Google Updates Nexus 4 Play Store Page To Include HSPA+ 42Mbps Connectivity

In a quick update and brief update, Google has updated their Play Store page for the Nexus 4 to indicate the availability of HSPA+ 42Mbps connectivity, just as we expected. Having confirmed T-Mobile’s Nexus 4 would also be sold with HSPA+ 42Mbps, it seemed like a sure thing that the Play Store model would as well. Now, we can put aside any concerns that one model of the Nexus 4 would be faster than another. Happy face all around.

Play Store

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  • TBN27

    Good now i can scrap my Crappy GSII.

    • Chris

      I loved my gs2 :( But got the note2 now ;)

      • TBN27

        Jealous! Well i can say my GS2 was good up to the ics update. After that i have just constant freezing and lag response from the keyboard.Next my SD card died and i lost a plethora of photos, which made me use cloud services then my google maps was acting like apple maps because of the GS2 freezing up and then restarted. This will be retired and the nexus 4 will be my last android device if this continues.

        • Chris

          Oh I was rooted and running CM10 so I never had any of those problems. The Note2 was just SO appealing to me, and now the Nexus 4 looks ok too, but the S pen is just so useful I don’t think I’ll be getting anything new for a looooooong time.

        • same here I love my device. I dont even see a rush or nEED for 4.2 so they can take as long as theywant LOL if its not broke dont fix it

    • Nathan S.

      I will be glad to take the GSII off your hands!

      • thepanttherlady

        No trading/selling/buying on the blog please. :)

        • Nathan S.


        • TBN27

          Whoops sorry

  • Carl

    Now it’s a sure thing that I will buy it from Google instead of Tmobile. I’d rather pay $350 than $200 + 20x $20 = $600.

    • Yes sir!

    • archerian

      the extra $250 is for the micro-SIM card that folks who buy from T-mobile get for free ;)

      • bleeew

        Anti-Joke Cat: Actually, its for the rights of being the only carrier to have the LG Nexus 4 officially. Also, the price has royalties.(Speculation)

      • Dakota

        Only reason to get is if you’re desperate for unlimited data that you’re willing to pay that much. Otherwise prepaid on tmo or GSM is way to go

        • archerian

          its possible to get the phone from Google Play and sign up for the Value Plan with unlimited data, with no EIP. There will be a contract, but if you plan on using Tmo for 2 years, its not a big hit.

        • thepanttherlady

          Yes. The EIP is only an option. It’s T-Mobile’s way of helping you get a phone without a large upfront cost even though you’re paying full retail price.

    • Benjamin@tmo

      The sad part is, is that the reason T-Mobile is selling the phone at that price is, that’s the price that they are buying them from google.

  • Rick Johnson

    Now if they’d only clarify the Wi-Fi connectivity between the press kit which retained the “Dual-band” phrase, next to b/g/n (which would make it a/b/g/n). It’s missing elsewhere, and I have a feeling the press-kit is the one that is incorrect this time.

    • kliu0x52

      The Galaxy Nexus also said “b/g/n” with no mention of “dual band” on its Play Store page.

  • Joe

    Does anyone know if the play store model is completely compatible with Tmobile USA? Also what size SIM card does this thing use?

    • Sean W

      Yes. You will need to pick up a micro SIM from T-Mobile, and have them transfer your line to the new SIM.

    • It will work cant wait to get mine it uses a micro sim i already have mine ready from tmobile bye bye gs2

  • archerian

    The only difference between any Nexus 4 model is the storage, everything else is the same

  • UMA_Fan

    WiFi Calling…?

  • portaltonowhere

    So if I have a classic plan, I’m only paying 199.99 right?

    • GwapoAko

      Yes. If you have a classic plan. It is better to migrate to value plan. It will be cheaper in the long run.

    • Sean W

      That’s my understanding from what the blogs have reported. However, you could still save money over two years by buying it direct from google and opting for a cheaper prepaied contract-free Monthly 4G plan, if you’re are already out of contract.

      Edit: Removed the Google Play price as I’m seeing conflicting reports

  • archerian

    Good chance the radio on this device can actually do LTE, perhaps not the bands T-mo needs so is disabled. I could be wrong, but I don’t think there is a matching radio processor to the application processor (APQ8064) that does DC-HSPA+ and not LTE.

  • Dan Kilpatrick

    Sweet, now I will for sure by Day 1.

  • David

    Anyone know if I can pick it up unsubsidized Nexus 4 from the T-Mo store? Then, use it with either my Tmob month-to-month deal, or with the AT&T? I leave for overseas on 11/15, so assuming (could be a big assumption) they have them on their shelves on 11/13, I could purchase it before the trip. If not, I’ll just order it from Google when I return.

    • GwapoAko

      If you buy it from Tmo it will be like $600 while from Google it will only be $349.
      You can us this Tmobile $30 4G plan 100 mins, unilimited tex and 5GB data.

      • David

        Thanks. Well, that’s just dumb. Though, I guess they don’t see the point of using shelf space on phone that nets them zero dollars. So, maybe it’s not dumb. Whatever. I just order it. I can wait three weeks.

  • Alphonso T Wilson

    That’s what I have been waiting to hear. I’m getting it on day one!!!

  • LC

    So question for the masses…

    Obviously Nexus devices are appealing for a number of reasons. For those of you picking this up as soon as it’s available, are you concerned at all that it’s an LG device after what happened with the G2X? Or are you just going to assume that because it’s a pure Google device that a lot of the software issues that phone had will be avoided?

    Just curious to see how people are weighing in on that.

    • Nathan S.

      I myself am planning on holding out for a few months exactly for the reason of it being an LG phone. I had the G2X and boy…I am still sore from that relationship.

      • TBN27

        I also had a G2X but because LG made the phone makes me more inclined to buy it. My reasons are that a few friends of mine got the LG Nitro and one from Verizon and they all had great experiences from LG. My Friend got his Nitro updated to 4.0.4 and even bettered his experience because it even brought the updated optimus ui. Now i am holding off for a month or 2 because it is a new device and that means kinks will be found and worked out. Lastly, it is a nexus device so you should really erase the G2X like expectations.

        • Khalints

          does anyone remember that the G2X used to have real bad light-bleeding from the top of the LCD? Boy, LG messed up bad and gave us the middle finger.

          Maybe this time will be different because they are partnered with google, and its not an LG “solo” adventure. Google’s rep is on the line, so they won’t F up

        • TBN27

          I remember i had to go to a youtube video to see what it was. I didn’t notice it until that video and to be honest it didn’t bother me. The screen was crisp and had vibrant colors.

    • Sean W

      From what I understand, most of the issues with the G2x were caused by LG’s bad software. We all know Google writes amazing software, so I’m not concerned.

      Update: I never owned the G2x and never got a look at the hardware. Had I been able to upgrade at the time, I wold have been one of the early adopters who got burned. I think I’ll wait a few weeks unil the full reviews come out, just to be safe.

      • Khalints

        Was the shitty (bleeding) lcd also software? LG fucked the G2X and the customers who paid for it. That being said, I will probably buy this nexus because im sure that with google breathing down their necks they won’t fuck up

    • jian9007

      No worries for me. This has pure Google software so software isn’t an issue like the G2X. The LCD is totally different, using ZeroGap display (meaning the touch sensor is printed directly onto the glass, so there’s no air gap that is usually there on other phones) with Gorilla glass 2. This means you (hopefully) shouldn’t see any light bleed like the G2X, which was caused by separation between the glass and sensor before (the sealing of the LCD was the likely cause of bleeding on the G2X).

      Just my 2 cents here, but I’ll be purchasing one at launch. If we didn’t give OEM’s second chances, the Galaxy line from Samsung would not be selling like it is. They made some crappy software and hardware but righted their ship, and I expect LG will do the same. My approach to tech (and life), is as Confucius said, “Things that are done, it is needless to speak about…things that are past, it is needless to blame.” So bring on the Nexus 4. :-)

      • 21stNow

        While I had ruled out the Nexus 4 because of LG being the manufacturer, I thought about what you said, too. The Galaxy S line wasn’t the greatest, even in hardware (GPS radio). The Nexus S came out less than six months later and was a much better phone.

        I still may wait and see. I have already bought too many phones this year, but I can’t see myself without the latest Nexus.

      • Fred

        I also owned the G2X late in its life cycle. I traded up to this from the Galaxy S4g. The G2X was superior to the Galaxy S4g in pretty muxh every way except battery life. I found the G2X to be very functional whereas the old Galaxy was a disaster. After I dropped and broke my G2X and had previously vowed never to buy another Samsung product (short-lived) I chose the Galaxy S3. I believe this is by far the best phone thus far. GS3 ia great. I believe that the Nexus will be good right out of the gate as well. The android software has greatly matured and the hardware is now stout enough.

  • Marvin Feliciano

    Def getting from Google now.. you would be a fool to get it from Tmo.. Even if you cannot get it day one cause of money.. wait a month or 2 and save the money.. you still win

  • Def getting from Google now.. you would be a fool to get it from Tmo.. Even if you cannot get it day one cause of money.. wait a month or 2 and save the money.. you still win

    • TBN27

      I strongly believe that T-Mobile won’t charge more than 350 out the door for this if that is the msrp.

      • yeah i’d have to think the same thing .. how could they if the phone is MSRP in the Play Store at $350 .. BUT .. i doubt that Google is selling at MSRP.

      • 21stNow

        I don’t put it past T-Mobile to stick with the $500 price.

  • Nathan S.

    Nice! Still on the fence about it being an LG product though…..I think I will wait a few months and see how it goes. I for sure would not purchase this from tmobile but rather from the Play store directly.

    • deeoh1084

      as far as hardware goes i think LG products are pretty solid its just their software update and etc was lousy but since this is a Nexus device you don’t have to worry about phones being updated!! WOOT!!

  • yoPOPS

    It’s funny how people are concerned of the nexus being LG. The quality of LG is on par or better than samsung. The problem was the lack of support LG had years ago and not the materials that made the phone. Im using the note 2 but I’m expecting top notch support from google and the nexus line once again.

  • jarjar2007

    Does anyone know what type of sim card it will use (mini, micro or nano)?

    • thepanttherlady

      I believe T-Mobile is moving towards micro sim cards.

  • ceegii63

    GOD 16gb is killing this so much

  • ceegii63

    64GB version $500 id buy it

  • Mirad77

    Did someone say T-Mobile was sell this phone for how much? But with all seriousness, phones come out almost every month and not every phone is for everyone. Especially when there will never be a perfect phone, those that are not buying should let the phone be and wait for the next. 16 GB is more than enough for me on my Gnex as it will be for my Nex4. for the price off contract for the Nex4 no one should complain or ask for for more than what Google offers.

  • Dakota

    Just wonder what HSPA+ really is. In Atlanta I have HSPA+21 & I’ve never ever even hit 4mbps..Usually its 2-3 when the H appears on status bar & was horrified when I got .08mbps

  • sam

    Oh I was rooted and running CM10 so I never had any of those problems. The Note2 was just SO appealing to me, and now the Nexus 4 looks ok too, but the S pen is just so useful I don’t think I’ll be getting anything new for a looooooong time.

  • bmbrad720

    I’m gonna old off on this for a bit. I’m willing to bet they change the memory size after a few months. Look what they did to the nexus 7. They don’t make the 8g one anymore and now you can get a 16g nexus 7 for what the 8 used to cost. Kind pissed I didn’t wait cause I could have had a 32g for 250 instead of a 16g.

  • Is the battery life on the tmobile one better then the on the playstore and does it have. Better data connection to tmobile. Cuz this phone I’ve seen the from tmobile has excellent battery life better then the s3 or note 2. If all the same I will buy the One from the playstore