T-Mobile’s Father Day Promotion Running On June 15th and 16th?

I’m running on limited info here on the actual sale itself, but word has it that another T-Mobile’s Father’s Day sale is a “go” for June 15th and 16th. We’re being told it could resemble this years Valentines Sale which would like be another “free phone deal” for both Value and Classic plan existing and new customers. Still, I urge caution until we can confirm what T-Mobile has in store for those two days. We are being told that T-Mobile is calling for another set of “All Hands Days” during that weekend to make sure they can handle any jumps in traffic.

In any case, I’d pencil in that weekend as a potential Father’s Day sale and hopefully it won’t take long before we can get a better idea of what exactly T-Mobile has in store.

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