T-Mobile Posts New 15 Second Marketing Spots For “Faster And More Dependable 4G”

Find relief faster in 4G. Find Satisfaction faster in 4G. Find happiness faster in 4G. That’s the takeaway message from T-Mobile’s three newest marketing spots. T-Mobile wants the world to know their “4G is now faster and more dependable.”

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  • With Sprint about to turn LTE on in a few more cities, Tmo needs to put a pep in their step with their refarming and their LTE.

    • ICEE

      There is no need to do it right away. HSPA+ is still very reliable. No rush T-Mo.

  • taron19119

    Im not sure what happened to t-mobile marketing department but it is good now

  • zmblion

    i agree where i live verizon has LTE but for tmobile im a hundred miles in any direction to get even 3g. frikin slow ass 2g that dont even work right. so i agree tmo needs to do something. other than being cheap they dont got shit going for them. service here sux dropped calls. i live a mile from the tower and its terrible

    • fixxmyhead

      time to move out from hick town

      • zmblion

        time for them to make there network work its not the freaking stone age. there is no need for all that speed just in the city. people live out of citys. it would be nice if even the talk would work half ass.

      • od312

        Time to go f@#k yourself.

        • fixxmyhead

          first of all u dont even know what i do for a living so its always pointless bring that into these kind of conversations cuz u could be lying. second, the fact that ur so mad about this makes me happy. i got to u huh?

        • od312

          Let me guess. You work at a fast-food joint? Can’t be anything beyond that. Trolls like you have too much time on their hands. Enjoy or at least try and enjoy your boring life. If youll excuse me, I have a bone to burry. Bye, loser :)

        • fixxmyhead

          U know bosses also have alot of time but enough about this since u dont know me and i dont know u but the point is Ur still mad haha

      • zmblion

        last i knew i ddint think cell phone ment only sh!t bags like you get to have a cell just becuase you live in the city. There may not be as big of a market but still a market none the less. Not to mention the other pay as you go phones that use the same network. They really need to get there sh!t together. there is no reason to have them speeds on a phone and terrible service other places. NONE. I dont belive thats what the pc is for.

        • zmblion

          Do Belive* Im not asking for alot i dont need alot but sh!t a$$ 2g and edge r bull when there is 4g now a little 3g wouldnt kill them not one bit. Stop enhancing how fast ur stupid network is and make it what it should be a reliable network all across the board not dead zones when you actually friking need the damn phone. But every network has the same issue its the market and marjority is in the city so thats all they give a sh!t about.

  • Freak4Dell

    Those are pretty good commercials.

  • Guest

    Woah, these commercials were actually pretty good! Keep going T-Mobile, it looks like you’re finally growing up.

  • joel_axel

    if tmobile just gets LTE and the iphone they would get lots of new customers

  • Richard Yarrell

    The Tmobile network is great and just works. Something that other carriers say but are lying. Tmobile speeds are very consistent just like its network.

    • That may have been true 2 years ago but not today, I’ve been with TMO almost 10 years and there are more coverage gaps in their network than their ever have been.

      • fixxmyhead

        then get the hell out of here and switch to another carrier. the rest of us are very satisfied

        • Because I’m still under contract until March 2013, I’m already planning on jumping ship for AT&T even if it costs me more (and it will) unless TMO can fix their coverage gaps and bring their network to at least the same level it was in 2010.

        • od312

          I totally agree with you. I’m having to travel more for work now, and it’s unfortunate that T-Mobile has so many gaps and lack of 3g coverage. So EF u, miss fixxmyhead. He’s not that only one, ya JAMOKE!

  • UMA_Fan

    I like Carly but these ads are WAY more effective than anything T-Mobile has done in some time. Simple and to the point. Fast internet with T-Mobile. Drill that in.

    They HAVE to do the ad where the T-Mobile user can watch netflix on his android all day while his buddies on other networks can’t due to speed or overages.

    Are these spots going to air on tv or are they online only?

  • Paul

    I agree that the marketing is doing better than…say when that failed merger crap was going down, but I miss Carly talking to the audience. She’s not just a pretty face. ;)

  • LOL in that first video it looks like they are in a rural area and not on a major highway so they’d be lucky to get an EDGE signal on TMO nowadays.

    • Deadeye37

      sad, but true. Making my annual trip from Provo, UT to Las Vegas, there wasn’t any data to be had from about Nephi to Cedar City (~200 Miles), then none from Cedar to St. George (another 40 miles). Right out of St. George, you won’t see data until you’re about 15 miles from Vegas. So for the 6 hour trip, I had Internet for about an hour total. Half of that time was on EDGE. I only got 3/4 G leaving Provo and arriving in Vegas.

      • od312

        I know the feeling. Super frustrating to wait almost 2min to refresh my twitter feed and miss important calls.

        • zmblion

          I have the same problem but i miss txt and calls if i am using data even if im only in the app market

    • od312

      Very True :)

  • Deadeye37

    Those were awesome! My kid had drank a lot on a road trip a month ago and then had to go potty. I tried that trick to see the closest rest area and found that it was 20 minutes away. Had to make the stop at the side of the freeway where there was some taller sage brush she could hide behind.

  • ADAM


    • Stars44

      +1 She’s ugly

  • elijah

    But the fact that most interstates out of citys are still on GPRS.

  • Jay

    can someone explain to me how i drove up I-95 on the east coast and went miles without getting 3G

  • Stars44

    can’t watch the video, it says “sorry, video is private” ???

    • Get_at_Me

      i get the same message : (

  • oryan_dunn

    Videos are private now. Any other site to see them?