T-Mobile Updates Support Doc For HTC One S Update, Now OTA Only

T-Mobile’s previous support doc had indicated that a maintenance update for the HTC One S would begin rolling out this morning, with an optional manual update for anyone not willing to wait for their over-the-air turn. As of 2pm, T-Mobile has updated the support doc and removed the manual download option, leaving only the Over-the-Air update, which will arrive sometime between June 4th and July 7th. There doesn’t seem to be any changes to the content of the update itself, only the delivery method. So, if you’ve checked for the update since this morning, you can stop doing that now.

  • Android version 4.0.3 / Software version 84.531.2 710RD – Current version
    • Android version 4.0.3 / Software version 1.84.531.2 710RD
    • Updated 6/4/12
  • Improvements
    • Resolves goodbye splash not appearing when powering off due to low battery.
    • Resolves voicemail indicator not appearing while using Wi-Fi calling.
    • Improvements to Wi-Fi Calling
    • Improvements to camera stability
    • Resolves signal fluctuation.
  • Prerequisites
    • OTA update
    • Device is running Android version 4.0.3 / Software version 1.53.531.76 710RD
    • Device software is not rooted
    • More than 50% battery life
    • Data connection
    • 350 MB available memory (File size of update is 24.2 MB)
  • Android version 4.0.3 / Software version 1.53.531.16 710RD


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  • NaM

    F*cking BullSh*t

  • NaM

    F*cking BullSh*t

    • Getsome

      I hate how quickly people jump to conclusions and get pissed off you have no clue why or how these things happen.. It’s nieve and unintelligible to jump to conclusions

  • No Name

    BS!! I think T-Mobile technology department need regroup. No efficiency at all, so SLOW!! Last time sensation 4G delay, this time one S delay… I guess later will post because find some issues need be fix, so going to delay again. Come on~ work harder, not play harder >”<

    • Dumbazz


      How much did you pay for this update?

  • Ingram1225

    No joy in Washington. Been checking since midnight.

    • Well, you can stop checking since it’s only coming through OTA now.

  • randomnerd_number38

    This is the push I need to unlock my One S and check out the custom ROMs. Thanks, T-Mobile! 

  • No_OTA_yet

    This is crap.  Last time I was waiting for the Gingerbread update when I had the MT4G at the time and I didn’t receive the OTA. Hope Tmo doesn’t drop the ball again on this one.

    • Getsome

      Well gosh, and maybe they shouldn’t have to an update All together

  • Encino Stan

    Any news about the Micro Arc Oxidation version of the One?

  • nims

    Is it possible to get the update extracted from someone who recieves it first and upload it somewhere for us to download and install without having to wait? 

  • Mrmerk05

    So if my phone is rooted I will not get the update?

  • I haven’t gotten it on mine yet, but hopefully soon.

    • Miss_emily_nicole

      I just checked my software updates manually and it is downloading a system update. Hopefully it is this update!

      • Miss_emily_nicole

        It says “Congratulations! Your phone has been updated successfully to version 1.84.531.2 710RD”

  • Ben-Oni Jean-Pierre

    This Phone has major issues with the music player… Try using the music player, while using the GPS in Car mode. 
    Also, this phone reboots itself everyday and it feels like it can not handle too much at the same time. 
    and I really HATE HTC SENSE!! 

    • Jae1496

      try using the music app while having on wifi calling…shuts off and reboots

  • just a head’s up .. it appears that checking for a software update manually will prompt you for the update .. go check your software update manually and see if you get the update.

    • ExSensationUser

      Mine as well….just saw your comment after I sent mine.

      • JP

         How do you check for the update?

        • JP

           nevermind, just re read the article.

  • aarong_2005

    got my update today

  • ExSensationUser

    I checked mine manually and it updated my device.

  • i noticed how it now says “reduces” signal fluctuation as opposed to saying “resolves” initially

    • Biglance99

      It still says Resolves

      • no i’m not talking about the post here, i’m talking about the official documenation on T-Mobile.com has been changed to say “reduces” instead of resolves.

      • i’m not talking about the post here…it has been changed on the official support forums at Tmobile.

  • Franchiz65

    The update is now available. I had to do it manually. no OTA. it took me about 5 min to complete the update. Good luck

  • Got mine at 1:30 pm mt time so now I can’t bitch        for awhile. :)


  • Deaconclgi

    I manually checked around 4pm CST and got the update. I couldn’t believe it and took a buch of pictures. I’m glad other people got the update as well. 

  • Jae1496

    i keep manually checking but it keeps saying no upate …but i know for a fact that i dont have the current software

    • Mikee Gumasing

      yeah me either. why?

      • Jae1496

        i dont know…im getting frustrated

      • Jae1496

        i dont know…im getting frustrated

  • Sh

    The update didn’t solve or even helped the signal loss problem; instead I still randomly go without signal till I notice and will have to restart the phone to get the signal back even in the best outdoors areas; changed sim card, updated, factory reset, and did everything (more than once) according to both HTC & T-Mo tech support without any progress; this phone is a great Camera & MP3/4 player but sucks as a phone. My Nexus One works better as a phone. I’m on my second unit and shipped it today for warranty repair which will take up to 2 weeks. I’ll probably get the Galaxy S3 before I get my 3rd defective HTC S-1 back. What a shame, I truly wanted to like and use this slim phone.

  • Jaimie

    got the update yesterday for both my HTC one s via manual download in Colorado.

  • Totoro

    got the update yesterday.  Today when I switched on wifi all cellular voice and data went away and haven’t come back.  Swapped SIM, works fine in another phone. Factory reset the HTC One, same deal.