Samsung Galaxy Nexus Sales Will Continue, At Least For Now

Galaxy Nexus owners of the future can breathe a sigh of relief as the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on Monday continued the temporary stay on the injunction Apple won against sales of the Galaxy Nexus this past June. The continuation grant extends the stay granted by the court in early July, likely until August 20th, the date of the expedited appeal hearing.

This is good news for Samsung, if only for a temporary moment as sales will continue without interruption from the Google Play store. The appeals court will decide if the stay will continue for the entire length of the appellate proceeding. Samsung and Google should work quickly to sell off whatever inventory they have of the Galaxy Nexus, just in case.

Samsung will work during this case to prove that the unified search patent Apple is asserting Samsung of violating has been wrongly interpreted and/or is invalid.

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  • whosaidwhat

    I love this phone.

    According to Apple, it is stolen property. Oh well, glad people can still get one if they want to.

  • Nearmsp

    Apple would be better off selling their products to T-mobile customers than trying to sue to prevent sale of Nexus. T-mobile has more customers in the US than adults in Canada. 

    • samagon

      they don’t have more customers in US than people who lose power in India though, it’s all relative!

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Received my Nexus Friday, have already asked to return for refund.  Call, speaker, media, ringer volume all too low.  Plus, the phone has shut down 5 times already….for no reason.

    Jellybean is pretty freakin awesome though……

    • Spanky

      The problems you’ve mentioned are easily remedied with an app called Volume+. Having said that, I have the GNex and the GS3. The speaker of the GS3 blows the GNex’s speaker out of the water…without resorting to Volume+, at that.

      • Heywood Japblowme

        Interesting.  Thanks for the tip!

    • BIG dicks world

      Dude u got rid of the phone because of that!!! Volume + would have easily fixed that and u dont need root. If u do wanna root and rom its even louder with aokp and v+

    • samagon

      weird, I think the standard ringer/notification is too loud, but the media could be louder.

      have never had mine randomly shutdown on me though. that would be disconcerting.

  • Thecityboy781

    Apple in my book is begining to look desperate with all this taking companies to court…you don’t see car manufactures suing each others for random thing….grow up apple!!!! Lol

    • 21stNow

       Yeah, I’m just trying to picture GM suing Toyota for having the radio in the front and middle of the car.

      • Josue

        lol…and nissan is gonna sue honda for having rolling windows

        • SocalTeknique

          I’ve just been sued by VW for having a sunroof.

        • Thecityboy781

          I’m suing Ferrari for making bad cars *sarcasm*

      • Spanky

        Here’s a list of things that you can do to differentiate your car from ours:

        1. Remove the doors
        2. Add a fifth wheel
        3. Replace the engine with a bicycle pedal drive
        4. Remove the exhaust system, as we own the patent to exhaust systems

  • JK

    Glad I got mine. My only 2 complaints about the phone is the volume and the battery. Other than that, this is one of the best Android phones I have ever used.

  • Djclove007

    Got mine today love it got in 2 days only $388 total with shipping way better then a galaxy s3 best choice