(Updated) PSA: Quick Update On Walmart Galaxy Note II Availability

Update: There’s appears to be some confusion as to when these will actually be available, we don’t have a confirmed date as to when they will be in stores, or if they are already arriving. 

Just a quick public service announcement for those of you attempting to track down a Galaxy Note II at your local Walmart. As the below image shows, the device itself is only being carried by 233 stores nationwide, out of more than 4000 in the US. In other words, it’s going to take some sleuthing to find one locally that not only carries the Galaxy Note II, but also has them in stock. Still, the $299 price sans rebate is worth a bit of homework so jump over the Walmart store locator link below and start your phone calls.

Walmart Store Locator

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  • paul2834

    It would be awesome if there was a central Walmart number we could call and then they could help us find the nearest one who carries it.

    • JB

      Or at the very least with so few stores carrying it, they could’ve released a list of stores by state. Not that I need to.. but it would definitely be more convenient for those who are looking.

  • funkevin

    Has anyone found one at any Wal-Mart yet?

    • paul2834

      I’ve been calling the 4 around me the last few days with no luck. I’m branching out and going down the list of all Austin area Walmarts now.

      • funkevin

        I’m not convinced that any of them have them in stock yet. Maybe when they say “launch” internally they mean the day that THEY launch the phone which could be completely different from T-Mobile. I’ve called 5 sites so far in the DFW area and they act like I’m a lunatic (maybe I am but don’t judge me).

        • Went to 2 in Houston. No luck -_- I am just about to give up and wait until T-mob drops the price

  • Keith Colombo

    you can’t buy on a value plan anywhere except T-Mo right?? (and use the installment payments)?

    • der wahnsinnig

      You can always buy out right from ebay, amazon, or bestbuy(they don’t have them instock ATM)

    • unknown

      That is correct

  • Time to make some calls..

  • note2craze

    No thanks…I rather wait a bit and maybe….just maybe they will come out with the 32GB version of the Note II.

    • unknown

      Do yyou not realize you can just buy a 32gb micro sd card for your note??

  • sam michaels

    Well, according to Walmart.com, they don’t even have the Note 2 in their system.

  • MarcusDW

    This PSA is a bit misleading if Walmart doesn’t even carry it yet…?

    • I can’t verify that they don’t carry it, according to my Walmart sources, they are available in some stores.

      • MarcusDW

        I just can’t believe it is sitting on Walmart shelves for so much cheaper and the web isn’t blown up with reports yet. Must be less than the 233 stores carrying them so far…

        Ill call every store in KC today though.

        • I’m can’t say anything with 100% certainty and the web isn’t blowing up because the web doesn’t generally concern itself with T-Mobile releases anymore, especially when its the same device on four other carriers. I’ll double check with the source and see if they can’t confirm the availability.

        • shack180

          A lot of times deals that happen Rarely be on the web , just like the Gs3 $148.88 deal I didn’t find out till I was in the store and ask them to scan it even the employees didn’t know smh basically I checked the internet right after I bought it and walmart still had the regular price. You just gotta go look for yourself . By the way thanks for the Gs3 tip David

        • MarcusDW

          I find a lot of my “cheaper at walmart” and “now availible at walmart online”.

          For instance, it is huge news that walmart is selling the GS2 for $300 flst out and the reason i know that walmart will carry the Note 2 is because of this very site.

          This is all futile though. I just want to hear someone say their local walmart has it so i can go pick it up already!

        • mreveryphone

          The Walmart in Blue Springs usually gets every phone release for tmobile early! That’s where I usually go cause they will sell it early. Check there first.

        • MarcusDW

          Will do!

      • MarcusDW

        No luck in KC

  • funkevin

    Am I the only person hitting refresh on this page every couple minutes? If I get a Note 2 at a TMO store then I probably wouldn’t get the rebate because I’m going to put it on a different line in my account than the one being upgraded. So it’s either $420 or $300. If I can just be patient a little longer… I think I can. I think I can.

  • silveroaks951

    The is a confusion because all those people standing in line for a Galaxy Note II they dont have in the system..OH MY

  • Jet

    Wirefly! 279 no tax free shipping better deal!

  • bisayan

    I got mine white wednesday from tmo store with vp, glad I have tmo now! previous customer here with sprint! couldnt be happier!!

    • bleeew

      Hows the speed?

    • MarcusDW

      The stores in my area don’t carry the white model yet. I might have paid the extra $70 for it today if they had it.

      • Darksunm

        Same in Portland OR area. No white GN 2. I have to get it from Tmobile Online.

  • bryck

    I love my Galaxy note 2 .

    • unknown

      Isn’t too big??????

      • bryck

        its perfect for me. I love it. best $650 I’ve spent in a while cant go wrong!!!!…. I have big fingers and the screen is perfect never want to go back to a smaller size. Fits in every jean and pants pocket.

        • bryck

          BEAST OF A PHONE CANT GO WRONG! !!!!!!!

  • Its very nice.

  • Bratty

    Albany, ny walmart claims to have one in stock.

  • Tinger12

    I bought my Note II for retail at a Tmo store in Las Vegas. Had to visit 4 stores, but found one that had two. They didn’t want to sell for retail (obviously they wanted the commission) but when they saw my four line account, they let me buy it. Let me say, I love it. I am giving away my Nexus 7 tablet because of the Note II. Best $700 purchase I have made in some time. Thanks to the employees t the Southern Eastern Ave. Store.

  • guest

    Received my Galaxy Note 2 today and loving it! Woo hoo!


    I think I got the best deal on the Note 2. Got it from TMO Loyalty Department for $179 :) Shipped on Thursday and I will be getting it this Tuesday

    • BANKZ

      Free 2-3 day UPS shipping too and didn’t have to pay anything other than tax on the device

      • Whistler


  • sal

    is the note 2 working on 4G ??

    • od312

      No. EDGE only.

    • Guest

      It works on 4g, but not 4g LTE since T-mobile doesn’t have it.

  • DrScope

    Walmart… I don’t know guys, you might not come out alive!


    I got the Unlocked International version of the Galaxy Note 2 and I highly recommend it to anyone on the fence in contemplating whether to get it or not. I had the original Galaxy Note and it was good but a little laggy and uncomfortable in the hand, well they have fixed everything. The Galaxy Note 2 is blazing fast with no lag whatsoever other than turning the screen it lags a little. The form of the device is perfect now it fits in the hand much better now. The white model does look a little cheap so I got the Titanium Grey and it’s beautiful and actually makes it a little less slippery although it still is slippery from the hyper glaze. I will definitely be getting a protective case mostly for the grip. – KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)

  • Earthrazer

    Hey, FYI guys, Sam’s Club has the Note II online for $300. I called and ordered one this afternoon.