For me.

  • remister

    Nexus 4 is finally in my hands, I can vote for it now!

  • ratnok

    Where is the Galaxy Nexus? It that because it’s not sold in stores?

  • Kristjan Gjokhila

    lets be honest guys this years phones have been kind of disappointing, tmo needs to step up their selection next year

  • hockeyavs23

    Wanted to vote for the prism but it wasn’t an option…

  • Myrith

    An alternate title for this poll would be “Which phone do you own?”

  • One thing is for sure, there is a mixed crowd of users. Which is a good thing.