T-Mobile Says “Backhaul Strategy Key To A Competitive 4G Experience”

T-Mobile’s newest blog post wants you to know that the key to the company’s 4G success, is the backhaul. “Backhaul provides the connection cell sites to the internet. The bigger the “pipe,” the more mobile data traffic the network can move quickly.”

T-Mobile began its own massive backhaul rollout in 2007, before it offered even offered 4G. Well, it’s that “aggressive rollout” that is helping T-Mobile “deliver a competitive, fast and dependable 4G experience.”

So what does this mean for T-Mobile moving forward? The good news is that this rollout will help T-Mobile to “rapidly deploy LTE in 2013.”

In other words, T-Mobile is saying that events over the past 5 years will all culminate in their position to continue offering a “competitive 4G experience for years to come.”

All this is well and good and I appreciate T-Mobile’s blog posts, but these are the kind of things I know everyone wants to see in practice, not in writing.  Still, I’m glad to know that T-Mobile is positioned to deploy LTE in 2013 in a rapid fashion. That’s sure to please the masses and hopefully they can cover those areas currently devoid of 4G coverage, making for happy customers everywhere.


Full Press Release:

T-Mobile’s Backhaul Strategy Key to a Competitive 4G Experience

By Dave Mayo, Senior Vice President of Technology Strategy, Finance & Development

There’s been a lot of discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of various 4G technologies, but without sufficient backhaul, none of it matters. Backhaul provides the connection from cell sites to the internet. The bigger the “pipe,” the more mobile data traffic the network can move quickly.  A 4G network without appropriately dimensioned backhaul is like building a mile of six-lane highway (the radio network) that converges into a one lane dirt road (Time-division multiplexing (TDM) circuits). The six-lane highway looks great and drivers expect to move quickly, but everyone will encounter a backup because of the one lane dirt road.

A 4G network is only as good as its backhaul. If enhanced backhaul capacity isn’t available, the customer experience suffers. T-Mobile began an aggressive rollout of enhanced backhaul in 2007 – well ahead of our competitors and long before we began to offer 4G – which has enabled us to deliver a competitive, fast and dependable 4G experience. T-Mobile has enhanced backhaul covering 100% of our 4G network, 95% of which is fiber backhaul.

Our aggressive rollout of backhaul means:

  • A competitive 4G experience today – We continually strive to provide a fast and dependable 4G experience, and our aggressive deployment of cell site backhaul is one of the reasons our 4G network outperformed Verizon’s LTE network in download speeds in 11 markets in PC Magazine’s recent Fastest Mobile Networks test.
  • A speedier rollout of LTE in 2013 – Because we’ve already upgraded to fiber backhaul on over 32,000 cell sites, the transition to LTE will be a much faster process, enabling us to rapidly deploy LTE in 2013. In contrast, some of our competitors continue to use T1s at cell sites for backhaul which provide a slower connection to the Internet.

At the end of the day, 4G comes down to experience. Because of the strides T-Mobile has made with our backhaul strategy over the last 5 years, we are well positioned to continue offering a competitive 4G experience for years to come.

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  • iansltx

    Sounds like a direct potshot at Sprint’s current network state, pre-Network Vision. Sprint is having a heck of a time getting backhaul online, whereas most T-Mobile towers have full backhaul scalability right now. So deploying LTE as an upgrade to HSPA+ will be a relatively simple matter, and fully within T-Mobile’s network partner (NSN, Ericsson) control: go to the site, add some equipment, turn on said equipment, test, allow public access, celebrate.

    • TMobRSA

      Exactly how things should work. Can’t wait!

      • Tmocustomer4now

         TALK, TALK, TALK= nothing being done –  towers all around us, the only co’s adding FO to BH are VER/AT/sp so know one questions anyone there–unless on their property.   towers near us > I ask the guys whats going on/ since there are usually alot of large trucks w/ reels of what appear to be wire- they say installing Fiber Optics to the towers… We ask for who- usually if they don’t think your an idiot they tell you.  All those around us in NE -PA are for VER/ and AT and <- whats the other letter and some sprint, never heard them say TMO.  SO whats up with that.  Article says since 07, and not any around are NE-PA area ?  I'm thinking the PAST merger was so AT and ? and Tmo could have piggybacked, but since that fell through – Both Co's are back peddling to catch up on the F-Optic Back Hauling .  "doesn't take a rocket scientist to ask ?'s and figure it out on ones own…

        • TMOLOYAL

          I know in today’s fast paced world people (apparently including you) have become so lazy they cannot actually be bothered to type full words, but if you are wanting anyone to take your half ass’ed comment serious please learn to use the full words. 

          I suppose in your world if you asked one construction worker what they were doing, then that must be what all construction workers are doing. 

          So if I go to a Ford assembly plant and ask them who they are working for and the say Ford, I should surmise that Chevrolet and Dodge have just laid down to die and all they do is talk about making cars. 

          Also if you do not have anything to add to the conversation other than your childish writing please just hit the back button and move on.

        • randomnerd_number38

           My god man, I could barely even follow your train of thought. Can you please write your comments at least in a manner that’s easier to follow? No offense, but seriously, I had to read your comment three times and read the reply from TMOLOYAL before I fully understood what you were trying to say.

          Anyway, in response to your actual point: You must have a lot of time on your hands if you can monitor all the work being done on all the T-Mobile towers in your area at all times. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know you’re using anecdotal evidence that’s not indicative of the actual state of the backhaul in the “NE-PA” area.

        • HE/I:@CA?>NT= READ

           help i need to take english class again

        • FAIL AT Basic ENGLISH ^^^^

          WTF? ^^^^^^^
          You are either mentally deficient or purposefully stupid. You wasted your time writing junk that is incomprehensible. Clown.

  • ghulamsameer

    I agree with you, David. they have been talking a lot about backhaul and refarming, but there have yet to be any examples of it. I want them to start deploying soon, at least with refarmed 3G/4G to show what they can do and not just talk about it.

    • dswagg2k10

      #Testimony I was driving from Nashville to Atlanta this past weekend, and in the middle of nowhere, and I mean NOWHERE, I had 4G service. The refarming is def underway!

      • ghulamsameer

        That’s great! I live in the Atlanta area and I’ve had no success so far, but at least you got results!

        • zeth006

          It’s gonna take some patience. They’ve installed 42mbps HSPA+ in my Oakland/SF area neighborhood and I’ve seen phone reviews done in my area showing speeds as high as 25mbps, high is insanity. 

          I’m just hoping/praying LTE-Advanced when it comes online is more uniform than current HSPA+ 21mbps (what my phone uses). My phone’s connection fluctuates way too much even when I move a mile or two from my apartment building!

  • Lagurl22

    so i guess t-mobile doesnt have a lot of backhaul in towers over here in LA? i had them since 09 and in east LA, some parts of pico rivera , dwtwn LA , hollywood and mAny more places in LA im not even gonna name cuz ima take forever i guess dnt have a lot of backhaul?. I think im juSt gonna leave em it was a mistake getting an s3 with them with full bars of 4G i get 1-4bps up the most and less than 1 mbp dwn. I kno i aint the only one i know many people on t-mobile that get the same low speeds im getting , sure in san fran i got awesome speeds in the 20 mbps range so i know its not my phone cuz at first i tought something was wrong with it . i come back to LA and im stuck with the same crappyy speeds even with full bars of 4G. At&t is looking real good right now my friend has a note on att and he always gets better speeds on hspa in the 10-15 mbp range amd on LTE on the 30 mbps range in all those places tmobile sucks that i mentioned same in san fran were t-mobile was fast att was still much faster in the 40 mbps range .. only thing i dnt switch is cuz im broke lol -_-” and att is waaay more expensive..

    • Tmobiile

      att is expenive becasue it works they have coverage that works almost in everycity. people that have tmobile to save money is stupid its not that ver ycheap either

      • Jose Hernandez

         Ok. so obviously you are not a T-Mobile customer. So why on earth are you bothering people here with your negative talk? I live in Detroit, MI and have a GS3, I get 25mps down and 3mps, I also save about $60.00 a month with T-Mobile vs At&T. So just because you you don’t like the coverage you come here to bad talk a company you are not even a client off?  Nice dude.

      • Spanky

        As with anything else, you get what you pay for.

  • nps

    I’m in so cal and seeing 6-10Mb on our HSDPA+ devices. Even when I’m in LAlowest I’ve seen is 2.5Mb

    • Guest


  • mbcls

    boring, tmobile is always late to the party!
    but the time they have LTE up and running, att/verizon are already on LTE+

    • Javi080

       when t-mobile launches lte it ill be faster than verizon and att cuz they will launch lte advance

      • Jose Hernandez

         Thanks Javi080, obviously mbcls and Tmobiile don’t have a clue as to what they are talking about. When T-Mobile is done, they will have the most advance LTE service in the US.

        • Vic

          So sweet! Can you also tell me the winning lotto numbers and best stock investments over the next few years. We should put your psychic abilities to use!

        • Jose Hernandez

           I don’t have to tell you anything. Be a good boy and Google T-Mobile LTE upgrade, or better yet, go to T-Mobiles web site and look at the press releases. You seem like a person that might be capable of doing that. Right? Can you read them for yourself as well. I did, that is why I posted a comment regarding the issue. If you have nothing of importance to add to the conversation, need I say more?

        • Josey

          Yo playa – TMo shows full service at my home address and I get none. Stop looking at press releases and making statements. Kinda dumb and childish.
          “nana…. tmo said so and it has to be true coz they said so….”

        • Jose Hernandez

           Did you read my post at all? I have nothing but fantastic coverage where I live. I did not say that everyone should have or does have fantastic coverage. I know some people will have a bad experience with the service, that is to be expected. However, Again, just because You have issues, it does not mean everyone else does. I make a statement from the information that I have been presented. Is it possible that T-Mobile will screw their plans and end up not delivering?. Well, Of Course They Can! they are like every other company out there. Is it possible that they will deliver? Of Course It Is!. I am not saying “because they said so, it will be true” if you take is that way, you are very well entitled to do so. I might have worded that wrong, It’s Possible. I am simply stating what the information out there says. Why are you so sure they will not deliver? And please, no talk about how your service is so bad, everyone else will be too. They may deliver for me, provide my area with Fantastic LTE. You are saying we will not, I choose to say we are. It is a difference in opinion. Until this happens either one of us can be right, can be wrong, or a mix of both. So, before you call someone dumb or childish because they chose to express an opinion on a public forum. think about how people will think about you. Calling someone names because you do not agree with their statement. I am sorry to hear you are having signal problems, I really am. I know it sucks to be told something and have something else be the reality. But I also feel that just because I express a good opinion and choose to be hopeful that things will be as they said they wood, It should not be called childish or dumb. T-Mobile is not perfect, I have my issues with them. But everything they have promised to me regarding network performance, until today, has been true. Sorry it has not been for you. :(

        • Edy6401

          sorry about the typos, poor proofreading on my part.

        • Vic

          Aw man…so your psychic abilities are false and all that was nothing more than delusion and blind faith? Damn, and I thought we could have become something big.

          Try to be a realist. T-Mobile can say all they want, and hell, if everything they said came true, you would be with AT&T right now. Until we actually see this happens, it’s nothing more than words. T-Mobile can fail to deliver, just like Sprint did on their LTE rollout recently. Also, to assume that T-Mobile will have the most advanced LTE service is also hilarious since we have no real idea of Verizon’s or AT&T’s LTE Advanced plans, so stop with the speculation and delusion.

        • Jose Hernandez

           You are correct, I can not take everything and anything Anyone says to be correct until the events have happened. You are correct. However, in my experience, everything that T-Mobile has said they would do to their network, they have done. I get excellent service where I live. You may be speaking form your experience, and I am sorry that it seems to be a bad one. But my experience has, for the most part been great. For the advance network comment, AT&T and Verizon deployed LTE (7, if I am not mistaken, a quick Google search can verify that) T-Mobile in launching LTE (10). That “If 100% accurate” means that T-Mobiles network is more advance. They can do upgrades to their network by simply making a software upgrade. If you don’t agree, fine. You are free to feel the way you do. But, stop calling people names (delusional) just because you disagree with the. That really does not put you in a good light. You think one way, but not everyone else feels the same and insulting people is not the way to go if you want to get your point across.

        • zeth006

          Stop being a rude rudy. 

        • ghettogurl

          jose hernandez vete a la verga ni tu te crees lo que dices.

        • Edy6401

          wow, que buen comentario. es su opinión, cual es tu problema con eso?. (wow, that’s his opinion, what’s your problem man?)

        • Jose Hernandez

           When you make a not so nice reply to a comment made, how come you don’t do it in English?

        • Jose Hernandez

           by the way, “si no te gusta el comentario, trata de ser una persona adulta cuande respondas.

    • Tmobiile

      i agree

  • Jenna

    Umm no.  SoCal is definitely left out of the backhaul party in general.  Sure we have a lot of users and there are some areas that are blazing fast.  However most of the time my speeds are 400 Kbps or less down and sometimes as bad as 60 Kbps down even with full 4G signal.  

    T-Mobile needs to step up the backhaul beyond the PR statements.  They should be embarrassed.  

    Consistency is what is lacking.  Bursts of speeds here or there don’t count.  

    • cromo8

      You need to move to the southern SoCal, In San Diego there are rarely any spots where I do not get 4G and thats through rural areas or far into valleys. Average 8Mbps all the time 17 when at home and peak ive seen is 23 in downtown San Diego and at Staples Center In LA(outside of it)

      • nyuhsuk

        Unfortunately, that’s not really an option for 99.9% of cell phone users is it? 

        I have to agree that uniformity is their problem. Very nice speeds through the DC metro area but even in some densely populated portions inside or outside the beltway, the speeds drop considerably (from 4G to E) for like a 1 mile bubble and then pick right back up again.  Not sure if other carriers do this as well but just my experience with T-Mo over the last 7 years in the DC area, from the 2G era to the current 4G era.

        Sucks because I think some apps that stream stuff have issues with the network connectivity drop during the flipflop war between 4G and EDGE.

        • 21stNow

           The Mall at Prince George’s is one of my 2G spots.  New Carrollton just west of Shoppers is another one for me.  That New Carrollton spot is weird, because I know that there is a tower less than a mile (but more than 200 feet) from that location.  If I’m closer to that tower, I can pull around 7Mbps on a 21Mbps device.

        • zeth006

          Yep, uniformity is the key word and it’s the issue I get with TMO in many areas of LA and SF, two major cities I frequent. I’ve gotten speeds as high as 8mbps in one of Oakland’s BART station. Hovers at an average of 4-6 in downtown SF. Then when I start going to financial district, it drops down to EDGE at times.

          What’s up with that TMO?

      • F-Mobile

        Lmfao you have to move xD cell phone service should work were ppl are told it would not the subscriber has to relocate because this horrible company can’t keep its end of the contract.

  • EyerollingPR

    *Up to 2-5gigs. 

  • Jennypr

    i agree with all those persons below saying t-mobile sucks in socal ,LA etc.. alot of people talk bad about at&t but in socal especially in los angeles at&t is the way to go if u want fast speeds and dependable coverage and yes less dropped calls i had a lot more dropped calls and no service inside buldings on t-mobile than my bf on at&t. In LA at&t does have much more backhaul on there hspa network than t-mobile its faster and i mean way faster and doesnt crap out a lot . My bf has been able to force his at&t xperia ion to hspa mode only to conserve battery life and gets 8-12 mbps on average while i cant even get 2 on my s3 on t-mobile with full bars of 4G standing outside . When my bf turns on LTE on his ion im screwed LOL he gets 20-25 mbps something i never seen on t-mobile.

    • Guest

      I don’t know what SoCal you live in!  It has been the complete opposite for all people that I know with T-mobile and AT&T.  Huge dead zones in LA with AT&T, horrendous internet speeds, etc.

      • Jennypr

        los angeles, bf lives in san fernando valley and lets see asuza, monterrey hills, glendale, san marino, burbank just to name a few t-mobiles network is a hit or miss u have full 4G in one street u walk down another street ur on edge honestly im getting tired of it att has a more stable 3G/4G network in those places..

        • Princeasi

          I agree that att has a better blanket coverage, but tmobile data speeds are recognizably faster than att’s.

        • Tmobiile

          of course it does tmobile coverage is crazy bad

        • Spanky

          Not where I live. AT&T’s data speeds are several times faster than T-Mobile’s.

        • Tmobile

          yeah tmobile coverage is the worst by far. there coverage map isnt accurate alll like exellent coverage is only outdoors

        • Spanky

          Precisely. I live in NYC (Brooklyn, to be exact), with supposedly excellent (according to T-Mo’s coverage map) 4G coverage in my neighborhood. If 0.2 – 0.5 Mbps downstream (both indoors and outdoors) is T-Mo’s idea of excellent, then I guess the coverage map is correct. Comparatively, AT&T gets between 20 – 30 Mbps downstream on LTE and 7 – 9 Mbps downstream on HSPA+ in my neighborhood.

          T-Mo is fast where it has sufficient coverage. Unfortunately, their coverage is very spotty. Case and point: I was able to pull down 5 Mbps just a few blocks away from where I live.

        • Spanky

          I’ve neglected to mention that I’ve always had a full 4G signal (4 bars) in my neighborhood, yet the speeds are most certainly nowhere near 4G.

        • TBN27

          Where in Brooklyn? In Midwood i was pulling 15mbps, in canarsie i was pulling. 6mbps and in Bushwick i got 18mbps. The speeds weren’t constant and varied each time i visited those areas.

        • Spanky

          Bensonhurst. When the problem first appeared a year ago, T-Mobile’s tech support told me that the T1 cables at my neighborhood’s cell site need to be replaced and that our data traffic has been rerouted to a backup site. A year (and several phone calls/T-Force contacts) later, T-Mobile stated that my neighborhood has no known issues, has the bext possible 4G coverage, and that the problem is with my phone. Needless to say, the problem is NOT with my phone, as I’ve gotten much higher speeds elsewhere in NYC. My wife’s phone experienced the same problem, as well as all of our friends/family who are T-Mobile subscribers.

          Obviously, T-Mobile turned the blind eye to the issue and will not do anything to rectify it. I could either deal with the slow speeds or jump ship. I chose to jump ship.

        • TBN27

          Oh! I went through it also in Astoria near the East River. The 3G was slow and didn’t get coverage in my apartment. They have since fixed it. I now get servuce in my apartment and really fast speeds. It sucks that you couldn’t get proper speeds down that side. Hopefully they will fix it sooner than later.

          Lastly a friend of mine just switched to AT&T because he had no reception in doors at his job on Roosevelt Island and got spotty coverage in his basement apartment.

        • Spanky

          If T-Mobile ever takes care of the issue, I wouldn’t be opposed to giving them another shot in the future. Unfortunately, based on the fact that T-Mobile no longer acknowledges that the problem exists, I doubt the issue will ever go away.

          Just a couple of weeks ago, I talked one of my neighbors out of signing up with T-Mobile. He wanted service with fast data speeds and mentioned that he heard a lot of good things about T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42. A quick speed test outside of our apartment building was enough to convince him to look elsewhere.

        • F-Mobile

          What’s funny about that is I used to work for T-Mobile corp in that area and I’ve called IT multiple times about the speed issue and they didn’t even know what I was talking about saying that everything seems fine Lmao. I called 15 times. How am I supposed to sell a product when I’m demonstrating super “fast” internet and the customer looks at me like I have 3 heads trying to load anything lol. T-Mobile is over. plus att treats employees better :D

        • Spanky

          You worked in Bensonhurst? What location?

          If they wouldn’t listen to their own employee, I’m not surprised that they didn’t listen to me. I called multiple times in August – December 2011 to report the problem, and each time tech support admitted the issue and stated that a problem ticket already exists.

          When I finally got fed up with T-Mobile’s inaction towards this issue and decided to switch providers, I contacted a T-Force member through the T-Mobile Support Forum. I explained the situation, and he promised to reach out to the engineering department and request that they investigate the issue. A few days later, I received a response from T-Force, stating that the engineers found no problems of any kind in my neighborhood, that there are no other complaints on record, and that my neighborhood has the best possible 4G speeds. The e-mail was concluded with “the next step is to troubleshoot your phones”. This response cemented my decision – I paid the ETF and switched to AT&T.

        • Aaron Tant

          the coverage map is not an indicator of speed, it is an indicator of strength of signal to not lose 4G frequency.  But, I do understand your gripe on speed.

        • Guest

          The areas I’m in frequently are West LA, downtown, South bay, LBC.  Complete opposite of what you’re seeing.  Its pretty surprising actually.

        • GinaDee

          There are holes in LBC with T-Mobile especially near Ocean and Pine inside buildings.  SOS or Emergency Only calls all day and night. 

          There are spots off the 110 FWY that go to GPRS.  

          Are you sure we live in the same SoCal?

  • Qcknot

    All I have to say is all of this is 4g/lte technology is very good it doesn’t matter what company Verizon Sprint T-Mobile at&t etc.. but to me all this more speed is kind of useless until we get real unlimited 4g/lte data connectivity.

  • Bigjavar101

    I live in SoCal, Redlands to be exact, and on average I see speeds of 15Mbps – 23Mbps on my GSII and on my Sensation I pulled speeds around 11Mbps, fastest I’ve seen was 12.4Mbps as far as upload speed I usually get 2Mbps – 3.5Mbps. As far as LA, I was in Chinatown last weekend for their summer nights festival.. and my internet speeds were HORRIBLE. I was pulling speeds of .03 Mbps – .60Mbps With full bars of 4G too!  Some parts of LA, Like Hollywood Speeds are pretty impressive. In Hollywood I get results comparable to when I’m at home. Also where I live in Redlands, Verizon has finally deployed their LTE network, one of my  friends has the Droid RAZR and was barely pulling 10Mbps -11Mbps and I was pulling 15 Down. T-mobile the past few years has really stepped up their game! Even know they have as some people say “3.5G technology” they really give LTE a run for their money.Also I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but my brother has an Unlocked Iphone 4s on T-mobile and he has been picking up 4G signals in the Redlands/San Bernardino area. For the 4S to only be a HSPA+ 14.4 device it was Getting around 9Mbps, which was pretty impressive to me.
    So maybe that’s why lately I’ve been getting crazy fast speeds is because my GSII is utilizing the 1900Mhz Band?

    • TBN27

      No. Your GSII is using the 1700/2100 bands for those crazy speeds. If the GSII Were compatible to 1900 3G bands then you would get slower speeds

      • Trevnerdio

        Slower download, faster upload.

      • Bigjavar101

        I thought the T-mobile  GSII is compatible with 1900MHz /850MHz/1700MHz/2100MHz  HSPA bands? Because the Unlocked T-mobile GSII Picks up AT&T’s 3G and they use 850/1900Mhz for 3G…?

        • TBN27

          I roamed on an at&t network when t-mobile wasn’t vailable and did not get 3G. As far as an unlocket t-mobile GSII
          getting 3g speeds i never heard of since it was done, my guess there software tweaks to make it happen?

        • Bigjavar101

          Check this out… 
          The T-mo Branded GSII is a pentaband HSPA phone Like the Galaxy Nexus

    • Scarfacemario

      Wow thanks so much for the update especially on the iPhone part I’ve been very curious to know if Tmobile is refarming near my area and with what you said about your brothers iPhone makes me glad that myarea should be refarmed this year

    • GinaDee

      Not true.  How can you say “average?”  I live near you and only see those speeds in certain tiny “spots,” here there and far in-between.  

      Drive anywhere off the 10 FWY and speeds vary wildly in-between the constant EDGE to 4G symbol transitions.  

      I work in Ontario and it’s the same thing.  One cell site will broadcast 12 Mbps speeds then go 2 blocks in any other direction and back to EDGE or slow 4G.  

      • Bigjavar101

        Very true. I guess the city I live in one of those “tiny spots”. I also live about two blocks over from the cell site. Yes and I have taken notice being on the 10 FWY especially near San Bernardino/ Hospitality LN my phone constantly drops from 4G to EDGE. Another thing you work in Ontario? You have to remember you are in a busy city. Think about how many people are connected to your cell site. Especially having an international airport in that city. And also you have to factor in the time of day you run the speedtest application. I always run mine during the evening time when I’m curious. that’s when I get the best speeds. And where I live in Redlands, Just the whole city in general I get great 4G coverage, my phone never drops to edge UNLESS I’m on the back roads driving through the canyon. So I don’t experience those problems stated about how you can go from 4g @ 12Mbps on one street and having EDGE on the other. During the day especially mid day, I see peaks of 12-13 Mbps and around evening time 15-23Mbps. IT ALSO depends on what server your connected to as well. With my testing I have determined that both of the San Diego servers along with, Chula Vista, Monterey Park and the Riverside Servers are the best. All three of the Los Angles servers SUCK. High Ping always and speeds less than 5Mbps! But honestly it just comes down to your area, traffic @ the cell site, server congestion, or many other things that factor into your speed-test results.

    • F-Mobile

      With my HTC one x I pull in about 40 – 50mbps. Some ppl say it’s overkill but guess what? Everything I do is instant. And I don’t have to deal with T-Mobile horrible ping either. What’s the point of having a fast internet connection if I takes so long to contact the servers for information lol.

      • M42

        So drive a half mile outside your city and see how you like the Edge coverage you’ll have with AT&T.

      • Spanky

        Agreed. I get between 20 – 45 Mbps on LTE in NYC, and 7 – 11 Mbps on HSPA+.

      • Bigjavar101

        Majority of the time my ping is less than <500, sometimes it jumps up to like 800 or so. Depends on a-lot of things, Like location, Server congestion, Data Traffic on the Cell Tower…. etc

    • Guest

      I get 35 to40 down and 15 to 20 upload on my
      “ATT” 4G LTE in west palm beach Florida I don’t even
      Use Hspa+ any more it’s just to slow for me.LOl.!!!!!!!!!

    • F-Mobile

      That’s cuz Chinese people are cheap and T-Mobile is cheap. Match made in heaven!

  • Anonymous

    live in blackwell, ok, only have GPRS and internet connection times out constantly, only carrier in the area that doesn’t have 3g or higher

  • Magicianq007

    what about in NYC, how is the speed.

    • TBN27

      It varies. I go ad high as 20 mbps and as low as 1.9mbps

    • Spanky

      Tops out at 0.5 Mbps in the Bensonhurst area of Brooklyn. I’ve gotten as high as 11.5 Mbps in some other areas, using a Galaxy Nexus (HSPA+ 21 capable).

  • jaylanPHNX

    I just wish that as they improved the quality of their coverage, they would also improve the quantity. I live in a large city (Jacksonville, FL) and can’t stream radio all the way to work without losing data signal INSIDE the city.

  • symsoul

    Lip service for now.  I won’t go so far as to say that T-Mobile is on life support.  But it seems that recent JD Powers rankings, the company’s inability to get the iPhone (not something I want but necessary, nonetheless), and their continued bleeding of customers may spell doom sooner rather than later.  LTE-Advanced in 2013 may not be enough to save them, especially if they don’t regain that top spot in customer service. 

    • Spanky

      I don’t think that T-Mobile is unable to get the iPhone. I do, however, believe that T-Mobile doesn’t want to raise prices on rate plans as a result of Apple’s ludicrously high subsidies. On the other hand, they can get the iPhone and set the subsidized price at twice that of the other major carriers. T-Mobile charges more than all other carriers for the Galaxy SIII, so why not do the same with the iPhone?

  • TmoGuy

    Sounds like a lot of people are cheap and don’t buy the right data plan. They then get throttled because they can’t watch 100 hrs of YouTube on netflix and blame the network. I work for T-Mobile and 90% of people complaining in SoCial about slow internet are WAY over their data cap. I am all over the Inland Empire and San Diego and have never once experienced anything under 1mbps because my employee plan isn’t limited. PCWorld did the testing. Their numbers do not lie. I personally think anything over 3-4 mbps is overkill anyway. I only need 2.5 mbps to stream HD video. You people complaining need to go to a store and check your usage versus your plan. Stop being cheap and complaining. $15 more for 5gb and mobile hotspot is worth it.

  • F-Mobile

    So T-Mobile invested money into its network. and they’re gloating about it. FINALLY YOU GUYS DID SOMETHING! Guess what? Att invested 20 BILLION DOLLARS in its network last year and plans of doing the same this year. Reliability in service quality and speeds are what a carrier should be making sure is happening. Not what T-Mobile is doing. Saying hey your making an investment in our network! But our computer systems are shot and still tun on Voicestream protocols so it won’t be able to keep up with the network! So yea T-Mobile will still suck even if they release lte 25 lol.

    • zeth006

      I don’t see why anyone could be a fanboy of AT&T and VZW. People like you are basically allowing those two to become monopoly players. They both gobble up spectrum and use their high market share position to drive up prices.

      I’m no T-Mobile fanboy, but I’m worried at the trend I’m seeing toward rising prices and data caps, and I think you should be too.

      • Jose Hernandez

         I agree with your reply.

      • Bigjavar101


    • Jose Hernandez

       So, you are not a T-Mobile customer then, right? So, why are you here? Honestly, why waist your time dissing a company you don’t do business with?

  • M42

    I prefer T-Mobile’s approach.  Their HSPA + network is competitive and it doesn’t suck the life out of your phone’s battery like LTE does.

  • I am curious does everyone have fiber back has now? Does T-Mobile still have a fiber advantage?