T-Mobile Doc Highlights Nexus 7 Running HSPA+, Arriving November 13th

We’re craving Nexus news these days and while we won’t learn anything new from the image above, we’re excited to see T-Mobile start to prepare their reps for the arrival of the Nexus 7 on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network. The Nexus 7 with HSPA+ will only be sold through Google’s Play Store, with T-Mobile as one of two US national carriers to take full advantage of the Nexus 7 HSPA+ 21 radio.

The Nexus 7 features a 7″ 1280×800 HD display, quad-core Tegra 3 processor, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, HSPA+ 21Mbps and as a Nexus device, first dibs on all of Google’s upcoming Android updates. All of that and more can be yours on November 13th for $299.99.

You can sign up on Google’s Play Store now for email notification as soon as the Nexus 7 is available.

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  • Mike Larry

    Looking foward to this, but have read bad things about LG quality..

    • This is made buy Asus

    • jelliottz

      Then it is a good thing this is made by Asus. The Nexus 4 will be made by LG.

    • scuttlefield

      The Nexus 7 is built by Asus. You’re thinking of the Nexus 4.

    • Spanky

      The Nexus 7 is made by Asus, which is an excellent OEM. The Nexus 4 is made by LG.

    • dbritain

      This is the Nexus 7 made by Asus not LG, Your talking about the Nexus 4 phone

    • Hey is it okay if I’m the 6th person to say “Its okay bro its an Asus Nexus”

    • mikkej2k

      Asus Nexus 7 tablet. LG Nexus 4 phone.

  • It’s devices like this that make me wish T-mobile would offer shared data plans so I could tack this on my plan for say $10 rather than having to buy another data plan for it.

    • niftydl

      Agreed. I think if you are going to use the data plan frequently, activating the online/wallmart $30 prepaid plan with 5 GB of data for $30 a months makes the most sense.

      • true although I heard that the SIM is going to be preinstalled on the Nexus 7 and I forgot whether or not T-Mobile does IMEI checks when you try and activate your SIM in a new device (ATT does).

        • Rudy Belova

          T-mobile checks the IMEI of the device every time you put the sim in a device and log on to the network. No using a smartphone sim in a webconnect device and vise versa. If they consider this a webconnect device (like their other tablets) then i doubt it gets unlimited. (on a side note, i don’t get tether errors tethering to my nexus 7 on the unlimited plan)

        • Rudy are you tethering to your Nexus 7 using a Galaxy Nexus on the unlimited plan? Only ask because I’m able to migrate to the Value plan this month and looking at whether to go 5GB plus tethering or unlimited (have a GNex now with plans to go Nexus 4 at some point)

        • ant

          Matt – I tether from my SGSII on value unlimited $20 plan to my ipad without a hitch.

        • Rudy Belova

          I heard the same thing. According to people on HoFo, t-mobile hasn’t put the ipad and iphone on the tethering blacklist yet. Which is good.

        • Rudy Belova

          Im tethering with my nexus 7 using my HTC One S. Not using stock rom, using CM10. With the unlimited plan.

        • loopyduck

          I’m using a Pay-by-the-day SIM in my iPad; it’s worked pretty well so far.

        • Laststop311

          my buddy who does real estate appraisals has an unlocked jailbroken iphone 4s running on t mobiles hspa+ and he tethers his jailbroken wifi only ipad 3 completely without any problems and he does not pay extra for the tethering option. Tmobile has no idea whats going on

      • Laststop311

        you really cannot beat tmobiles pre paid monthly 4g plans 5GB of 42mbps hspa+ data and then instead of being cut off completely or overages added to your bill you then get unlimited 2g data until your month is over and your 5GB of 4g data comes back. I use a TON of internet on my galaxy note 2 and I barely crack the 4GB mark

      • patrick

        Or u can just tether from ur ohone for 15 $/m

        • niftydl

          That would defeat the purpose of having a stand alone GSM radio built into the tablet. You could just buy the WiFi only version instead.

  • archerian

    David, did you say HSPA+ 21Mbps? So no DC-HSPA+?

  • squiggleslash

    Also, if you buy it from T-Mobile it’ll cost $399, plus $50 a month for 24 months on a value plan ;-)

    AT&T now does a budget, 250M, no-contract plan for $15 a month, just for tablets. It’d be nice to see either T-Mobile do the same, or make it cheaper to add a tablet to a regular phone plan for a similar amount of money.

    • 3560freak

      Seperate SIM on Value Plan with 2GB is only $19.99 (if you already have voice service)

  • guest

    Im guessing this will cost $900 with a 2yr contract after a $50 MIR. Lol

    • Laststop311

      First off the article said it would be sold online in the Google play store only so there will be no contracts with this device. Most likely the 16GB cellular version will be 300 (+100 dollars to WiFi version) and the 32GB cellular version will be 350 (+100 dollars to WiFi version). They may go the way of apple and charge 130 for cellular so 300-330 for 16GB hspa+ and 350-380 for 32GB hspa+

      Both companies basically highly rip you off for the cellular modem. There is no way a cellular radio costs 100-130 for them to add it in. It probably cost them 1/4 of that like 25-30 dollars and they mark it up like no tomorrow.

      If it was me I wouldn’t waste the extra money getting the cellular equipped version I’d simply just tether it to my 42mbps hspa+ G note 2. Which ironically would probably be faster then using 21mbps radio directly on the nexus 7. Why pay an extra 100 for 21mbps hspa+ when you can tether it to a 42mbps device for free?

  • Laststop311

    Shame they crippled the hspa+ version to 21mbps instead of 42mbps. Frickin ridiculous that the nexus 4 can run on 42mbps hspa+ but the ;larger nexus 7 cant. That does not sit well with me. I was considering buying it until I read it was crippled to half the max speed of hspa+

    • niftydl

      I wonder if its a typo just like the nexus 4 initially showed only 21 Mbps on the specs. Have to wait and see until someone gives it a test.

  • jon

    You all realize you can delete the imei that shows up in tmobiles database as a tablet, right????? Doing so will assign a generic imei and when you pop your Sim in, it will just think its another phone. This is what I have done with my galaxy tab 10.1. And yes, the galaxy tab can even make voice calls over gsm. You just need to root and ROM your tablet accordingly. Unlocking a nexus device is even simpler…xda and rootzwiki are wonderful tools! Use them!

    • bleeew

      How do you do that?

  • Dave

    Will either carrier offer a month-by-month, as-needed plan for the Nexus 7? I’m interested in this and I’ll probably use it for Wifi connection most of the time, but if I need mobile once in a while, can I just pay for HSPA+ just that one month?

  • Josue

    for $300 it better be the 32GB version

  • Tyberious

    Wait, on Friday it said Nov. 5th on either the play store or nexus site. Now it says “coming soon”, did they push the release back a week?

  • I wonder if people will really buy this from T-Mobile, they are always so ‘last’ to get everything. The 3G model is new, however the device is one that most of us have already. hmmm

  • Marc Klein

    I’d rather wait until the 16GB becomes $199 and get that. Wi Fi comes out cheaper and I don’t feel the need to have a double bill every month.

  • jeremie

    will the nexus 7 work on tmobile 4G if so i will get one i got a samsung tab 7 it sucks