T-Mobile Galaxy S III Press Shots Uncovered, Looks Like Its European Counterpart, Maybe

The Verge has just received what are purported to be T-Mobile’s USA branded Galaxy S III press shots, expected to be announced officially by Magenta in the coming weeks. The immediately notable part of these images isn’t what’s changed, it’s what hasn’t. In fact, these shots show that T-Mobile has picked up a almost identical model to the one being used internationally, a major change from years past when US manufacturers often requested large changes from their international counterparts.

For example, North American Galaxy S and S II variants famously asked for the removal of the physical home button in favor of a full row of four capacitive buttons. Still, we’ve got both blue and white here, seemingly confirmed our own intel that T-Mobile will receive both colors. No word on pricing or availability, but we have to take this as a sign that we’re getting close to something.

Honestly, I’m a little skeptical of these images myself. I do have a hard time believing T-Mobile wouldn’t ask for a single change in the device and the only branding is an easy to fake logo on the back. More importantly, T-Mobile press images almost always include some sort of T-Mobile branded apps, be it T-Mobile TV, My Account, Pre-installed Games etc. So, take these with a grain of salt as I’m a little skeptical.

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  • mrsbelpit

    Also, no T-Mo branding on the front?  I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • No reason to be ashamed of your carrier. 

    • There isn’t even room to put a logo on the front, unless they purposely increase the bezel…

      • None

        We’ve seen it happen before

      • Taron19119

        Y not just take samsung off and put t-mobile and put samsung on the back

  • Guest

    Pure Awesomeness

  • Thank goodness they kept the center button. I will be getting my hands on this bad boy, and adding it to my collection. Woohoo.

    Whose ready for it?

    • spartanjet

      Amen I might not like the substitutions they made processor wise but at least they were smart enough to leave the buttons alone.  Love the 1 mechanical button and the fact that none of the precious screen space is taken by buttons that need not be there.

      • Mr. Dino

        Sacrificed a quad core for 2 gigs of ram? I think its a fair trade.

    • MarcusDW

      The home button will be a welcomed change of pace.

  • donnyc.

    Had the Galaxy S II, have the Galaxy Nexus, and I really want to want this phone. But man is it ugly. I just don’t think I could ever learn to love a phone this ugly, shallow I know. 

    • Mr. Dino

      Do you not put a case on your phones bruh??

    • HalfwayCrook

      I feel the same :/

  • I hope they keep that center pad. But depending on the processor will most likely be going with the Note. I have big hands and rarely use it as a actual phone anyways.   

  • vsukid

    hahahahahhahhahahaahaah ! I’m so excited . I scared my little brother  i was so excited . O my Gosh I cant wait , I cant wait I cant Wait . I knew it would be worth saving my upgrade for this phone.

  • Guest

    I’m SOLD.

  • Come on T-Mobile, just officially announce it and give us pricing! I sure hope they don’t pull a Verizon and charge $299 for it. It needs to be the standard $199

    • vsukid

      Me too. Plus with an upgrade hopefully i can get a decent price for it 

    • Drhonk

      My guess is it will be around $249

    • android_enthu

      it would be minimum $250  

      • None

        Minimum 249. 

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    Nuts, I was hoping for the usual (for U.S.) four-button arrangement — even keeping the Search key, which I like… :/

  • Capacitive buttons or not, Magenta’s version of the Galaxy S III is going to be ordered by me on launch day.

    • deeoh1084

      same here… UNLESS!!! Sprint or Verizon releases SGS III with Samsung’s awesome Exynos quad core processor!! if one of them gets the SGS III with exynos processor then i’m switching carriers (it’s going to be hard but i’m still going to cross my fingers)

      • Android1997

        They wont because the quad core isnt LTE friendly yet. Tmobile will get the Quad core phone since it uses the HSPA+

        • darkknight49

          Lulz at both these comments.

        • remister

          TROLOLOLOL at both of them.

        • Mr. Dino

          Sorry guys but all US carriers will be getting the snapdragon S4 but look at the bright side, we get 2gigs of ram!!! Correct me if i’m wrong but I think this is the first phone in the states to have 2gigs of ram.

      • Taaars

        none will have the exynos processor, they already mentioned this due to lte chip needed, so they had to switch to qualcomm, Tmobile was the only one that could have possibly gone with the exynos, but they choose not to.

  • UMA_Fan

    I hope the Tmo logo is top and center

  • mreveryphone

    Get in my

  • Carloslacend

    To me that photo is fake

    • no2apple

      yes but its real..

      • Carloslacend

        Where is the information that says that this photo is real? T mobile confirmed?? Wait for t mobile

      • None

        I think the photo is real but not the tmo branding which sorta makes the photo a “fake”

  • remister

    As most people would say.

  • GinaDee

    It would be nice to get a  nice phone from T-Mo USA without the ugly phone company logo on the front and w/o all that carrier bloatware.  Once can hope?

    • no2apple

      thr is not enough space to put the log on front…

  • MarcusDW

    I definitely want it to come like we see it in the pictures but I too am a little skeptical about this being accurate.

    • no2apple


      • MarcusDW

        Yeah I was disappointed that it was just a dream :0(

  • Calziel

    I hope the speaker is loud enough. That’s my only gripe with my gs2. I can barely hear movies on it and I’m too lazy to get my headphones. Oh these first world obstacles!

  • Joemama

    I saw a Samsung employee using the TMo version, it looked exactly like the pix.

    • no2apple

      So you woke up to realize that you just had a dream … ha ha..

      • Jomama

        I work at TMO HQ, Samsung person came in and I was in the elevator with him. He confirmed that it’s gonna be the final product. TMO is announcing it the next couple weeks.

        • No

          Please hang up and try your call again.

  • Ducky

    I will soo root this phone when it comes out! Get rid of all the bloatware, and skid on the ICS os

  • Pedro_delbosque

    That would be nice. But i doubt t-mobile will not do anything to show off its brand and bloatware!

  • That would be fantastic, Maybe T-Mobile has learned what it’s customers are looking for, very high end devices that still look that way when the Carrier puts them out. I love that look without T-Mobile written all over it. I am freaken thrilled. Sign me up, take my money. Please.

  • Jonavin

    People. Samsung didn’t make a special version just for those tiny Canadian AWS carriers. T-Mobile will be getting the same S4 dual-core version with 2GB of RAM.

  • vict0rjr

    so SGII VS HTC ONE S and what else is coming to T-Mobile…? the NOTE.. is T-mobile finally growing with their phones and bringing them to America in a reasonable time than back then when after a year of launch in EUROPE they would launch it here..

  • no2apple

    I will wait for Note announcement. What if it has S4…

  • Danny

    So when I wanted the GS2 to stay the same as the international model, they went and changed it; now that this one time when I was hoping that they would change the design, they actually don’t. FML…

  • Test

    I have a question though, does Tmo England, have 4G yet?? because the picture did show a 4G signal

    • Reaper

      No it does not. The uk 4g spectrum had not been auctioned off yet.

    • now_onTMO

      I read that a carrier has just launched theirs..

      • now_onTMO

        Its 4g i mean*.. Lol

    • Test

      Well then high chance that this pic is real, but still they event is not going to happen until June 20 so hopefully they do the event either before June 20 or they release the device right at the event

  • Test

    I have take a look at T mobile England and it shows only 3G
    Also the picture they are using is generic…… there is not t-mobile printed on the back
    Checked Tmo germany too, same thing

    • noobie

       most countries have 4G and 5G< only we are stuck with slow 4g

      • Drew

        That is incorrect. Most countries DO NOT have LTE. What the hell is 5G??

      • Carloslacend

        Sure and elsewhere have already 6G, 7G and 10G. :-D

  • JO

    I don’t know if I want a phone scanning my retina on a regular basis… Call me paranoid…

    • Kevinmarchibald

      And extra battery consumption from front camera used for retinal scanning seems like it would be a bigger negative than having to manually refresh the screen once in a while. I would just set the screensaver time to something longer if I planned to do any extended reading.

    • now_onTMO

      You can tick that off in the settings..

      • Mr_Vault

         Yeah, just click off the “Clone Replication” box…. heh

        • now_onTMO

          i don’t know what you mean… can you get more vague than that? are you talking about a post? like something similar to my post which i stumbled across after i posted mine? some people think alike, you know if you’re gonna be vague like that, just keep it to yourself……….. moron..

    • vsukid

      ahhahahahhaha 30 years later you find a clone of yourself walking on the streets of New York City 

  • now_onTMO

    Ok… Im extending my contract for a hundred years..

  • Jesse Warwick

    Samsung SHOULD release all the variants the same way but I call fake on these images

  • Drew

    This is a veritable pipe dream for nothing to be changed from the International version when you consider the U.S. is the biggest OFFENDER of carrier branding and bloatware. Call me a skeptic but I’m not feeling the Peeble Blue at all… I will reserve my final judgement in hand but I’ve never considered a white phone until now. Why the hell wouldn’t they make a black version??

  • watbetchh

    The fact that this looks identical to the international GS3 is not surprising. Samsung is launching this in N/A on June 20th on multiple carriers in different countries, they don’t have the time to make such customizations. And who knows, this may mark a change for T-Mobile where they take a step back from all of the crapware that comes on their phones, and just give us the essentials (My Account)  and one crapware app with all of the crapware in it(Like Sprint has recently done). ICS also lets you disable these apps, so why should T-Mobile bother? Once word gets out I’m sure many would be disabling those apps and complaining that they can’t remove them completely for more space.

    I for one welcome this! You know how many cases and **** we will have if it is physically identical to the international GS3?! 10 fold more than we had for the GSIIx!

    • Drew

      That’s a very good point. We had to wait 6 months for the GS2 to come to the U.S. which is waaaaay more than enough time to redesign and make changes. This time around they get 6 weeks…

    • Carloslacend

      I strongly disagree. With the fact that it has 2GB of RAM and a dual core processor makes it a variant of the original model. My point is that it took time to make these changes as they will not have time to put a logo and remove the button and replaced by four-sensitive buttons? This time I think Samsung has something to do with it if the photo is real.

      • Drew

        Well, you’re going to have variants for the simple fact that it comes in 16, 32 and 64GB versions but they said during the announcements that the HSPA+ will be released first with the LTE model soon to follow…

        • Carloslacend

          Yes I thought it would in October and tremendous surprise. It will be one of the first in U.S. to have its version of gs3

        • I think you owe someone an apology!

        • Carloslacend

          Hahaha. Maybe. But worse were those who left tmobile because they were always the last in everything. Now back with their tails between their legs.

      • watbetchh

        Variant? This is the Galaxy S III – it comes in two different flavors. One with a Qualcomm SoC, one with a Samsung SoC. Do you call the different colors variants too?

        • Carloslacend

          The fact that the processor is qualcomm already does a variant of the original model. no matter if they are identical on the outside. It is still a variant of the original model. And tmobile has been working for months since January already knew the existence of a device with the ID sgh t 999. Samsung had mentioned that gs3 simultaneously hit the market but certainly not the tmobile version must be identical to international. Maybe I’m wrong and yes those photos are real. But not for me. But right now tmobile is going to confirm everything and so we will know each other are real or not. And the color is for the taste of customers. To me it looks nice in white.

  • Taaars

    I hope all versions are the same form factor, my biggest issue when they make small changes is that third parties making accessories will usually leave tmobile out of the picture because its consumer base is so much smaller than the other three (in terms of possible profit) so we get left out in the cold. Same form factor throughout is also why Iphone has so much stuff, manufactures know that they can make a sell regardless what carrier a consumer is on, as long as it is an iphone.

  • mreveryphone

    Can’t wait to get this in my pocket NOW!

  • James

    Well if  T Mobil keep the Quad cpre i am upgrading

  • James

     Well if  T Mobil keep the  Quad  Core      i am upgrading

    • yahoo

      It has been stated repeatedly that Tmobile US will NOT be getting the quadcore, so it looks like u wont b upgrading due to your comment. NO QUADCORE!

  • Roberto M Gonzalez

    This is fake. If you take a close look at the Tmo logo on the pebble blue device, the layer mask was not transparent thus leaving behind some stray pixels on the bottom left corner of the logo. Take a look

  • Mr_Vault

    Am I the only one noticing that Tmo seems to be “changing” ? S3, Note, One S, those are good phones people. And we’re starting to get them first or at least as quickly as the other big 4 carriers (with some exceptions). S2 update to ICS before anyone else in the US.  The new S3 looking like the original and no real Tmo changes (which caused delays) like in the past.  It just seems to me that Tmo (after the ATT debacle) is starting to listen to the customers. It does take a bit ot time to get things in gear.  They’re starting to  get good phones quickly (on par with everyone else), and (maybe) issuing updates better than previously. This would be a seriously good plan for Tmo to follow. They could win a ton of new subscribers with this sort of policy. I know I’ll get hammered on this, but I sense (pardon the pun) a change in the wind. I’m still sporting my G2x (I have one of three in the world that has always worked perfectly), so I’m definitely a long suffering, patient person. It would be great to get this sort of Tmobile to start working for and with us.

    • hopefully you’re right and TMO actually IS changing .. now if they get the Nokia Lumia 900 in July as I’ve heard .. i’ll be happy

    • fixxmyhead

      Yes I have noticed that I’m also surprised we’ll be getting ics than the other carriers cuz last time all of the s2 phones had an ETA and TMobiles said nothing.

  • Dfireballwow

    I was reading an article on Engadget that the Galaxy S III has the same camera sensor as iphone S4

    • Drew

      It’s a NEWER version of the same Sony sensor used in the iP4s. And it clearly states here: 
      http://www.chipworks.com/en/technical-competitive-analysis/resources/recent-teardowns/2012/06/inside-the-samsung-galaxy-siii/ (scroll near the bottom) that is was a new sensor. Engadget was being very lazy and obviously wanted lots of page clicks…

      • Dfireballwow

        Yeah I only brought it up cuz in Davids 30 day challenge he talked about how he didn’t like the camera and that he thought that the camera on the iphone S4 was better. I really like my galaxy s2 but I do not really like the camera all that much. I have problems with focus. I hope to get the galaxy s3 and from what I’m hearing it sounds like an improvement on the camera. I just wish TMOBILE would come out with a HTC phone with a bigger screen then there 4.3.

        • Drew

          I don’t have a single gripe about the S2 camera. It’s pretty awesome. Realize also if you turn off flash completely you will encounter problems with focus in dark lighting. Is is it the Macro setting you’re having problems with?? Flash is needed for for just a second when using focus in any camera…

        • Dfireballwow

          i have the flash on auto and it still does it, It seems like i have a Mrs blurrycam sometimes lol, Or maybe it is a defect with my phone. I really don’t know. I have done complete reboot of my phone several times. But boy when it is on it takes great pictures….

  • a friend of mine in the UK made this unboxing of the SIII aimed at me lol http://youtu.be/-T5z_lYltgc

  • Abe_The_Babe

    If this is it I will be so thankful, not having the T-Mobile logo defile the front of the phone makes a huge difference. I don’t get why so many people hate the design, it’s nothing to write home about but it’s still a nice looking phone..

  • Looks like we’re finally heading in the right direction. Carriers should be de-emphasized in the product development cycle. I think this is Google’s intent as well with releasing phones directly to the public. No more carrier modifications, let’s continue this trend.

  • and the gps will suck due to last minute hardware change

  • yahoo

    Lol…….. Never seems to amaze me on how people will whine and complain about the littlest and dumbest things when it comes to phones.  Now its about the Tmobile logo on the phone. No one is twisting your arm to purchase the phone. If u dont like the logo on the phone then simply just dont buy it. Idiots!

    • TopTechRep


  • Battlekry

    I really hope this is true like the lot of us here who want to see tmob succeed. One observation that makes me consider the possibility of this being true is the fact that the rumored launch is right around the corner (June 20)… However, these things are very easy to fake and David points out the truth, no crapware in the screenies??! Let us all continue to hope… I always wanted a US carrier to release one with a hardware key, I like that better for some reason..

  • Dvaughn88

    They ask to buy devices that are physically different than competitors to maximize accessory sales.  Just business kids

  • Youngtexas_balla06

    Tmobile needs to do something because we in last place, why no beats audio???? But whateva can’t wait till it comes out…

    • Dfireballwow

      Yeah HTC said they would not include beats in there phones anymore. It just wasn’t making enough sales to justifie them adding it in.

      • None

        I never saw that.  really?

      • Oreo

        Actually there getting rid Beat Branded Headphones that come in the box of usually brand HTC phone.

    • Having Beats audio won’t make Tmo any better. lololololololololololololololol!

    • Getsome

      Because HTC owns Beats, and not Samsung

  • Olivia767

    when the heck is tmobile going to get the iphone?

    • Carloslacend

      You do not see the reports? Tmobile will not bring the iphone. Tmobile wants people like you bring them to tmobile. And so are preparing your network. I think the end of the year may bring the iphone unlocked. So wait at the end of the year.

  • Tmo!!!

    Iphone? U can go to att if u want one…

  • Its not a big deal, but a camera button would be nice.

  • josue cifuentes

    the “home” button is so much easier to use then having the 4 buttons on the bottom…cause its just there you dont have to press diferent buttons to do different functions..if this is true then kudos for tmo for keeping it O.G lmao

  • superg05

    the thing i don’t like is that these companies over seas always feel that the United States deserve these water down versions of the phones they release in europe and asia

    • Auser72

      It’s not the companies overseas. Its in the manufacturers best financial interest to create the least amount of variations as possible. They make the variations to cater to U.S. carriers requirements.

      • superg05

         no just looked into it they don’t have enough chips

  • secano

    I want it even if it’s fake! :)

  • Qbaby

    I think this is real!!! when I take a look at the Docomo LTE version, it also have the S4 chip and best thing of all it also have the physical home button!!?

  • Faifai9394

    YO!!! Finally, it is announced that Galaxy S3 is coming to Tmo, verizon, ATT and Sprint
    In June!!!! YAY

  • Test

    Yup its all here to TMO samsung just announce

    • Test

      It is on samsung US webpage

  • Getsome

    Same format as the ones being tested at my center, and safe to say that this is accurate

  • Drhonk

    This pics are real guys, they are identical with verizon’s version of GS3 except for the logo in the back.

  • “The Samsung Galaxy S® III is optimized for peak performance on the nation’s fastest 4G LTE and HSPA+ networks, and will launch with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and U.S. Cellular.”