(Updated) HTC One S Android 4.0.4 Software Update Pushing Out

Update: T-Mobile has added the details to their support forums and we’ve added the improvements and fixes below. 

We’re just getting word that HTC One S owners are seeing a new OTA update arrive bringing Android 4.0.4 and Sense 4.1. There’s been no sign of a new update on T-Mobile’s support site, so we’re unsure if there are any specific bug or security  fixeshere. Here’s what we are seeing:

Hopefully, T-Mobile will push out an update to their One S support forum which details the changes brought along with this OTA update, and we’ll start sniffing around and see what we can find from the inside. Let us know if you find anything different.

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  • tonyFate

    I just checked for Updates… I’m getting something!!!

  • sidekicker89

    is it a big improvement? Hope it doesn’t mess up anything on my phone :(

  • Dan

    I’m getting something as well. Currently “21% complete”.

  • VHO7V

    downloading now. i hope it’s good

  • tonyFate

    LOL… I can’t tell what… I think my icons just got smaller LOL =X

  • steffanut

    I have been online all morning, trying to find out what this entails. My phone doesn’t seem any different at all.

  • melon3531

    The notes on the update are up on the support page now (4.0.3 is typo – it’s def. 4.0.4):


    Just installed it, let’s see if it help the re-connectivity problem (my only problem with an otherwise great phone).

  • VHO7V

    ok just finishing downloading and phone is turning off. has anyone noticed a difference? performance? appearance? any input would be appreciated

    • cheaplikeafox

      switching the home screens is more fluid than before. I noticed it was kind of choppy when I first was using it before the update. I just got this phone today though and updated pretty soon after. I didn’t know the update just came out today either hah.

  • XookieMonsterX

    just finished my update, i don’t notice anything. it did reset my theme had to change it back.

  • OZ

    No changes here yet. Just the version numbers. Hoping to see an improvement with Wi-Fi calling.

    • oryan_dunn

      I’m also curious to see if it fixes WiFi calling issues.

  • It takes quite awhile to down load and install. Just leave the phone alone until it reboots.

  • Eric
  • VHO7V

    i’m done too and no difference that i can see. anyone?

  • Tried going to the forum to see what changed. No new information I could find.

  • melon3531

    One thing I am noticing – where are the Quick Settings in the pull-down? Thought that was supposed to be a new feature under Sense 4.1?

    • erica

      settings > display, gestures, & buttons > “recent apps button” – then you get three options!

      • melon3531

        That I did see, already changed my setting on that, but I was talking about a quick settings toolbar in the pull down – that I don’t see.

  • VHO7V

    i found this. hope it helps. I have noticed better wifi signal already. I hope Jelly bean comes out soon.

    Android version 4.0.3 / Software version 2.35.531.7 710RDUpdated 9/26/2012
    Helps with data connection delayHelps with signal fluctuationsHelps with Wi-Fi dropping connection or not connectingHelps with Wi-Fi stays connected when out of rangeHelps with device crashes or restartsHelps with email links do not openHelps with loading screens or lag when returning to home screenHelps with streaming music skipsImproved Wi-Fi stabilityUser interface improvementsImprovements to Bluetooth connectivity

  • melon3531

    The update DOES let you re-map the Recent Apps button to be a Menu button instead, and get rid of the black menu bar at the bottom of a lot of apps! That alone is worth the update…

    • erica

      how do I do this?

      • erica

        figured it out!! — settings > display, gestures, & buttons > “recent apps button” – then you get three options! YAY!!!

  • Poisonoussting

    i guess the biggest thing is the screen menu button is going away according to android police.com and the recent apps button is gonna be the new menu button?anyone confirm that in there phone? also
    Helps with data connection delayHelps with signal fluctuationsHelps with Wi-Fi dropping connection or not connectingHelps with Wi-Fi stays connected when out of rangeHelps with device crashes or restartsHelps with email links do not openHelps with loading screens or lag when returning to home screenHelps with streaming music skipsImproved Wi-Fi stabilityUser interface improvementsImprovements to Bluetooth connectivity

  • ajace

    you can now change the ‘recent apps’ button to menu or hold down for menu in settings->Display, gestures, buttons

    • OZ

      Great, thanks. Changed mine.

  • ajace

    also found this changelog for the HTC One S update: http://ow.ly/e0OeP

  • deadlyvenom

    so happy that they are keeping us in the loop and constantly sending us updates to fix problems that most of us have.Thanx to htc and tmobile!!

  • erica

    the native browser functionality has changed a bit… now you open a new tab from the top bar (you don’t have to go to settings). also stops telling you that you have too many tabs open – just opens the latest link over the last tab. added “back” and “forward” buttons at the top of the menu button in the browser.

    the new “settings/menu” button does NOT work on the home screen (this is annoying). instead, you still have to go to the drop down bar and select “settings.” dumb.

  • erica

    for some reason it deleted my shortcuts to google navigation and google maps.

    • melon3531

      When did you last access Maps from the shortcut? That may not have been this update – my shortcut went missing in the last Maps update.

  • Nick

    Awesome, downloading update now!
    Perfect timing too because just yesterday I searched this site and was getting mad when I saw that it’s been about 2 months since last word on One S updates. Still ready for 4.1 though.

    • Nick

      Good thing there’s a reminder not to take out the battery or storage card cause I was totally going to break the phone apart and take out the battery and SD card while the update is installing

      • AntDizzle

        LMAO, i see what you did there……

  • erica

    is it just me or did the camera get the “A” button which lets you switch to panorama, slow motion video, HDR, or portrait. I don’t remember this before. Well, I don’t remember the BUTTON before and I don’t know if the camera had these functionalities before! anyone?

    • Nick

      It’s just you :) It was there before

      • erica

        wow. well, to my credit I just got this phone last week :P

        • Nick


        • sidekicker89

          how do you like your One S so far? :)

        • erica

          I love it. My G2 was on its last legs and I needed something new. I actually bought it a few days before the Relay came out… and I thought I might switch to the Relay because I would miss the keyboard. I do miss the G2 keyboard but the Relay keyboard was just not the same. Plus the HTC One S has an amazing camera I am enjoying to the max.

          Oh I also did not want the S3 because the menu buttons and fonts are HUGE. I love that HTC allows you to choose small fonts and sizes to maximize screen space. And now that the black bar is gone I’m as happy as a clam!

          One complaint… I really need a phone that has amazing battery life. This isn’t it and I can’t just pop in another one during a long day away from a charger. Oh well.

  • sidekicker89

    Just got the update on my phone yaay!

  • OZ

    Seems that web links now open under the respective application. Before I was not able to open spotify playlists sent as URLs. Now it opens the Spotify app when I click. Finally!

    • oryan_dunn

      Do you still have the “App Associations” menu in the settings menu? I wonder if they were able to back off the changes Apple forced them to make?

      Also, what about links to the play store or youtube videos? Those seemed to go to the web browser without opening the app.

      • OZ

        The App Associations Menu is still there, however I cannot change anything under it. Unfortunately youtube links open within the browser, so the fix seems to be partial.

  • tmo_allday

    It also shows if u got to network… it will show u…. umts,gaps,or hspap… that’s I just noticed

  • Nick

    -Screens fade in/out as you swipe side to side.
    -The numbers on the 4×1 weather clock aren’t as crisp as they used to be.
    -I love that the black menu bar is gone. The update was worth it for that alone to take that eyesore away.

  • tmo_allday

    It also so wat type of network ur on like… hspa,umts,hspap… that’s something new

    • nope that’s always been there.

  • Maybe it’s just me, but now I’m being locked out my messaging apps, it’s asking me for an unlock pattern, that I never received. Seriously, wtf. Everything was just fine.

  • Smoother screen transitions. Better wifi reception. Am down the hall from router and was getting 1-2 bars, now full(3) bars. But maybe that’s just an iPhone gimmick — change the scale and antennagate goes away…couldn’t resist

  • VHO7V

    battery life seems to be much better.

  • miss_emily_nicole

    I have updated my phone. Now when I talk to people, they are saying that they can not hear me as well as before. Is anyone else having this issue?

  • starr3d

    this is why my next phone will be a Nexus

  • My HTC Sense moves quicker, I noticed. I’m used to when I back out of something, HTC Sense has to load. or sometimes even when it goes on idle & I unlock the screen. That’s a definite plus. My WiFi stability has definitely improved too.

  • newmoney401

    jus got the update..preyty smooth and i like the new interface on the internet with the tabs icon

  • fred

    im using this phone with simple mobile. since the update i tried to set the APNs to simple mobile and it keep going back to tmobile setting.
    tmobile apns settings can’t be deleted cuz its locked.. help please

  • Mark

    Got it! Now I need to change the menu button setting….

  • Demitrius Harris

    I got the update this morning but I can’t install it until tomorrow night due to me being over 100 miles away from my computer and the need to reinstall the stock recovery…….sigh

  • Julio Solis

    Does anyone have any problem with them connecting to there 4G network after the update because all i can connect to is 2G???

    • that guy

      I’m having the same issue!

    • TMoRetailStorePhoneTech

      My wifes One S is having the same issue after updating last night. Check out http://support.t-mobile.com/thread/33209 for more details on reporting this issue. The more complaints T-Mobile gets about the issue the faster they will be able to figure out a fix. T-Mobile 18009378997 & HTC 8664498358

  • s10shane

    ok i checked the update manually with my gfs htc one s and she got the update. its installing now. thanks for letting us know about the update. i love this site lol

  • Tyler Murray

    Yay! if you press the home button and the power button you can take a screenshot…you guys probably already knew this but im excited about it!

  • Jason

    I’m telling you, before this update I was having signal drops, no signal in good signal areas, wifi issues causing battery drain, etc. I’ve had this update for 10 days (early release) and not a SINGLE issue yet. This update has saved my phone!

  • Ejustcomm

    reboot the phone & that clear the 2G issue.

    • amy

      Didn’t work for me, a month later when I updated. Even cleared the cache and rebooted. Other ideas?

  • Joe Witcraft

    hi i have a htc one s and it won let me update it say no update availabe you know why??

  • But this isn’t JELLY BEAN that has been released since July 9th 2012!! I hate this!

  • I had the signal fluctuation issue and asked a store rep about it, but they didn’t see any tech notices about it- good to know I didn’t buy a busted device. But between that and a feedback buzzing in the headphones noticeable at low volumes, I decided to root and put CyanogenMod on there. I do miss the camera quality, though- maybe I’ll give stock a try again.

  • Amy

    After the update my son’s phone can only connect 2g, not higher. Support sending a replacement phone but I really don’t want a refab… Any suggestions?

  • Chuckbswift

    How is it now, that I just got this update? Smh..