More Images Surface Of Nokia Lumia 920 Running On T-Mobile’s Network

If you’re still having doubts about picking up an unlocked international Lumia 920 to run on T-Mobile, hopefully this new set of images will push aside your concerns. We’ve come to the understanding that the AT&T edition of the Lumia 920 won’t have AWS bands thanks to a device breakdown courtesy of the FCC. Still, international Lumia 920 devices, including developer units and Lumia 920 devices releasing in Canada will work on T-Mobile’s 1700MHz AWS band right out of the box.

We already got a look at a developer unit running on T-Mobile yesterday thanks to a WPCentral reader who grabbed one a developer unit online. Yesterdays speed tests didn’t exactly impress, so today we received some of our own shots with some better looking speeds. As you can see, this time around we’re hitting around 12.114kb/s which translates roughly to just under 12 megs. The rest of the tests hovered in the 10-12MB range, slightly up from the 7-8Mbs speeds we saw yesterday. Needless to say, the tests help us further conclude that the Lumia 920 runs quite well on T-Mobile’s network and if you can manage to get your hands on a developer unit like the WPCentral reader or an international variant with AWS, you should enjoy the Lumia 920 on T-Mobile without concerns.

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  • dunnsantee

    No thanks, I’ll be getting my hands on the Nexus 4 next week!

  • ceegii63

    CRAP i was banking on the ATT ones having 1700AWS so its the International or Rogers for me then

    so David we 100% sure it has no AWS?

    • The AT&T one? yes, according to the FCC docs, it doesn’t. Your best bet is Canadian units or going international unlocked.

      • ceegii63

        well i hope someone posts a USER MANUAL pic like on the Rogers one

      • jt

        Yeah, almost pre-ordered a Rogers Lumia 920 (unlocked) last night. Decided to wait and see if there’ll be any other colors other than black before the end of the year from Rogers. Although the Grey euro version is available for pre-order it is $150 more than Rogers’.

      • Fabian Cortez

        Actually, according to the FCC, the AT&T model does have 1700 WCDMA. The user manual doesn’t have it listed but it did pass the SAR tests.

        Also the reason for the slow speeds could be that the owner isn’t in a 42 Mbps HSPA+ area, but a 21 Mbps one instead.

        EDIT: See the “SAR r2” document in the filing.

        EDIT #2: Another thought. Maybe the owner of the phone is in a refarmed area where the phone is jumping onto the 1900 MHz band by default instead of using 1700 MHz. That would explain the 21 Mbps speed as all iPhone 5 speed tests I’ve seen in refarmed areas are also limited to 21 Mbps.

        • archerian

          There are two devices, RM-820 and RM-821, and for both, the pictures, manual and everything is the same, so perhaps the certification tests were run on both and consolidated. RM-820 is the ATT version, the RM-821 is the International version.

  • Qbancelli

    You guys don’t get it, do you?

    Most if not all AT&T exclusive phones will not have T-Mobile’s AWS bands.
    AT&T will ask the manufacturers not to add them.

    • archerian

      a notable exception is for certain phones designed during ATT’s Tmo acquisition period, for example the Skyrocket has AWS bands. This could have happened due to ATT wrongly assuming a successful acquisition.

    • sun_dog

      Refarm! Refarm!

    • bleeew

      But the AWS bands are sometimes locked. Just like the GNote 1. People flash the antenna software to activate it, and got 3G on T-Mobile.

  • Super news once again, very nice. Might give it a go, I like WP

  • Matt

    Who cares. AT&T customers will be getting the Lumia 920 for $99 on contract. Mean while us suckers here on T-Mobile will be paying $99 AFTER a $50 MIR for the Lumia 810. Not that is some BS there.

    • eanfoso

      Then go to at$t and pay 2x what you’d pay on a value plan, plus if you don’t like that buy your own devise online instead of getting it through t-mobile

      • Just preordered it from BestBuy, going to get a friend with ATT to get it unlocked for me.

        • eanfoso

          Eh you do realize that at&t doesn’t unlock smartphones until after a year? I tried doing this before with a Sony Ericsson, worse 300 $ I’ve ever spent, worse part is that it doesn’t stop there, at&t won’t release the unlock codes until a year after also, so in another words cancel it and don’t Waste your money man, 300 $ was a big deal, so 550 $+tax is an even bigger deal, get it international man plus the International version has the 1700/2100 UMTS band

        • You were right, took it back to BestBuy picked up a dev version, better anyway as I am a WP & W8 Dev.
          I wish Nokia had an official dev phone store, even if I had to prove I was registered as a dev and pay full price.

  • ChilenoinUsa

    What websites do you use to purchase the international version? (secure and legitimate websites)

    • Expansys-USA, Negrielectronics are two of the most known and favored.

      • ChilenoinUsa

        Thanks! :)

    • eanfoso

      Use Amazon man, you can’t get more secure than that or such a fast delivery

  • it’s not that serious .. i can’t imagine anyone really going through the trouble of getting an international version to maybe get ok speeds ..

    • eanfoso

      I am! Besides, it’s no trouble through amazon that’s where I get my international phones

  • Research101

    This is a developer device pictured here. The international version WILL NOT feature the 1700 band. See Nokia’s website for the unlocked global version specs.

    • I disagree, given that the Canadian version features the bands as well.

      • loopyduck

        There is a history of Canadian variants having AWS while international versions not having AWS. The Rogers HTC One X is a good example of this.

  • perryf

    If I did go windows phone then I would prefer to go Nokia as they put alot of “extra” software goodies on their phones and are the most “involved” and dedicated of the windows phones OEMs.

    • i wouldn’t say all that actually .. Nokia rarely does anything at all about their Lumia line being upgraded .. Lumia 900 folks still don’t know when 7.8 is coming .. although that’s more Microsoft than Nokia .. but still .. Windows Phone is such that it removes the manufacturer from the update equation mostly ..

      • archerian

        Have you used WP7+? Check out the marketplace, there is a separate section for Nokia built WP7 apps, there are around 20 of them with very useful functionality like offline maps, Pandora like music streaming, ESPN, etc. which Nokia developed exclusively for the Lumia line. The OP wasn’t referring to OS updates, but extra apps and additions in the existing versions.

        • oh .. i thought he meant OS updates.

  • ceegii63

    GREAT!!! the ATT sells for $450 and it has no 1700mhz


  • Maung Moe

    Where can one purchase unlocked international version lumia 920?

  • monchis

    so I want to confirm to you guys that the 920 international version does indeed have 1700 :) and it is freaking fast when surfing the web, faster than my s3. I understand you guys like to see actual speeds but its not really important imho when you access a site at 3megs vs 6/7 megs the difference is not even noticeable. Also doesn’t even matter at times when you download a game for example cause you have to be connected to WiFi anyway to download.

  • monchis

    Just an update: So the connection has been really good at my house but I noticed in some areas it goes to Edge. I’m not sure if it’s the software that is weakening my signall for 1700 connection or if it’s just shotty because it’s not “meant” to have 1700 :( what do you guys think?