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As 2012 Winds Down, Vote For The Best T-Mobile Smartphone Of The Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year as we count down the end till the end of 2012, or the Mayan apocalypse, whichever you prefer. Either way, I’m looking at your vote for the best T-Mobile smartphone of 2012. Its time for you to voice your choice and your reasons why you believe your choice is the top T-Mobile smartphone of 2012. I’ll leave the list up for 72 hours and on Friday I’ll post the top 5 choices and we’ll vote again to get the number 1 smartphone released on T-Mobile this year. Remember, these selections are phones released on T-Mobile in 2012, not necessarily available to the market in 2012 as is the case with the original Galaxy Note.

Stay tuned as I tally up the top T-Mobile stories of 2012 and we look toward next year. Unless of course those Mayans are right and we’re all goners anyway. Get voting!

Vote for the best T-Mobile smartphone of 2012

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