Windows Phone 8X Gets A Five Minute Video Walk-Through

In a new video of the Windows Phone 8X taken at the GITEX Computer Shopper show now underway in the United Arab Emirates, we get a full walk-through of a device. This is definitely the most detailed look we’ve seen of the HTC 8X to date.

The OS build is 9841, which is believed to be the RTM version of Windows Phone 8, however the folks at WPCentral aren’t 100% on that. There are still some fun things to look out for in this walk-through if the 8X regardless if the software version is final or not:

  • The camera in action with ImageChip technology
  • Maps, you’ll get a look at the new Maps with the new downloadable, offline option
  • Family Room from the People Hub
  • Office 13
  • Lock Screen Wallpaper auto-updater

Most important is the zippy way this individual┬ámoves through the phones features and functions, thanks to the dual-core 1.5GHz processor. It’s a nice 5 minute look at the device, just don’t listen to the music for that long. In fact, watch this whole video on mute — you’ve been warned.

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