Rumor: Nokia Will Take Legal Action To Block Windows Phone 8X Launch

Just when we thought patent lawsuits were becoming a Samsung/Apple-only battleground comes word that Nokia is making preparations to take on HTC for “copying the look and design” of their devices. According to a source, with “knowledge of the impending court case” says that Nokia will work to ban the HTC devices in “certain areas” without going into any other detail. Nokia is said to be unhappy with the with the front-face of the WP8X as it looks “identically the same as the Lumia 820 followed by the side-curves of the phone day.”

In all honesty, the connection between the two was pretty well highlighted immediately following HTC’s launch, especially given the colorful selections of each. The real question is how Microsoft will react to this, with two “hero” smartphones under the microscope, could this lead to a big PR problem for their plans to give Windows Phone 8 a huge boost this holiday season?

Take a look at both images, do you think they look alike?

Neowin via PCTablets

Lumia 820 for reference: 

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  • sidekicker89

    This is silly if true. I mean I understand that SOME people might get confused who don’t take the time to read HTC or Nokia on the phones.
    However, I think HTC should have maybe built their windows phones to reflect HTC’s style such as a two or more toned body to really make it stand out as an “HTC” phone. I like the way they have done that with my ONE S.

  • Turb0wned

    Wow Nokia, I didn’t think you would go down to Apple’s level… I don’t even like windows phones but come on.

    • HalfwayCrook

      Honestly, their original Lumia phone looked exactly like the old iPod Nano so Nokia should stfu and suck a d

  • Iucidium

    They’ll ban it in Europe.

  • ceegii63

    that silliness with Apple and Samsung was BS, this is the real deal

  • peacekeeper05

    The Samsung vs. iPhone case was stupid but I have to say that this one has good grounds on it. The 8X is very identical to the Lumia series.

  • elarella

    In all honesty, the colors may be similar, but the back of the HTC is reminiscent of the One X and the front fascia is a typical WP panel. If Nokia sues HTC for a “rectangular design with rounded edges”, they would be placed in the same bucket as Apple.

    • archerian

      same bucket as Apple, and win the case perhaps too

  • Ajay Singh

    I believe nokia has a point here. Because i think the screen size and everything else is identical too.

  • Garrett

    First of all, let me say that this rumor comes from a very unreliable source. PCTablets is a no-name blog that has virtually zero following.

    With that out of the way, let’s continue. If this somehow does end up happening, I would think Microsoft would step in in some way. There’s no way they would be ok with their two most popular OEMs starting to sue each other. Nokia getting the HTC devices banned would be a major blow to WP8 as a whole. If Microsoft wants even a chance of success in the mobile world, they need all their OEMs’ effort put into releasing devices and promoting them. Windows Phone is way too small for these kinds of shenanigans.

  • Deadeye37

    I will say that the HTC and Nokia phones look quite alike. However, I have a hard time with suing since both phones have practically come out at the same month. That just means that they had very similar visions during the development of the product.

    Also, there isn’t that much that can be changed on the front of the device. I think I like HTC’s ear grill better, plus the HTC branding is centered & much bigger than Nokia. I think these are big enough differences as far as the front of the device goes since everything else is standard WP stuff.

    The back looks different enough, IMO. Shiny plastic vs soft touch plastic. Camera looks different also.

    IMO, HTC’s phones look better aesthetically and that is why Nokia is so upset.

    • sidekicker89

      I honesty still don’t understand why Nokia chose ONLY to make Windows phones.. or at least their majority of phones. Isn’t that just going to limit their sales and their demographics?

  • Brian Richards

    I actually think this is worse of a crossover than galaxy and iphone. BUT, I really think MIcrosoft better hope they can broker some deal here. this is exactly what they don’t need.

  • IF this is true, then WP8 can’t afford this right now. I wonder what Microsoft is doing not keeping a tight leash between the two.

  • Seriously, to me, it’s not that serious. I hope they don’t sue. They are both great devices, & their should be no copyright to things like colors & shapes. Come on now…

  • Oaden Johnson

    It would be hilarious it HTC proves that they came up with the design before Nokia and counter sued.

  • loueradun

    For gods sake… all these smart phones look the same with very small differences… These manufacturers need to get over themselves!

  • Herb

    The bezel and the earpiece set them apart. No doubt.

  • Gener

    Omg all windows phones look the same regardless -_-

  • googlephone

    It is ridiculous. Nokia can only claim that HTC copied the colors but come on, the colors are not Nokia’s original..
    NOKIA will be dead next spring……

  • Stuart Anderson

    I don’t blame them for this one. HTC really did copy the feel of the Nokia line-up. When the biggest differences are the speaker bar location and rear camera location, something is screwy.

    • b3nj4m1n

      how many 4 door sedans or pickup trucks look almost exactly the same except the grill?

    • jlaigo2

      Microsoft kind of picked the colors they are just extending them to the color of the phone.


    I wanted the Nokia Lumia 920, and everything appears that T-Mobile will not get any of the 920’s love. And maybe my back-up HTX 8X may not be making into T-Mobile’s hands.


    Why doesn’t the 920 have 1700 MHz band? (o0260o)


    Good question. Again, we made design tradeoffs based on the different consumer and operator interests. We have to be very deliberate about these choices because of the interplay of antennas and other things in the device. We’ll keep watching this to gauge demand.

  • JustSaying

    *Unrelated post* I wish TMo would update their online coverage map!! I went to the store and they still had coverage maps dated back to 2011!!!

  • Noel

    Before i begin…i love Nokia and HTC but just because both their devices have the same colors and rectangular doesn’t mean someone copied. Both devices were announced about two weeks apart…so does Nokia think HTC went to the drawing board and produced their device in two weeks. Just because they went first with their announcement doesn’t give them ownership to those colors and design. U could make the case the other way if HTC went first with their announcement. Both devices are pretty cool…so let the WP lovers decide with their wallet which device they prefer. In my view the Nokia 920, 820, HTC 8X are what i will go for if i wanted to give Windows phone a try…the 8S not so much spec wise.

    • pjthelogan

      No but since Nokia came out with the lumias 800 and 900 last year it is obvious that htc could have, and probably did rip off their design.

  • LC

    I personally prefer the lines of the HTC to the Nokia. While both are boxy phones at first glance, I appreciate that HTC went a little further by giving the phone angles, which Nokia didn’t do.

  • lazylalo

    I think Nokia wants to sue because HTC is launching its hero device in 3 main carriers and I believe Nokia is only launching its 920 on att. There for its trying to avoid competition.

    • AM3RIG


    • Todd_the_Hunn

      The Nokia 920 is also going to Verizon .

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    they look entirely different to me!
    Microsoft specified the screen size and button layout in their Windows Phone 8 specs…
    The HTC phone looks awfully similiar to their other Android offerings.
    The Nokia one looks simiar to their previous Luminia series.
    Stupid Nokia for filing another frivious lawsuit…can’t we all just get along!

    Having said that, I do like the design of the HTC over the Nokia one…

  • 21stNow

    As a phone enthusiast, my first thought after HTC’s announcement was that I would not be able to tell an HTC 8X from a Nokia Lumia 920 from a distance. I find it odd that both companies chose to do phones in red, yellow and purple. While I’m glad that we get more choices than the black, white and some shade of gray that we had been getting, there were more colors for them to choose from rather than lead down this road. Nokia was known for choosing orange and blue in the past. If anything, I think that Nokia may have had some spies over at HTC to steal some secrets.

    The other thing is that maybe Nokia thought that Samsung and Apple got a lot of publicity for their lawsuits. Maybe they want the publicity, as well. Besides, the prospect of a monetary award might raise Nokia’s low stock price (even though it shouldn’t).

  • Oh lord…… isn’t it bad enough with all the Samsung vs. Apple crap (Both sides hate the lawsuit, even Steve Wozniak) I hope this doesn’t pan out, it’s not good for either side let alone the consumer.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I wonder what’d happen if Nokia won this case. Also does Nokia want to be the Sole WP Manufacturer? This basically will bite them and Microsoft in the foot if Nokia wins this.

    Oh well, Nokia hasn’t been the same.

    Can’t wait for Jolla and MeeGo to unleash :D

    • thisiswhywecanthavenicethings

      If nokia became the sole WP manufacturer we would never see a high end windows phone device on t-mobile… Oh wait…

  • Todd_the_Hunn

    Just think how much money the first maker of a black colored cell phone could be making in lawsuits ; (

    Nokia screwed themselves by not offering us the 920 . Good .

    • cdtofer

      Totally agreed, Nokia should just release the 920 on ALL the US carriers. This is going to be the second time they release their high end device on AT&T and leave us with a second tier device…

  • SAM


  • BahamasGeek242

    Ballmer needs to sit down and talk to Peter Chou and Stephen Eloph and work this out ASAP. Windows phone 8 needs market share and it needs to be on as many carriers as possible for it to gain any traction

  • thatoneguywholiketheinternet

    Cool, the T-mobile windows phones coming are all low end. I really would switch but nooo…. This does not effect me in any way shape or form.

  • JBrowne1012

    Its different enough, Nokia shouldn’t sue if they want more than 5% market share for WP8.

  • Matt

    if this happens, there is no chance i will even look at nokia for purchasing phones. this bs needs to stop and the system needs to be fixed

  • Erick B.

    Nokia doesn’t need to pick a fight with HTC. At this point they need each other to help Windows Phone 8 gain the market share they need so WP can really be that 3rd horse in the current smartphone race.

  • OMG_Syndrome

    OMG…. I spilled HOT Coffee on my lap… I will sue McD and make $$
    OMG great Idea, I spilled HOT Tea on my lap…. I will sue Burger King and make $$ too

  • od312

    I said it a week ago and I’ll say it again–it looks like a lumia 910

  • GinaDee

    The Nokia devices are much more blocky, thick and heavy compared to the HTC 8 series. You can accuse HTC of copying Nokia’s color schemes but you can’t patent colored phones can you Apple?

  • duscrom

    So, funny story, in an interview with Stephen Elop on Engadget, Elop was specifically about the 8X. He replies like a GOOD company replied.

    Paraphrased, “we set the bar on how wp8 devices should look, and even if they are similar in that one respect, we feel we still have plenty of things that make our phones better and unique.”

  • musickid

    If they really have a problem with this , they might want to look at the new ipod touch

  • theking_13

    Partly this is Microsoft’s fault, as they have strict restrictions on how the phones are designed.

    Most Windows phones have the “almost” exact same front. The back is clearly from the One X though.

    • Encino Stan

      Partly this is Microsoft’s fault, as they have strict restrictions on how the phones are designed.
      THIS is exactly what I was thinking while reading the article. MS has very strict OEM guidelines for any Windows phone.

  • If the concept of technology is to make it smaller faster and dependable… And everyone is on the same train then what’s all the suing for

  • mikkej2k

    The DEFAULT shape of touchscreen phones is a rectangle.
    Duh! Since 100% of smartphones have been rectangles of some kind , EVERYONE should expect similarities.
    So , unless Apple/Nokia makes a phone that’s NOT a rectangle like EVERY smartphone that’s ever been made , neither sould claim originality.

  • one_and_only

    If Nokia wins, I’m going to give serious consideration to suing my son for copying my look and design.

  • I want 1 billion for Nokia it’s only fair.

  • WW

    This is really stupid…You don’t see tire OEMs suing each other over the black color, round shape or whitewalls or raised/molded in letters (I’m not knowledgeable about the tire industry so maybe they all DO pay licensing fees to one maker who holds these design patents).

    There are baseline standards/requirements that dictate certain design elements MUST be present that no one should be able to patent (such as tires being be round or held upright [conversation position], the mic must be down low and the earpiece/speaker must be at the top of a phone).

    Does someone hold a patent on the frame around the functional part of the touchscreen? If so, that would be an example of my argument that there are certain design elements that are required that shouldn’t be patentable. Now, if someone came up with a superior innovative, alternative that others would be willing to pay to use, then that’s reasonable.

  • Other than the colors the only thing thats alike is the fact they are both running windows 8 that forces them to look the same from the front, and if they want to sue them for having a black outline to the screen and being a rectangular shape with the same specs then I hope the judge also considers the fact that they announced release like what 2 days apart? meaning they were both in production and coming up with the design at the same time and for all we know Nokia could have been the ones who “copied” their design…

  • JT

    They are available for preorder on amazon uk. Maybe soon for usa?