T-Mobile Posts One-Day Online Only Black Friday Deals

T-Mobile’s Black Friday sales are in full affect with a host of devices on sale including the Galaxy Note II, HTC One S, Nokia Lumia 810, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, LG Optimus L9 and more. This online-only offer is in combination with their extended ‘Samsung Holiday Sale’ which offers a Value Plan-only opportunity to grab a host of new Samsung 4G smartphones.

No word on whether the online-only Black Friday offer is good for upgrades and/or new activations with a new two-year agreement. At the very least, if you’ve been looking to jump on T-Mobile from another carrier or add a new line, this is a great time to do exactly that.

T-Mobile Online-Only Sale

Samsung Extended Holiday Sale

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  • gustavo

    Why tmobile galaxy s3 is showing jelly bean 4.2 and im running 4.1.1 there is another update out there

    • Zach Mauch

      yep. just released. try for an update through your settings menu.

    • Jessica

      Really it says 4.2. Has anyone tried kies to see if it does find an update. 4.1 just got released a week and a half ago. It would be nice if they did but I’m sure that’s wishful thinking.

  • sirwilliam4

    costco has the s3 for free. after mail in rebate.

  • ther system is down via trying to upgrade on line… for 2 days now

    • Chris Fisher

      Same here. I’m sure (well, guessing) that new customers can get through just fine.

      • thank you. ive been trying as well for days. Keeps giving me “Our System are currently unable to respond, please refresh the page or try again later.” #OverIt

        • Brent

          Yeah, it works fine if you want to add a line, just not upgrade a phone…that looks very bad on T-Mobile’s part.

        • Damian

          I agree. You should be able to get the same deal as everyone else. One way around it is to (if you have a line that is due for an update) add a line then drop a line once you get your new Note 2.

        • Damian

          The good thing was I didn’t have to change my existing plan. I only had to add a line. So my five faves plan is still in effect.

        • unknown

          Leave that hash tag shit to twitter dont bring it here. Thanks

  • Greg Keyes

    These are contract only. Are there any deals on contract-free note 2?

    • Herb

      Try Wal-Mart or Costco

    • psaux

      Aside from prepaid, T-mo has now gone contract-only. If I recall correctly it’s been that way for at least a year.

    • GwapoAko

      They have note 2 on Tmobile Prepaid for $649

  • m4ff3w

    I couldn’t get them to upgrade a line:

    “To qualify for the instant and Web-only discounts, you must activate the product on a new line of service with a Classic rate plan on a two-year service agreement. Classic Family Plans may qualify for up to five instant discounts. “

  • dethduck
  • just go to wal-Mart, walked in and walked out w blue Gs3 for $99 no Mir / T-mo wants to much

    • Law school girl

      Was this for upgrade or a new contract?

      • Walmart always does both the same.

        • Law school girl

          Yea but I’m wondering can you still get the 100 gift card if you get the phone for an upgrade

        • I got the s3 for 129 plus the 100 gift card. Retention was no help so I went to Wal-Mart.

        • Law school girl

          I went to my walmart and they quoted me 149 but I couldn’t get the gift card so I said no, I called loyalty and they quoted me 179 so no to that..funny thing is is that before the holiday sales loyalty was quoting me $99 but I thought I could get it for free during that samsung sale, I didn’t realize at the time though that it would be a mir, so I’ll just wait til january probably..but by that time there will be talks of the s4

      • upgrade to my account upgrade you just get extended 2 yrs, (my 15th on t-mo)

  • MarcusDW

    I love my Note 2.


    TMO’s online page sucks…


    Upgrade line: choose a new device
    Our System are currently unable to respond, please refresh the page or try again later.

  • Me2

    It’s classic plans only, not value.

    “To qualify for the instant and Web-only discounts, you must activate the product on a new line of service with a Classic rate plan on a two-year service agreement”

  • Rob Daman

    retentions may be able to help even though it’s web only. this deal i like better since you have a smaller mail in rebate.

    • Hector

      I called retention earlier and was able to get the same deal.

  • Ordeith

    It would be nice if you could actually purchase the phones at the price they advertise. Like the Lumia 810 there is no way, no magic combination, that will get you the phone for less than $99.
    Typical T-Mobile I suppose.

  • tomnewtn

    I was able to get a black One S free. I had always said I’ll pick up a One S in the black version. Why not free?

  • john

    junk free phone for 2 year tmobile ownership? NO WAY!

  • Penny Pincher

    Better than the online deal.

    Just bought an Optimus L9 with no contract last night for $250. The rep recommend I buy it and activate a monthly 4g plan to save $100 because the sign read $249 with $50 Monthly 4G. Luckily my wife is on the Monthly 4G plan, so I took the bait and got the phone for $200 and added the $50 e-pin to my wife’s prepaid account.

    By the way, it’s a great phone. Too bad I don’t have Root Access yet.

    -upgraded from Sensation 4G

  • Richard Yarrell

    Enjoying my Galaxy Note 2 to the fullest. It’s the BEST DEVICE EVER MADE. If you love productivity applications, If you love content at the fullest on a big screen, and more importantly if you need EXCELLENT battery life where you can have your screen on for 7hrs of use and get a great 19 plus hrs of battery life heavy use then this is your device.

    • squiddy20

      …Or you could get a tablet or full fledged laptop. It’s got a bigger screen than your pathetic Note 2, real multitasking, and way more than “7hrs of use”. Idiot.

      • dubby

        whaddadick you are squiddy.

      • CactusCat

        Oops, I need to make a phone call. Can I borrow your phone? My full fledged laptop seems to be lacking something…. DUH….

        • squiddy20

          Oops, you must not know about programs/applications such as Google Voice and Skype, that allow you to make phone calls from your computer…. DUH…..
          Richard was talking specifically about “productivity applications”, and “content at the fullest on a big screen”. Nothing beats a full fledged desktop OS for “productivity applications” and screens with a minimum size of 12 inches.

  • TMO RSA SAC 916

    I don’t understand why T-mobile is trying to sell online exclusive offers. All it does is hurt traffic in stores. The only thing we have to go about is telling customers that some phones that they offer online are refurbs. But some people are dumb enough to go with the “free phone” and end up on the classic plan wondering why they pay out the ass per month, not to mention premium charges that can end up on their account making their bill go up higher.


    CYBER MONDAY: Still down on the upgrades on T-Mobiles page for existing customers:

    Lines on your account: 2
    Upgrade line: choose a new device
    Our System are currently unable to respond, please refresh the page or try again later.

    I guess T-Mobile is shutting out all Value Plan customers. Sad.