Press Event For October 29th Teases T-Mobile’s “Showcase”

We’re a little dismayed that our invitation must have gotten lost in the “mail,” but word is going out that T-Mobile is preparing to showcase their upcoming lineup on October 29th in New York City. Yes, that’s October 29th, the very same day Microsoft is set to officially release a whole bunch of new Windows Phone hardware as well as Google’s Playground event, widely expected to be the unveiling of the new Nexus device(s).

In all honesty, we’re expecting to see a lot of Galaxy Note II, Windows Phone 8X, Lumia 810, and LG Optimus L9 love that day. We’re also hopeful that T-Mobile will be allowed to show the Lumia 810 in action, given that Microsoft will officially “launch” earlier that morning.

I wouldn’t bet on seeing any T-Mobile “branded” Nexus at this event, as the Nexus devices tend to be pentaband so it’ll be as much for AT&T as T-Mobile. More important is that I would expect any Nexus announcements to happen at the Google event, and not a carrier event anyway.

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  • Garrett

    October 29th is going to be quite a busy day!

  • thepanttherlady

    Galaxy Note 2 CAN’T be part of the line up of upcoming devices because we’re going to get it on the 24th!! *fingers crossed* :)

    • nycplayboy78

      PLEASE!!!!! Let it be true :)

    • Chris

      I’m still holding out hope. Wouldn’t be the first time a company has made press for a product they already released.

    • JIM

      The korean told me he got galaxy s4, we may get next year

  • Anonymous

    i sure hope there are a plethora of upper end devices coming to tmo soon. Edge speeds are pretty horrible when using unlocked devices and having only the galaxy s3 as a high end device really isn’t enough.

    My wish? that google announces more than one device that is pentaband
    and, that tmobile announce the htc one x+ for tmobile

  • ratnok

    All 13 lovers of Windows phone should be very excited! Sorry folks, I couldn’t resist. Seriously, the 8X looks like a nice phone.

    • Wyn6

      We’re up to 13 now?! Woo hoo! Growing!

  • Logan

    I realllyyy hope T-Mo gets Ativ love.

  • I can’t contain my excitemnt!

  • Aurizen

    lol any hope for an iphone showcase?

  • JBLmobileG1

    Hopefully Tmobile will offer all the Nexus devices that are not branded and offer them with pure Android and no Tmobile bloatware what so ever. Pretty much selling them for Google in their stores, etc. This could in away fit into the bring your own device only you’d still be getting it from Tmobile but without the Tmobile branding. Heck they could even market them for their prepaid lineup as well which would probably be the best things out there in the prepaid market.

  • TMoFan

    It’s too bad T-Mobile gave up on the G-series. That was their true differentiator. Still holding out hope for a G3! I can hope, can’t I?

    • robotate

      i’m about to give up if i can get a j butterfly (or nexus 5) on tmo. But yeah, i miss top spec’ed physical keyboard phones.

    • Newmexican

      I am with you. Though I am starting to loose faith. Had some email exchange with HTC about the G series and they were very non-committal (what a surprise). I will wait what Nexus successors show up in the coming weeks. Then I will pick something better than the G2. I am expecting though that it will be the Sammy Relay 4G. While I might give a soft-keyboard a chance, no WiFi calling would be an issue. So why not get a phone that has both. Even if it is a Samsung and not HTC :-(((

      • ChipButty

        Not sure I can handle a phone w/out a physical keyboard but if T-Mob got the Nexus I’d love to try it. I just had my G2 replaced as my old one was wearing out in the USB port and the headphone jack was only working through one channel. I’d like to upgrade soon but there’s not much I’m interested in and I’m fed up of having a phone that a carrier drops support for after six months. The Nexus seems the only way to go but I don’t do well with on-screen keyboards but mybe that could change. Plus I need wifi calling in my home :-(

        • I agreed with you all on the keyboard until I found Thumb Keyboard on Google Play. Made me get out my old hacked and “androided” HD2 and start using it again sometimes, and I now hardly open the keyboard on my G4 Slide. I am not the developer of the keyboard, I’m just telling you after about two days of getting used to Thumb Keyboard, I actually prefer it to the physical keyboard.

  • taron19119


    • Most likely not yet..

  • butimnottheonlyone

    a sidekick that doesnt suck? you may say im a dreamer )’;

  • noelsito

    maybe it has something to do with Metro, but i just got that from the colors of the smoke thingy
    but yeah i have a small ray of hope for something about the G series or Sidekicks! >_<

  • Richard Yarrell

    I can see Tmobile showcasing the Galaxy Note 2 on this October 29th day why not since it will be already out October 24th as thought earlier. This event will be about Windows Phone and hopefully Google will be sure that the Nexus 4 makes it’s way to Tmobile no reason for it not to. Either way that entire week is very big for Tmobile and Samsung and Google has their back.

  • Dakota

    They might get lost with all the other big news for average customers. If its not a tie in w others, its another missed opportunity. Are nexus phones only CDMA contract & then gsm unlocked? Bet the Galaxy Nexus price will be lowered even it’ll be a better deal for those who want prepaid with tmo or simple mobile or straight talk

  • YoureProbADumbass

    u heard it first from me

  • Guest

    IGAF unless i get 3g on my iphone i cant do edge no more

  • Skip Bayless

    all i care about is getting 3g on my iphone

  • Mark

    Think they may announce the Samsung Ativ S? I recall there being some hope that it would be released on Tmo

    • CJ

      That would be awesome!


    Oh hell I am not going to get my hopes up for something we don’t already know about. If they announce something we haven’t heard of yet it will have been the best kept secret there ever was.

  • Applejuice

    The blue mixed with the pink looks like some sammy love

  • Hesster

    I hope either Google or TMO announces a true high end QWERTY. Best case scenario: fast quad core Nexus with 2GB of RAM and a keyboard like the Droid 3 or 4. I would be all over that.

    Hey, I can dream can’t I? Google did buy Motorola after all…


    Im gonna wait this out, dont want to guess what this could be in regards to, only to be disappointed. Then again who can be disappointed in T-Mobile lol

  • rob

    yet another show case of JUNK INFERIOR PHONES? like HTC S instead of X? Note 2 is fine, but we need HTC ONE X PLUS TOO. and don’t charge us more same phones than what competitors charge

  • lupert

    Will we get the s3 in diffrent colors? Maybe the black or grey?

  • for to be such a big deal they would have to be revealing a flagship phone that hasn’t been revealed as of yet which i think is going to be the samsung ativ s the 2 reasons why it would be an 1 tmobile exclusive phone 2 the phone radio fequency matches tmobiles and it was metioned earlier it would go to tmobile or something else still waiting to see the nokia lumia 810or nexus 4 in action which i hop has improved battery life .

  • marbo100

    I need a new 7″ 4G tablet but haven’t seen anything mentioned anywhere yet. Please have one worth getting T-mobile.