T-Mobile Shows Off Pic Of Upcoming Moga Game System, Launching With Galaxy Note II

The launch of the Moga Mobile Gaming System on T-Mobile was quietly added to the Galaxy Note II press release which went out this past Monday and went right under our radar. Given that the majority of our attention is on the Note II itself, I didn’t even give the Moga a second thought until I caught this @tmobile tweet. So, without any other distractions, I thought it might be nice to shift focus a little and briefly talk about it.

Only T-Mobile Galaxy Note II customers will have access to an exciting new racing game preloaded on the device, which will include three free levels. In addition, T-Mobile’s exclusive version of the racing game will be optimized to interact with a MOGA Mobile Gaming System, bringing an immersive, console-quality gaming experience to the palms of T-Mobile customers’ hands.”

As I look at the above image, it seems almost ideal to partner a mobile device with such a large display and a gaming controller for those moments when your XBOX or Playstation just won’t cut it. There’s no word on price or availability, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have at least a passing interest in trying this out, for “research purposes” of course.

Check out the hands-on video of the Moga thanks to our friends over at Phandroid who spent some time with the controller at this weeks MobileCon 2012 event in San Diego.


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  • Guest

    Just a week and a few days more, I think I can make it….

  • ccnet005

    Just a little bit longer, I can make it…

  • hector

    was just looking at the moga mobile game controller yesterday at amazon there saying thay should have it by the 21th this month, there is a video using the galaxy SIII playing a game but then am sure you can use it also for the galaxy SII i checked the google play store and thay have the app for it on the SII, am going to order it i got lots of games on my galaxy SII and hope it works better then the gametel bluetooth controller i got befor and return it because it was not working for any of my games at all on the SII.

    • hector

      just ordered it from amazon for $49 and free shiping but have to wait till thay get it frist

    • Laststop311

      the twenty firth? What day is twenty firth? I’ve heard of 21st (twenty first) but never heard of 21th (twenty firth). Maybe you should go to more classes and play less video games.

  • Motoki_Mo

    The Note II has HDMI out doesn’t it? So potentially you could output the video to your TV set and then play with the MOGA controller. Interesting.

    • MarcusDW

      In my experience hooking up my GS2 to the TV and playing games with a PS3 controller, there’s lag between your movements it showing up on the screen.

      I’m saying this because I hope they have upgraded the HDMI to eliminate this. That could be the case though since my GS2 HDMI cable is incompatible with the GS3

      • tvtuner

        there should not be any lag. I do not notice any. Its possible you have an inferior cord or that your timing on your TV is not setup properly. Definitely check it, it could help you to have a better experience.

    • shane

      Why not wireless just mirror the phone with the media hub and wi-fi direct?

  • Shivam Patel

    The only downside to this that makes it unappealing for me is that it requires batteries.

    • al

      Anything requires batteries

  • steveb944

    Quite interesting. I like the fact that it will be in stores so we can potentially try before we buy

  • Chimphappyhour

    Geesh! This just keeps on getting better. I’m just waiting for someone to say “Nah! We were totally yanking your chain on all of that stuff.” :(

  • Played with it a bit at an event, pretty sick. Not sure if it works with emulators though…

    • emmy

      just get a good emulator. One that allows you to map your own keys if needed :)

  • GwapoAko

    Just give us the pricing!!!!

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    Personally, I think this sends a mixed message. On one hand they tout the productivity angle of the Note II, aiming it at business customers. Then, they sell it as a gaming rig.

    Yes, I know it can do both, but normally companies pick one angle and market it that way.

    • note_lover

      Of coarse, if Samsung can reach more than one target audience, why not? It’s brilliant! There are so many positive features with this phone that a lot more different types of people will want it.

  • Matt

    the bluetooth combined with the game running must absolutely destroy battery time lol

  • SteveMoto

    “…for those moments when your XBOX or Playstation just won’t cut it.” – that cracked me the hell up! Granted those boxes are not portable but I can see standing on a subway platform and dropping my phone AND controller in my haste.

    • note_lover

      lol, that is funny

  • Samsung Mobile User

    I have actually had the liberty to use the device with the New TMo Note 2 the end of September during the “Challenger Tour”. I have to say that it is a way to get your mobile console fix without having to purchase a PSP or any other hand held device. Only draw back in the beginning is with the Bluetooth pairing of the controller. If the game doesn’t have MOGA built into the programming of the game to begin with the interface is not as easy to connect. Makes life a bit difficult but other than that, fairly simplistic and easy to connect and start up a game.

    I know this may be a concern for some.. but the controller feels somewhat light and not as sturdy or well built as say the Sony PS2 Sixxaxis controller… so this may be a deciding factor for others.

    • UMA_Fan

      Do you think it will work with a Note 2 w/ a case?

  • Robert

    Why would I want this? Just use a standard PS3 Controller. You can connect it via bluetooth if your rooted and natively 100% stock via a micro USB to Mini USB. There is a VERY handy adapter to hold your PS3 controller & phone already developed. http://buy.thegameklip.com/

  • scottmog

    Xperia play sequel please, all it needs is hdmi out. I’m still using it as my DD phone even though I get frustrated on edge.

  • Laststop311

    Does this mean t-mo will be selling this controller?