Huawei Summit, Blackberry Curve 9315, New Galaxy S II Color Pictured In Press Shots

With our early morning roadmap news, it was only a matter of time before we got a look at some of the unannounced equipment contained within that roadmap. It took a little less time than we expected, but we’ve got a look at the Huawei Summit, and a possible new color of the Galaxy S II. As an extra bonus, thanks to our friend at @evleaks, we’ve also got a look at the upcoming Blackberry 9315 (Armstrong). Unfortunately, specs for Huawei Summit are coming up a little short, but the Blackberry specs aren’t, though I wish they were.

The upcoming Blackberry Curve 9315 sports a 2.44″ 320 x 240 QVGA display, 3.2 megapixel camera, 1450mAh battery, Blackberry 7.1, 7 hour talk time, 512MB RAM, microSD expandable memory and the internet! Yes, it’s got the internet!

As for the Galaxy S II pics, we’re told that these newly “leaked” images are for the upcoming color refresh for the model first indicated through our earlier roadmap post. I’m having a hard time deciding what’s the actual “new” color contained within these pics, and that’s not to say other colors won’t or don’t exist, but these are the newest images we could find.

  • Huawei Summit launching 10/31
  • Blackberry Curve 9315 (Armstrong) launching 10/24
  • Galaxy S II Color Refresh coming 10/29

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  • jlaigo2

    I would have thought we would cancel the Huawei Summit.

    • Deadeye37

      A free on contract phone? Never!

      Now if it was the HTC One X+….oh wait!

      • jlaigo2

        lol, no because of homeland.

        • whiteiphoneproblems

          It sends a copy of every text straight to China!!

  • achusaysblessyou

    Where’s the Note II on the roadmap? :( I hope they do release it and it’s just not on the roadmap…

    • Jim

      It has already been announced, no worries.

  • Anne Droyd

    Yawn!!! Nothing about the Note 2 here. Wake me when you have more news about that. Zzzzzz!

  • The Observer

    new galaxy s 2 colors? really? the galaxy s 2????

    • JBLmobileG1

      That’s what I am saying. Although I look at it this way, it just means when the S4 is released they will probably still be supporting the SIII. At least Samsung isn’t completely abandoning their higher end phones like they did when they first started with Android, and for that I give them credit.

  • roland

    sup phones

  • roland

    Sub phone not cool t mobile

  • Where is the new Sidekick T-mobile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh wow, you are right on this one. Wonder if they are gonna bring another version! The latest one was a huge FAIL!

  • mattcat03

    I think David means Galaxy S3 not S2.

    • The roadmap clearly shows the SII, that’s what I’m going on.

      • off topic david did you do a a story on the FCC grant tmobile got to expand it coverage into poor service areas if so i’ll search for it if not i look forward to reading it

    • Chris

      The phone looks like an S2. So I would say David was right.

  • GwapoAko

    Yes!! I’ll be camping 2 days before the release!!! Yipppeeee~~~~”)

  • JBLmobileG1

    I thought Huawei wasn’t being aloud to sell their phones in the US anymore? Maybe I am wrong but that’s what I heard. Bummer for Sprint because I guess they had some deal in the works with Huawei and it was stopped by the US Government. Personally I could care less for the company because I heard a lot of bad things about them before they started to take off, especially in the prepaid department.

    • archerian

      The US Govt. “recommends” vendors from using Huawei on the telecom equipment side, not for end user devices.

  • colombiatulua

    David. Does Huawei have a legal issue? Because I heard that the government it is recommending to not make bussines with them.

  • wam

    The Summit is only a updated Prisim. Comes with way more storage and better processer and a few more improvements.

    • wam

      *Prism* I meant to say.

    • guest

      no actually has all the same specs, and has a OS that resembles android but isn’t actually android, and it’s a feature phone

  • ransack

    They still make blackberrys lol

  • Imhotep13

    Blackberry should just piece out their companys patents make a few dollars before they go bankrupt.

  • Annie Nonymous

    What is up with Huawei?
    One article says Cisco lobbied for US government audit, another claims the European Trade Commission delayed tradiing of Huawei pending an investigation. Huawei and ZTE claim all charges are false. What’s going on?

  • unnamed01 found this has info on the Huawei Summit looks to be a feature phone with no data package required

  • Carolina Media Sales

    Guess there will be no G3 this year.