LG Optimus L9 Demo Units Begin Showing Up In T-Mobile Retail Stores

T-Mobile is definitely gearing up for an onslaught of launches as news hits our inbox of another demo device now arriving at T-Mobile retail stores. The LG Optimus L9 won’t capture the same level of attention as the Galaxy Note II, but it’s definitely a quality mid-range Android device for those of you who don’t need Galaxy S III power.

If you want to see the LG Optimus L9 in action, you can always jump over to our earlier post with all the hands-on video action from MobileCon 2012 earlier in the month.

If you’re eager for a possible price, you can take a look at yesterdays leaked Walmart pricing, and think $0.97. That’s right, only 97 cents at Walmart when the L9 launches sometime next month. Not bad for a mid-range smartphone, not bad at all.


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  • Christopher_McG

    Is this the thinnest smartphone ever?

    • achusaysblessyou

      I believe the thinnest ever is the Oppo Find 5.

  • achusaysblessyou

    Hey David, there’s an announcement re: a T-Mobile press convince on the 29th possibly re: T-Mobile’s WP8 line up (or nexus? As it coincides with both the Google and MS events that day)

  • YoureProbADumbass

    oct 29 tmobile event

  • timmyjoe42

    L9 = a slightly bigger, slightly faster G2x…18 months later…. There is no excuse for not getting a device with the specifications of the Optimus G. None. T-Mobile has plenty of mid-range phones. The SIII is the only top tier device they have. Why not introduce more so customers have a choice? Now our choice is so limited.

  • Wow competective pricing huh??!!!

  • Deadeye37

    I’m glad that the price is so low. This won’t be my phone, but at 97¢, I can see a lot of people getting this phone. Big screen & decent innards at a 97¢ price makes this phone a winner!

    I’m glad that T-mobile isn’t trying to sell this at the $150 price point.

  • I like cutting edge… but I LOVE free phones. Even though I’ve switched to windows phone (Lumia 710) I’ll likely pick this up as an upgrade on one of our family lines. Would I love 4.1, an 8 MP or higher camera and a super snazzy hd retina super screen? Yes. Yes I would… but the cheapskate in me wins EVERY TIME.

    • Shouldn’t be so “cheap”…now buying something because it fits your needs is different and well versed. If you don’t need high end dont need high end, but to say CHEAP wins everytime…well look at our government …points made..walks off stage……

  • G2x ruined LG AND T-Mobile

    F*ck LG and screw T-Mobile too. I will never, EVER, buy anything from LG again. G2x is such a crap box. T-Mobile pissed away my loyalty after 6 years with this POS.

    • JJ Clark

      You and me both. I’m waiting for my ETF to drop to $100 in November so I can jump ship after 9 years. TMO’s utter lack of support after the G2x debacle has tainted them forever with me.

  • Haters gonna hate!