LG E960 User Manual Appears Online As Nexus 4 Prototype Winds Up At A Bar

At some point we’re going to start asking if LG and/or Google are intentionally trying to boost the hype surrounding the Nexus 4 given the non-stop leak-a-thon that has taken place in the last few weeks. As if losing the phone in a bar wasn’t bad enough, the LG Australian and UK websites have published the support manual for the LG E960, which by now you might recognize as the Nexus 4 model number. In fact, the manual even confirms the Nexus 4 name, along with an 8GB version, which tells us a 16GB model can be expected as well.

Along with the name, we see an induction coil for wireless charging, but no sign of  a microSD slot for expandable memory. That’s a real bummer, but something we’re coming to expect with every new Nexus launch.

Let’s come back to that “lost phone in a bar” story and tell you this isn’t a repeat of the iPhone 4, except it totally is. The boys from Wired have the complete story on the Nexus 4 lost in a San Francisco bar. According the short version of the story, bartender finds phone, doesn’t think much of it as he finds a lot of lost phones each night, decides to show phone to tech-savvy patron in bar, patron recognizes phone as Nexus 4, contacts Google, paranoia ensues. Needless to say Google’s security team reacted as quickly and efficiently as Apple’s own team (minus the kicking down doors) did to track down the lost prototype and get back in secure hands as fast as possible. The whole story really is worth the read, and you’ve got the above image and below video to keep you entertained along with another gallery over at the Wired link below.

The user manual appears at the link below, give it a read as a way to pass the time before Monday’s Google Playground announcements.

Engadget via LG E960 Manual; Wired 

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  • LC

    I’m sorry, but in this day and age, no one would be calling Google to let them know that you’ve got their latest prototype…it’s all just a stunt.

    • I Dunno, maybe they were hoping to get a bit of money for its return?

  • Iucidium

    Is it me, or are Californians a)absent minded or b)slightly alcohol dependant?

    • thepanttherlady

      No we’re not. Now, what was I doing? =P

  • Mirad77

    Hey David I like the work that you do so much on this blog that’s why I come here a couple of times a day. With that said I remember you replied to a post saying this is a one man show ( as in you are the only one doing the postings). Correct me if am wrong in that I have seen at least two MOD on this blog and know for a fact that Conan has posted some very good and educative post on here. My question is if you have two other MODs why do have to do all the posting when you can shot an email to one of them with story if you can’t so they put it up? The way in which you come late to some story reminds me of what my dad used to tell me,” don’t chew what you can swallow”. Just a food for thought for you on this good Saturday morning.

    • I wouldn’t doubt he has MODs for those times when he can’t even post on the go which I’ve noticed him doing a couple times. But he is also running DroidDog.com which probably explains his lateness to some news. And like most of us who visit this site daily, we know this might be the last post of the weekend unless something big enough happens. David likes his weekends work free, who doesn’t?

      • Again, clear differences between being a “moderator” and a “writer” for a website, blog etc. Also, I don’t worry so much about general Android news because sometimes its met with disdain for people who want to see this site remain on a strict T-Mobile news path and not veer. Running two sites does take a lot of time, but I do my best not to be late and nothing drives me crazier than accusations that I’m too late to a story that nobody cares anymore. For some of, the more tech-savvy, you may read it elsewhere first but this blog also caters to a less tech-savvy but fanbase interested in just T-Mobile who appreciate the news regardless.

        More importantly, yes, I do like some free time and I don’t have a large budget to bring on a bunch of writers. I’m not saying some help wouldn’t be nice, but the site doesn’t have the budget or the need for someone to monitor the news 24/7.

    • The thing is, there are some stories I don’t care much about being “late” as you say. Nor am I sure that you and I have the same definition of “late.” What’s late? A story that comes out late last night and gets posted this morning doesn’t qualify as “late” in the same eyes it might to you. Also, Conan does writing once in a while and generally speaking, only on technical issues that peak his interest. Also, moderators are moderators and not writers, there’s a distinct and identifiable difference in those titles. It really drives me crazy when people say a story is “late” as though I’ve committed a crime. It’s a one man show because generally speaking, T-Mobile specific news is limited and doesn’t take a lot of manpower to cover. Guess we see it differently.

      • Mirad77

        I was more relating to flexibility than late. You write post as you see them fit and it’s better late than never. I didn’t intend to drive you crazy but suggest flexibility.

  • Get ready for an apple lawsuit!

  • LGLeaks

    On that same LG website if you read under Warranty Info you will see that it is going to be available on the Google play store unlike the Galaxy nexus where it was exclusive to Verizon. (it did but LG took it down)

  • Durandal_1707

    An iPhone 4, a Nexus 4, and an alcoholic product tester walk into a bar…

  • archerian

    maybe the beta tester took to drinking and didn’t want it back

  • None

    Why are we only hearing about the LG nexus. Aren’t there supposed to be more than one? (Not you, David, I mean leaks in general. Nothing but LG everywhere.)

    • I’m reporting the LG Nexus, the Nexus 10 tablet and Nexus 7 32GB leaks are out there, but I’m reporting on the LG Nexus because I’m hopeful (and maybe I hear whispers) that it will land with T-Mobile compatibility.

      • None

        Are you thinking this LG will be the only Nexus cell phone announced this year?

  • setzer715

    LG is the manufacturer for the next Nexus? Why oh why Google did you choose the WORST Android phone manufacturer in history?!?! Nexus 4 will be a flop. No Micro SD and LG.

    • Chris

      If you haven’t seen it, you should probably Google an interview with Andy Rubin way way back (probably 2 years ago). When they were asked, what’s their stand in terms of phone/OS development. He made it perfectly clear that they are in the middle of what Microsoft and Apple is doing. He also made it perfectly clear that they work with every manufacturer they feel like needs help in launching Android. They did it with htc back with the T-mobile G1 and Nexus One. They did it with Motorola on the Original Droid (which launched Froyo). They did it again with Motorola on Tabs – Xoom. They did it with Samsung (Nexus S – Galaxy Nexus and rumored Nexus 10). They did it with Asus in Nexus7. Like Andy Rubin has said, they will work with every manufacturer. There’s no favorite.