T-Mobile’s Back-To-School Promotion Begins July 1st

Say hello to T-Mobile’s upcoming back-to-school promotion beginning July 1st offering promotional family plans with $5 Classic and $0 Value add-a-lines through November 13th, 2012. This promotional offering will offer savings of $5 per month, until January 2, 2014.

This isn’t the first time T-Mobile has reduced the existing price of their family plans by $5 and we’re happy to see it return. The great news is that this offer is good for both new and existing customers, and of course it requires a two-year contract. Existing customers will be required to change their existing rate plan and extend their contract on all lines to take advantage of this promo. A quick reminder that a contract extension for a rate plan change does not affect your upgrade date for a new phone.

The promo offer is good for all Classic and Value plans that have shared limited buckets of minutes and the 500-minute AAL on unlimited family plans.

For the moment, everything we know about this is what you see up above in the image, so if you’re trying to ask about anything else related to this, we don’t know the answers yet!

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  • “Existing customers must change rate plan on all lines”? no thanks…  I’m keeping my Grandfathered plan.  One huge reason I buy unsubsidized.

    • tmorep

      You might be shooting yourself in the foot by doing that. I would research rate plans and be positive that your grandfathered rate plan is actually benefiting you. Especially since you already buy your phones unsubsidized the Value rate plan might save you some substantial money every month.

      • Personally I don’t see how T-Mobile could best the current plan my family is on.

        We get 3000 minutes (we never use close to this amount but it’s there), unlimited text, and unlimited data on two lines for $20/per line.

        We have three phones on data (with a total of five phones) and pay around $210/month.

        I don’t see how any plan on any carrier (including T-Mobile itself) beats that. We were lucky we took advantage of that promotion at the time. 

        • 20 °

          Keep that plan.

          I pay $150 for 3 phones, unlimted 5gb data each, unlimited text and 1000 minutes with my faves. Between myfaves and google voice, I use like 200 minutes a month between all. 

        • Deaconclgi

          $180 after tax total here. That includes 5 lines, 1000 Minutes with free my faves, free family allowances, $10 unlimited family texting, 2 lines with $5.99 unlimited t-zones web, 2 lines with $20 unlimited Preferred Android Web, 1 line with basic 200MB web.

          The granfathered plan is actually the ONLY thing keeping me with T-Mobile. We moved to a G coverage area. Barely 2G and T-Mobile isn’t sold here. I have to drive 30 minutes away to find a T-Mobile store. The price is so cheap, I cant let it go. As long as I am with T-Mobile and can keep my plan, I will stay with them. If I am going to pay more, I might as well switch carriers and get 4G back.

          I don’t mind staying. I use WiFi for everything now.

          By the way: The Galaxy S II (TWO) is free if you add a line until 11:59pm Today (Monday June 25th 2012) as a online deal only. Good price, great device if anyone was looking to add a line anyway.

        • exeot

          I have that exact plan config too. I don’t use up the 3000 minutes but it’s practically an unlimited plan without the high add-a-line price that come with them. I also pay $5 for each line, which is the same as the above, but is permanent, unlike the promo here. 

        • #Winning

        • tenlay

          I like the rate plan I am on.  I have 5 lines total and I pay $129 a month.  I get 1500 min to share with all 5 lines and 1 of the phone is on a unlimited data ( 5gb cap ) and all with unlimited text.

        • enoch861

          Can you do a quick breakdown?
          We have 5 lines also but were at 149 with only 700 minutes to share and one line has 200mb data because otherwise it gets too expensive if they all get data although 3/5 lines are smartphones…

        • drivethruboy168

          Yea… Your paying too much money dude! Lol! Good luck saing money on that plan! You should def check out Value Plans!

        • Mark

           I look at the Value plans, and at least online there’s no way to mix-and-match phone classes (e.g., 1 smart phone with 2 feature phones all on a shared-minutes plan, which is what my family has).  Can you do that in-store?

        • drivethruboy168

          Yea of course, that’s how a family plan works! Not everyone needs to be on a smart phone or a feature phone on the same plan. You van mis match. You can go into your near by store or call into care and explain to them they’ll get you set up man. Just remember that the contract gets renewed on all lines and you continue to purchase phones at full retail price.

        • red

           yes, you can mix and match in stores, such as best buy, costco (my favourite), t-mobile retail…etc…

        • Chumlee

           Sounds like you are overpaying. Value plan with unlimited everything would be less money.

        • Lsjsjansnsn

          My mom pays more about 350 for 4 line on verizon.. but only 3 of us have unlimited data while the other has a feature phone. We all have unlimited text and 2000 minutes with the $30 unlimited data add on

        • Tmorep

          YES THEY CAN!

          Fam Value unl talk and text plan with 2gb of overage free data for $99.99
          3,4,5 all free with 500 minutes nt/wkn/mo2mo and Unl text all line FREE
          and $10 for extra unl Web on 3rd line.

          Total $110

        • Elbubs


          I had this plan as well and I just switched toa  Value plan

          5 lines for $110: (2 unlimited talk/text/data with 2GB at 4G) + (1 line unlimited text, 2GB at 4G, 500 minutes each) + (2 lines unlimited text, 500 minutes each)

    • tmorep

      You might be shooting yourself in the foot by doing that. I would research rate plans and be positive that your grandfathered rate plan is actually benefiting you. Especially since you already buy your phones unsubsidized the Value rate plan might save you some substantial money every month.

  • Mrnerdnet

    i dont need another line, ill take a sale of phones tho, im sure in a few months a sale will pop up, right now im paying 135 on value for 3 phones 1000 minutes 2 have unlimited 2gb data and unlimited text, 30 is for the phones im paying off, even then i just wanna pay off my phones and be done with it, might as well pay it all upfront and keep my bill and contract the same

    • Mrnerdnet

      all three have unlimited text..

      • JohnGTJohnson

        s2 is free and one s is $50 with no rebates tonight.

    • SCSI

      Darn, I just changed and renewed my contract to the value plan two weeks ago. If only I have known, I would have save $5 on the third line.

      • Tmorep

        if you renew your contract again you can geet this deal

  • Madoohadoo

    If anybody knows, is it possible to get 5$ deal on 3 lines on the family plan?

  • tspx23

    85$ monthly here w/ four lines unlimited minutes/text. 2 lines have 500 min each, and 200mb on two lines. wonder if i can re-contract with this 0$ add a line though, would save me 10 bucks lol

  • justme

    I have a grandfaher plan with 4 lines;  myfaves, 1,000 minutes, unlimited text on all and  2 gb data on two lines. All for 149.99. taxes included. Good to keep?

    • red

       Check out value plan, first two lines is $50 each, unlimited talk, text + 2gb each. Add two lines for $0 promo. The 3rd and 4th lines comes with 500 minutes each. If you planning to get smartphone, check out costco…their pricing is much better than t-mobile retail store.

      • Madoohadoo

         Will we be able to able 3rd, 4th and the 5th line for this promotion or only the 3rd and 4th?

      • justme

        Oh, thanks red !  That sounds sweet. Calling Tmo right now.

        • red

           er, promo starts tomorrow….

    • Agroramesh

       I was on grandfathered 1000 minutes with free myfaves, $10 unlimited family messages and $5.99 tzones on 3lines (+tmobile@home) for ~$110+taxes now I have 2 lines with unlimited value plan, family messaging for $10, tmobile @home:disqus  (unlimited)+AAL 500 minutes and tmobile web ($5) each on 3 lines all for $100.. I think value plans are worth looking into..although you dont get any device discount/subsidy

  • Stgold1

    I just signed up for a value plan with 2 unlimited talk and text + 3 500 min AAL’s like 2 weeks ago. You think I can call up and get them to reduce the AAL’s from $5 to $0?

    • ruve1k

       Why not? It says it applies for existing customers as well. And you’d be extending it for 2 years from the date of the change in plan.

  • Ernesto Santos

    So all you are saving is the $5? Still have to pay for the 3rd line’s data separate right?

  • steveb944

    Thanks for the notice, I’ll check it out ASAP

  • barrance

    Has anyone gotten in on this deal yet?  I currently have a three line 700 min family plan for $59.99 with $10 family text, $4.99 T-zones on my line only, and $7.99 add-a-line for a total monthly of $83.  The other two lines have been using dumb phones, but want internet now.  Even if I’m able to get T-zones added to the other two lines for $5 each, I don’t think that beats the back to school value plan promo.  BTS Value Plan = 1000 shared min for $40*2 with Unlimited Text and Data (2GB b4 throttling) + $0 for additional 500 min for 3rd line + $10 data for 3rd line for a total of $90 a month.  I could also add my parents pre-paid lines back on for free which would save me some money on the refill cards.  I realize that T-zones is uncapped, but I barely use 500mb per month, so I’m not too concerned about throttling.  Seems to me that this would be a cheaper plan and I wouldn’t have to worry about calling into CS multiple times to try to get T-zones added on.

  • steveb944

    Pretty old post but to give an update they didn’t let me add it because I had not recently opened new lines. But I was up to extending contract, yada yada. Tmobile sucks, they only care about adding new customers and not keeping them

  • MyCellSignal

    This plan isn’t that great. I have a 2 line Value Plan (1000 mins, unlimited text, 200 MB simple data) for $69.99. If I add the two lines using AAL, during the promo it’s $0 per month, (personally I add $5 for simple data). So for two lines that’s $79.99. After the promo ends in 2014, then each line is $5 per month (personally I add $5 for simple data). So for 2 lines, that’s $20 for a grand total of $89.99. If you just do the straight 4 line Value Plan (1000 mins, unlimited text, 200 MB simple data) it cost $79.99. Ten dollars less. I tried to switch plans instead of AAL, but customer service rep didn’t let me.