T-Mobile Cancels Showcase Event Due To Hurricane Sandy Concerns

According to a statement received by Android Central, T-Mobile is taking heed of Hurricane Sandy and canceling their “Showcase” event scheduled for tomorrow evening.


Apologies for the late mail, but due to the expected weather in New York, T-Mobile will be postponing its showcase event (which was scheduled for October 29) to a later date.  We will keep you posted on a rescheduled date as soon as we can.

Thanks for your flexibility and patience and apologies for the inconvenience.

With Google making the same moves, we’re not surprised T-Mobile is putting safety first and we’ve got no complaints with that. As a Floridian I know just bad Hurricanes can get, so if you’re in harms way, stay safe and forget the next best smartphone for a few days. It’ll be there when the storm passes.

Hey, you never know, maybe T-Mobile will use this time to reconsider our invitation.

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