T-Mobile Making Changes To Migration Fee Requirements For Value Plan Converts

Good news for those of you looking to make the switch over to T-Mobile’s Value Plans as some future changes beginning August 19th might help reduce the cost of the migration fee. As it stands now, migration fees are calculated based on the time in contract tenure and it will soon move to the timeframe since the last handset subsidy. Given that you may have signed a new contract upon switching rate plans without picking up a new device, for many of you this could drastically reduce the cost of moving to T-Mobile’s Value Plan options.

  • The calculation of the migration fee changes from being based on time in contract entire to time since the last handset subsidy.
  • Today, migration fees are charged when a customer migrates from a Classic or Legacy contract plane to Value and it has less than 18 months contract tenure.
  • Customers must still attain 18 months tenure to pay $0 migration fee, but tenure will be calculated based on the date of their last subsidized device.
  • No changes have been made to the Migration Fee tiers, as seen in the image above.

Along with the changes to the Migration Fee for Value Plans comes another helpful change for Classic and Legacy plan customers who activate service without taking a subsidy.

  • Customers activating with Classic or adding a line on a Legacy contract plan will have the option to take a subsidized device at activation OR pay full price/bring own phone.
  • If the customer chooses to pay full price or bring own phone, they will be eligible to order a discounted device any time after activation. This will be similar to the New upgrade offer and the customer will still be required to pay an upgrade fee.

So, some minor but helpful changes for customers looking to switch over to T-Mobile’s Value Plan options and it should help reduce the discount for at least some customers who were originally put off by the high migration cost.

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