More Images Surface Of Nokia Lumia 920 Running On T-Mobile’s Network

If you’re still having doubts about picking up an unlocked international Lumia 920 to run on T-Mobile, hopefully this new set of images will push aside your concerns. We’ve come to the understanding that the AT&T edition of the Lumia 920 won’t have AWS bands thanks to a device breakdown courtesy of the FCC. Still, international Lumia 920 devices, including developer units and Lumia 920 devices releasing in Canada will work on T-Mobile’s 1700MHz AWS band right out of the box.

We already got a look at a developer unit running on T-Mobile yesterday thanks to a WPCentral reader who grabbed one a developer unit online. Yesterdays speed tests didn’t exactly impress, so today we received some of our own shots with some better looking speeds. As you can see, this time around we’re hitting around 12.114kb/s which translates roughly to just under 12 megs. The rest of the tests hovered in the 10-12MB range, slightly up from the 7-8Mbs speeds we saw yesterday. Needless to say, the tests help us further conclude that the Lumia 920 runs quite well on T-Mobile’s network and if you can manage to get your hands on a developer unit like the WPCentral reader or an international variant with AWS, you should enjoy the Lumia 920 on T-Mobile without concerns.

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