• Marcus Gormsen

    Downloading mine now!


    My Samsung Media Hub doesn’t play the movies. Help please

  • TG

    Downloaded the HD version and the playback is choppy.. Oddly enough, it streams fine..
    Going to download it on my tablets when I get home and see if there is a difference..

    • riceman

      Did you have problems with the media hub. It kept refreshing on me and I couldn’t click in anything.

      • TG

        Nope, I had no problems in the media hub at all, I’m beginning to wonder if the file got corrupted on download.

      • needspeed64

        I have the same problem. Don’t know what to do. Sometime it said it can’t connect to the Media Hub server.

        • needspeed64

          my S3 is with stock OS. I have not rooted my phone yet.

    • CvGz

      I downloaded and it’s choppy. I’ve noticed that it won’t be choppy when I’m on WiFi but it is on 4G… I don’t understand I downloaded the movie to play locally, is it some DRM checksum or something?

      • TG

        I can stream it on 4G with no problem and it runs great, but if I watch the downloaded local copy, the playback is choppy…

  • thenew3

    Mine still shows $14.99 for SD

  • Jose Hernandez

    I have been trying to download for hours, the hd version is almost 3Gig’s in size. This might take a while.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Just checked, I am downloading this using Wi-Fi at work. at a little over 700mb it has stopped and I am having a hard time resuming the download. I hope this starts again soon.

      • Girrlkitty

        I’m getting the same thing. It gets to 65%, then just stops. I tried pausing and resuming, but hitting pause cleared the download out completely and I had to start over. It stopped at the exact same place.

        • Jose Hernandez

          Man, I hope I don’t get the same problem. My Wi-Fi connection at work is not the best. I am still at only 35% right now, but I have been able to pause and restart the download. 1.03gb of 2.65gb as of right now.

        • Girrlkitty

          I just turned off my WiFi, and it seems to be going, but I haven’t hit the 65% threshold yet. It sucks that I’m having to resort to my data plan, but if it works, then I can’t complain. If I use all this data and it still stalls, then I’ll be irritated.

        • Jose Hernandez

          I finally caved, called Tmobile and switched to the unlimited data plan. The only thing is that the playback of the movie is bad. Really choppy.

  • yep yep

    in wont even let me sign in… is it because my device is rooted…

  • yep yep

    if my device is rooted will encounter problems, because my sign in keep failing….

  • If your rooted try triangle away in the market your flash counter has to be zero to sign in

    • Omar Thompson

      Just tried it and it still fails.

      • Omar Thompson

        I powered off my phone again and left it off for a while and now able to download.

  • Arelle

    Why does media hub not play the movies it downloads? I downloaded the HD and SD version of The Avengers and it won’t play either one…no matter what video player I use. Samsung Galaxy S3….is it starting to be more than it’s hyped up to be?

    • Kingshack

      Works for me. Try a restarting your phone

  • Omar Thompson

    I keep getting a message saying “sign in fail”. I deleted my account from accounts and sync an added it back with the current password I use and even changed my password so I know its not my password. Any advise?

    • Create a new account with a new email.

      • Doesn’t work

        • It should work, if you are using s completely different email. I did it, because I had too many devices under my other email.

  • Kingshack

    Downloaded from mine. 10pm. Last night fits perfectly. On my gs3 screen. Hey David I sent u a email last night telling u the the free movie download the went live last night.

  • Kingshack

    If u are going to give us something to for free we shouldn’t have to stream it. I they should have let us download it to our sd I am having the same choppy, issues as everyone else. Instead, of only being able able to play it in the media. Hub Only Smdh

    • You can download it

      • Kingshack

        I said, that because it was running around smooth. Last night, now it’s choppy.

        • Jose Hernandez

          Just making sure you understand that you don’t have to stream it. You can download the file as @mrjlwilliams:disqus posted before. You can download the file and should be able to play it fine, hopefully.

  • impasse

    i hit “redeem to own,” sign in, it loads, then just goes back to the same movie screen..i’m rooted and triangle awayed, not sure if that’s affecting anything, though :

    edit: i cleared cache and disabled/enabled my samsung account and the media hub apps, and then it worked :) playing stutters a bit though, even without power saving enabled..might have to restart again or something. time to find an mhl adapter..

    • enoch861

      Yeah, that could be a problem. Happened to me also.
      Make sure your stock. And if your rooted, make sure you run triangle away and reset the flash counter then restart. That should fix it.. or at least thats how I fixed it.

      • Im using a custom rom… still getting sign in fail message

        • enoch861

          It wont work on a custom ROM.
          You have to Odin/Flash back to stock and make sure that your flash counter is also reset, then it should work.

  • Nick

    “sign in fail” on media hub. Someone please help.

    • enoch861

      Are you rooted?

      • Nick

        Yeah I am.

  • MIke

    Media hub keeps loading. I got to the app and says this version isn’t supported!

  • galaxyfun

    i wish this movie had subtitles….

  • taron19119@gmail.com

    I download the hd version and it work find u have to use T-Mobile network when I try over WiFi it stop at 70 percent when I try useing T-Mobile network it took long but it download find and play find

    • Private User

      actually you’re wrong. I only have the 2GB Unlimited Data, so I downloaded it through my school’s wifi. After checking usage it says I used 2.88GB through the Samsung Media Hub on Wi-Fi.

  • Downloaded it as soon as I woke up this right before Jury duty. 6th time in six years…..

  • Buttercup

    I got mine. It is my birthday today, so I looked at it as a birthday bonus :-)

  • H M S

    My Tmo gs3 didn’t come with the media hub, and the Samsung Site and Play store both say my device isn’t compatible… Not rooted or anything, so I am confused. Any ideas how I might get the media hub in order to get the movie?

  • I called tmo & Samsung, every time I try to login, it says “sign in fail.”

  • vin

    Anyone find a fix for the choppy playback? Would the SD version run better?

    • TG

      I downloaded the HD yesterday over 4G, and had the choppy playback. I downloaded it again over WIFI when I got home, and the video playback was smooth.. I’m guessing that the the file may have gotten corrupted/missing packets when I did it the first time.


    `i downloaded the avengers and `i’m able to watch it through the media hub app, Pop Up play feature is greyed out and won’t let me use it.

    Also, the movie won’t show up when `i open up the stock video player so `i copied the movie from the hidden folder (.samsungmediahub) and added it to my Video folder to on my SD card to try testing the pop up feature through the standard video player app and it still didn’t work. And on top of that, the thumbnail image for the movie doesn’t transfer over when it’s in the Video player library either

    Anyone else having these problems?

    Thanks in advance

  • Phoenix31756

    For those who have a T999 with custom rom’s and whatnot, this is what I had done to get the movie, cant say if it’s going to play but at least am downloading as I type this.

    1. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1771687
    I downloaded the T-Mobile file and used Odin to revert back to Stock TMO T999UVALH2.
    2. Performed Wipe and cleared everything out.
    3. Configured my WiFi
    4. Logged into my Samsung account
    5. Went over to the Mediahub and redeemed the movie, it didn’t cost me anything.

    Again, I havent played the movie as of yet and I have no idea if I am going to keep it if I installed updates with root, so YMMV.

  • Plow Rox

    Anybody else notice that after you get it d/l’d and go to play it plays ok…stop exit and come back and it starts the d/l all over again?

  • Why do carriers care if we root damn this Shit is annoying as hell

  • babyboybelcher

    finally got it to work after getting the login fail error. I went into my app drawer under all apps, clicked on samsung apps, disabled it and enabeled it again. then it worked.

  • awt

    how long should it take to download. i was on the wifi at a barnes and noble trying to download the HD version and after about 50 minutes it was still only about 45% completed. i had to pause it and stop to get back to work. so i’ll have to try again later, was i doing something wrong?
    a little help please. thanks

  • mingkee

    If you are unable to sign in Media Hub, you might flash the kernel or ROM.
    You need “triangle away” from Google Play for couple of bucks and let it reset the flash counter.
    Once you successfully redeemed the movie, you can download this movie with other Samsung devices up to five (I downloaded the movie to Galaxy Tab Plus and I am watching it now) units.

  • JML

    Am I stupid? I don’t see anything named “samsung media hub”, or “media hub” in my app drawer, or in the play store, or in samsung apps. Anyone else in this boat? Have not rooted my phone.