Samsung, T-Mobile Tease Galaxy Note II “Coming Soon” On Twitter

It’s no surprise that T-Mobile and Samsung are doing some teasing via social media as they prepare for Samsung’s Galaxy Note II media event later this week. The arrival of the Galaxy Note II in the US provides both Samsung and T-Mobile with a high-profile launch as we start the countdown toward the holiday season. As it stands now, we’re all very eager to find out when exactly T-Mobile will stock the Note II on store shelves (be it with the 24th of October, middle of November or some other timeframe), and with that in mind, quick tweets by Samsung Mobile and T-Mobile’s Twitter accounts reminds us that availability is expected to start later this week, at least if you’re on Sprint. The nation’s third largest carrier has already indicated their own orders would start on the 25th of October, and so now we wait for the other 4 release partners to announce their own launch dates.

Hopefully we will find out exactly when the rest of the carrier partners will stock their own store shelves, none of this “available in the coming weeks” nonsense guys, ok?


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  • This was tweet’d last Friday. however…it’s still as the article reads. Hopefully it is coming this week…

    • I know it was, forgive me for not working on the weekend, I’m horrible! :-)

      • Here we go again…lol. Anyway, are you enjoying the iPhone 5?

        • Yes indeed, still waiting for my perfect 4.3″ Android device.

        • I have to admit, I really like the my iPhone 5. The screen is obviously not my first choice, along with some other minor flaws…but I like it. I blog on it daily, create videos, you name it. I’m impressed finally. BUT, I’m still gonna get the SGNote II on my T-Mobile account. It will replace my current tablet. More portable, and it has phone options.

      • MacRat

        David, you don’t need to apologize for taking weekends off.

        You do a great service for T-Mobile users and you should relax when you can.

        We can wait until Monday to catch up on news. :-)

  • Eye candy!

  • Adam

    i was guessing the release date was geared for the holiday season. that makes sense, sell the first round if the note 2 a few weeks to those that have been following the note 2 then stock up for black friday with a special deal. i’ll still probably wait to dec, i bet there will be a 32 gb version coming into Christmas date.

  • Freddie Lopez

    Wasn’t this on T-Mobiles Facebook page? And oh @davidtmonews:disqus! Check the Galaxy Note 2 Network specs on T-Mobile’s site! The grey GN2 has been updated to 1900! Woot!

  • Ok, my question is this…the Note II is already for sale on Amazon, they have said the International version and the Tmo version are almost identical, seems unlocked phones usually get android updates faster than carrier phones, and I have a value plan and will pay full retail either way…what am I missing, why wait for the Tmo Note II, what real advantage does it offer?

    • Yeah i second this question. Whatre the differences?

    • UMA_Fan

      HSPA+ 42 or DC-HSPA+ on the T-Mobile device. The international one only has HSPA+ 21

      • It also does not support T-Mobile on the 1700 band. The refarming is coming, but it’s not gonna be full fledged until later on.

      • TMoTim

        Don’t forget wifi calling!

        • UMA_Fan

          Damn Straight

    • Chris

      I am also interested in this. I feel like if the only difference is 42/21 there is no reason to wait to get the phone and have to wait longer for eventual updates. Your data speeds will never go past 21 and that is faster than most people need anyway.

    • My only question would be about the future LTE compatability of the international

  • Well could tgif indicate a release this Friday?

  • El Chapo

    does anybody know if tethering is possible on LTE?

    • Mirad77

      Tethering is a hardware capability of a phone and not the network type. You can tether with EDGE, 3G, 4G, LTE and any other generation provided the phone is capable of tethering.

  • wasn’t the S3 TMO’s best selling phone? so obviously the steep prices for TMO customers isn’t that big of a deterrent .. so this rumored $419 for the Note 2 i don’t see deterring anyone either smh

  • Melissa Fornier

    I am trying to decide between Tmo or AT&T for my Note 2. Which carrier has the better LTE coverage?

    • Deadeye37

      Now, or in a year or 2?

  • Dominic Domingo

    Do we know if it will have LTE?

  • tmogenius

    got the demo instore today

    • any other details?

    • ccnet005

      What part of the country?
      I checked the locally (south tex) and it wasn’t here yet.
      Actually, a couple of the responses were “Galaxy note what???”

  • Robert

    If I end up having poor coverage with the GN2 on T_Mo, can I take the phone to ATT – will it work on their network ?

  • GwapoAko

    International version of Galaxy Note 2 on Ebay is selling at $589

  • Demo unit came in store today. Plus we got a few extra to sell. No word yet on exactly what day we’re allowed to sell them but one thing for sure is that this is a beast of a phone. The first Android that’s making me consider giving up my iPhone 4S for.

    My next upgrade was sure to be an iPhone 5 around November. Have to make a tough choice now.

    • thepanttherlady

      Any word yet on whether the 32gb will be offered by chance?

      • No word on that yet. But for those who are interested in the supported frequencies on the box it states:
        GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 UMTS: Band 1 (2100), Band II (1900), Band IV (1700), Band V (850)

  • Johnny Calderon

    I wonder if the 16 and 32gb both will be available at launch or just the 16.

  • RandomRep

    It’s official the Note 2 will be offered on the 24th. I’m a sup at a call center and it just hit breaking news. I’m sure David will break the story shortly

    • Johnny Calderon

      will they offer both 16 and 32gb??

  • at&t announced today that there’s is up fro pre-order on the 25th as well, but no word of release date.