Windows Phone 8 To Launch On October 29th?

The day may belong to Samsung and it’s plethora of announcements, but Windows Phone 8 is ready to grab some of the evening spotlight. According to Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, Microsoft is set to release Window Phone 8 for general availability on October 29th. Citing an unnamed source, Foley was able to not only show the 29th as the release date, but a series of dates surrounding the 29th all involving Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft’s marketing machine.

  • October 25th — The day before general availability, Microsoft will hold a big launch event for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and the Microsoft Surface RT. The event will be held in New York City.
  • October 29th — The official “launch” of Windows Phone 8 at event to be held somewhere on the West Coast, perhaps San Francisco or Los Angeles.
  • October 30th to November 2nd — Microsoft’s Build 2012 Conference, where software developers come together and talk about the future of Microsoft products, with a big focus on Windows Phone 8.

Given that Samsung announced some beautiful Windows Phone 8 hardware today, I’m definitely excited to see what Microsoft has in store.


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  • Ragnar

    I just can’t wait to see what Nokia and HTC have cooking up for wp8.  This will be great.  I wonder when 7.8 is gonna be upgraded for my DellVenuePro.

    • Aaron Tant

      correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Microsoft didn’t sign a deal with HTC for wp8…

      • StickyIcky

        Rumors of HTC WP8 devices hit before Sammie and Nokia rumors.  Code name ‘Zenith’ is supposedly a quad core WP8 device.  

        We’ll see though, since its all rumor.  Sammie is the one to beat this week.

  • nd5

    Honestly this is extremely unfortunate timing by Microsoft.  They should have done everything possible to launch this prior to the launch of the iPhone 5.  By launching WP8 after, I think there’s a chance that it’s going to get lost in the shuffle as everyone will still be fawning all over Apple and the iP5.  

  • Ne0

    Why so late, if they really wanna steal market share, they should have launch before the Iphone. Half dozen people already resign their contract when to get S3, and rest is mostly waiting for Iphone.

  • Ne0

    I don’t see all the hype of Windows 8 phone hype, they specs are not better than best of android. 

    • TheCudder

      Here’s the thing thing with Windows Phone, the specs don’t mean a thing because the software urns so efficiently. The only thing WP has working against it is app support, and that’s why I think MS is taking the direction it is by making all three (Desktop, Phone & Tablet) an indentical interface. This should force a boom of apps for the tablet & phone OS.

  • Polaris1

    I think most are missing the real point. Its not so much
    about windows phone launching but more about the new windows8. This can
    arguably be MS’s biggest launch date ever. A brand new OS that goes way beyond
    anything they’ve ever done before, releasing their own line of tablets which
    they themselves produced and releasing the new windows phone 8.

    Key to remember is that all 3 will share the same core. This
    is really big. Any “metro” app you buy will work on your pc, your tablet AND
    your phone. This is something that you can’t do with Mac and iOS and google has
    no desktop to speak of.

    It’s a safe bet that most of us use a PC either at home or
    at work or both. All new PC sales will be windows 8 and lots of users will also
    upgrade due to the low pricing. That’s millions and millions of users right off
    the bat.

    If MS prices their tablets right they could in short time
    surpass android tablets which have up to know been a major disappointment in
    terms of sales.

    And for all the talk of ecosystem and that windows phone is
    lacking… there a bigger ecosystem than the PC ecosystem? Most windows
    developers, and theres a lot of them will most likely come out with metro apps
    or port their existing apps to the metro interface. MS could catch up to both
    apple and google in terms of # of apps pretty quickly.

    I myself am an avid android user and fanboy. Have been using
    android since I got the My Touch 3 years ago. I also have an asus transformer
    tablet. I love the OS and the hardware. But it seems like I live in 2 worlds.
    My phone/tablet android world and my desktop/laptop windows world. MS is about
    to change that.

    I played with the Lumia 900 at an AT&T store months ago
    and was very impressed. With much better hardware on the current generation of
    win8 phones coming out it will only get better. I am seriously considering
    trading in my GSII for one of the new win8 phones when they come out.

  • NYCTechFreak

    I tried windows phone 7, the HTC Titan in an AT&T store since it was a big screen phone.  It was okay, but I could not get passed the “Hubs”.  I don’t like the metro theme and if that’s the future of MS, then for my wife’s and my laptop, I will be switching to Ubuntu when we need new laptops.  I won’t buy Apple products anymore either. A choice of black or white background and only changing the hub colors is not my cup of tea when it comes to customizing your phone.  But hey, if WP8 sells well, its good for competition.