T-Mobile CEO Philip Humm Resigns, Jim Alling Steps In

Whoa, T-Mobile CEO Philip Humm has resigned from the company, effective immediately. Detailed internal memos from Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann and T-Mobile USA interim CEO Jim Alling follow below.


Full Memo:


I want you to hear the news directly from me: Philipp will be on leave with immediate effect. You might ask yourself, why I’ve taken this decision? Well, here is some background: In April, Philipp informed me that he intended to end his contract at the end of September.

During the merger process, we had agreed on such an option, just in case the merger did not materialize. Philipp told me back then that he wants to pursue a career outside of Deutsche Telekom and to reunite with his family, who have stayed in Europe. I decided back then to start the search for a successor. This search is progressing well. I have spoken to a number of promising candidates.

The reason Philipp has vacated his position with such short notice is because of his new employer: Philipp informed me a few days ago that he will be joining a competitor of Deutsche Telekom.

I have asked Jim Alling to lead the company until a final decision on a successor has been made. Jim is a respected senior leader who has my complete trust and confidence and that of the entire Deutsche Telekom Board of Management. Change of leadership has implications for both employees and the entire company, particularly when it comes to the period of transition. With this in mind, I would like to appeal to all of you to support Jim. I personally wish him the best of success.

I want to thank Philipp for his nearly two years with T-Mobile USA. His contribution to cost efficiencies and the development of the Challenger Strategy has given the company some important initiatives. With a new leader at the helm, our challenge will be to develop these initiatives into measurable success in the market.

I will be back in Seattle in mid-July to discuss next steps with the Management Team, including further business development.

In closing, I want to thank each and every one of you for your excellent work—particularly over the past few months. The successful upgrading of our network, building up our B2B business, re-launching the brand and the many other initiatives that we have started will bear fruit and will make us even more competitive.

Thank you and all the best,

René Obermann
CEO of Deutsche Telekom

Memo from interim CEO Jim Ailing: 

As you just learned, Philipp Humm has decided to leave the business. On behalf of the senior leadership team I want to thank Philipp for his many contributions to T-Mobile USA.
As your interim CEO, I give you my commitment to continue our Challenger strategy and to lead this organization to positive growth. While we may be in a high-tech industry, I firmly believe T-Mobile is a people-based business. I have the utmost confidence in everyone at T-Mobile to not only deliver for our customers, but to support each other as we continue to build momentum around our strategy.
To recap a few top-of-mind highlights where we will continue to focus:
  • Network modernization:  We are making fast progress on our $4 billion 4G network evolution plan, including network modernization and deployment of long term evolution (LTE) service in 2013.  In fact just this week you probably read the widespread news coverage about our agreement with Verizon, which once approved by regulators will improve our spectrum position in 15 of the top 25 markets.
  • Building the brand.  Our ‘No More Mr. Nice Girl’ advertising campaign evokes our Challenger spirit in the marketplace.  We’re seeing traction with our new expression – customers are taking another look at T-Mobile.
  • Driving revenue in all our channels with additional focus on B2B and MVNO opportunities.
In closing, I want to thank you for everything you’ve already done to help achieve our progress and also thank you in advance for everything you will do to bring our Challenger strategy to life this year and beyond.
Best Regards,

Jim Ailing

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  • Pvl109

    Good Riddance.

    • IamDefiler

       I feel the same way about that prick. Fired us then leaves. Good riddance and then some.

  • Marc Klein

    Betcha he resigned for the Galaxy S III debacle by that I mean pricing it higher then the other carriers and pissing off customers. and it finally came back to bite him in the ass.

    • DUDE, you are killing me with this stuff. This is on Samsung, not T-Mobile.

      • ***Bong hit noise*** “I have no idea what’s going on maaaaannnn” ***bong hit noise***

      • Marc Klein

        Not that David. I was referring to his pricing it higher then the other carriers

        • …then don’t buy it and it will be a miserable failure.

          Here’s a hint: it won’t be a miserable failure…

        • Ugh, you think he resigned for that? I hope you are joking if you TRULY believe that pricing is his decision.

        • Marc Klein

          I was. It would be a stupid reason. I just find the timing a bit odd is all.

        • Guest

          T-Mobile made a decision that upset you so that MUST be why the CEO resigned? I want to be the center of the universe, too!

          Seriously though, it’s been obvious that Humm was only here to oversee the merger… Now he’s moving on. No surprise there. The only question I have is, since DT still doesn’t want TMO USA, what happens next?

        •  I think he left for a lot of reason

        • No way man, I can’t even imagine why anyone would think things would happen that fast. 

    • Disqus needs a “Flag as moronic” option for posts like these…

  • JB

    (Read: “Resign or get fired”) Hopefully this change of hands will help move my beloved Magenta along!!

  • mreveryphone

    Hope this isn’t a sign, that he’s bailing on a sinking unpatchable ship

    • CO_yeti

      Of course not, the CEO leaving the company for a competitor is always a sign everything is super good!

      •  It could a break or make decision for them. One is we don’t know what this guy going to do

  • Hateyou

    I am happy

  • Good!  I always thought he was super duper Shifty.

  • Jdoe

    Wonder if he had to pay an ETF before his two years was up.

    • Havoktek

      I see what you did there!

    • FormerTmoCsr

       i lol’d at this. hard.

  • Cct Pitts01

    How much you wanna bet he is going to AT&T, but then again if his family is in Europe and he trying to basically reunite with them he could be going to Orange or one of the other International Carriers, but I have an idea that he was probably suppose to take a position with AT&T when the merger completed.

    • Guest

      The first memo states that he’s taken a position with a competitor of DT.

    • MarcusDW

      I bet you over 9000 dollars that he’s not going to AT&T.

      • Havoktek

        My money’s on another European carrier.
        At&t don’t want him unless he made an under the table deal.
        Verizon don’t want losers…
        Sprint already got a deal concerning coverage ( maybe they’ll take him, they’ll take anyone right now)
        Who’s left worth paying his salary?

    • Jarrod

      Probably O2 or Vodafone, Orange is slight a partner with them in some countries plus I don’t think they have Orange in Germany so if thats where he is returning to then it would be O2 or Vodafone.

  • Dr. Wagner

    Well as a former employee I would like to thank him for sinking the ship and costing me my job, THANK YOU HUMMMM

    • thosnr

      I would also like to thank him for that as well.

      • thocoach

        me too donnie boy, me too.

        • thosnr

          Me too W.S Ole Dotson and Humm were dicks. No idea what direction they wanted the company to go. 10 years there and then i get laid off so some prick in Panama and the Philippines can fuck up customers accounts I feel so bad… Americans cost too much.

    • Tmorep

       I would also like to thank him for costing me my job as a sales rep in a store that closed in advance for a merger that never happened. Everyone i knew hated him.

      • guest

        u should hate robert dotson not phillip humm. dotson was the one who failed the company, 2008 was when the bleeding started. way before humm.

        • FormerTmoCsr

           perhaps youre right, but Humm could have stopped the bleeding. instead he ruptured the wound further.

    • 1stRounder

       Thanks from me too.  Fire me then go back to Germany.  Zehr schon.  Dumkoff.

    • FormerTmoCsr

       same here. just got fired 6/25 for refusing to coax customers into impulse buys that they dont want or need.

  • Deon Davis

    Lets all be honest here, Philipp Humm was brought in as a short term CEO in the hopes to sell or merge T-mobile. He failed at it miserably. He never moved his family here etc. that should speak volumes! We need a American CEO who understand our culture. I believe this is good news for T-mo!   

  • Youngt82

    Nananana hey hey hey goodbyeeeeee!

  • TMoFan

    He was brought in a caretaker during the failed sellout to at&t. I think it’s great that he’s departing and making way for a fresh face to mark a new direction for T-Mobile.

    Hopefully it’ll be someone who’s more in touch with the American market. DT doesn’t need to look far to see that it’s possible to turn T-Mobile around. Volkswagen was able to re-brand and revive Audi and it now holds the number two spot for a luxury brand. With the right person I think T-Mobile can be successful as well but we need someone fresh who will follow through.

    • GS3

       ok, there’s something wrong with this post..


  • Dan


  • Well, here’s hoping his replacement will be constructive and able to bring out the great things about T-Mobile that attracted us to it to begin with, and that seem to have been lacking for the last few years.

  • Unemployed

    This man has singlehandedly destroyed T-Mobile, cost me my call center job after 6 years and lost the trust of the customer base. He was bad news from day one in the U.S. and we, as employees, never trusted him or his direction. Goodbye and please stay out of the U.S. business market.

  • CO_yeti

    I find it hard to believe the CEO of a major telecom didn’t have a no compete clause in his contract…

    • Havoktek

      You know?!!#

    • Stan Kasserly

      Non-compete is tied to geography.  Would’ve held water had Humm decided to work for AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon.  European competitor to DT = non-starter.

      • Imprezaowner27

         Exactly.  This is precisely why the article explicitly states that its a competitor to DT, and not T-mobile.

      • UMA_Fan

        I wouldn’t see why it would matter.  Philip Humm was a DT employee and would have signed any non competes in Germany.

  • randomnerd_number38

    I can’t believe this. I am so enraged right now I can barely type this.

    “The reason Philipp has vacated his position with such short notice is
    because of his new employer: Philipp informed me a few days ago that he
    will be joining a competitor of Deutsche Telekom.”

    So this ****sucker is basically allowed to do everything possible to piss off customers, fire a bunch of T-Mobile USA employees and then bail to a competitor like a rat. I didn’t like Philipp Humm before, but now I’m firmly convinced that he was nothing but bad for T-Mobile. Goodbye, Humm. May you burn in hell and screw up whatever “competitor” you’re going to.

  • Havoktek

    Holy backbreaker Batman, the killer departs after leaving rubble in his wake.
    Build on Magenta…..Build on…

  • SirAuron14

    Well I hope this new person will bring IPhone to T-Mmobile and have T-Mobile booming! Humm didn’t know what he was doing. I could of done a better job

    • …churning…soon..

      Get iphone & keep pricing competitive & improve the terrible custserv…but they seem to want to compete with boost…no lte..dollargeneral deals…they have no consistent brand image…no one exc pple on this blog care @chick on motorcycle

      • also…churning…soon…

        Agreed 100%. It seems that T-Mobile’s senior leadership can’t decide on whether they want to be a budget carrier or a major carrier.

  • wsj

    Ax man always get the Ax after he’s done.  No surpise to me.  Now, can TMUSA please get the iPhone that works at full speed.

  • James

    Good Riddance!

  • Kim Jong-il

    Ohh So he went to a DT competitor so he can destroy them next…COOL…

    • JB

      “Humm the Destroyer” Sounds like a bad a** name for a villain… LOL

      • Wilma Flintstone

         LOL Attila the Humm

        • MDW

          Humm T-Dumpty

  • None

    Funny, I think in his own head, he was already working for a competitor.

  • UMA_Fan

    As long as Dan Hesse wasn’t responsible for the Nextel merger they should get him.  He will make some serious competitive moves for T-Mobile in the US.  Hopefully if that hypothetical scenario came true he wouldn’t spend T-Mobile into losses like Sprint is right now.

    •  I thought he was still with Sprint

    • Stan Kasserly

      Hesse?  Totally disagree.  Look at all the wonderful things he’s done for Sprint.  Blech!

      • ChadBroChillz

        He has gotten them the iPhone, which has gotten them over 3 Million activation, and over 40% of those were new customers. Turned the subscriber losses into gains. Reduced the bleeding, while giving them positive cash flow. And implemented a network modernization plan that will have them competing with the other three. It will also allow them to better manage their network and stay ahead of congestion problems. Heck, I agrue that tmobile’s challenger strategy was a rip off of sprint’s Network Vision.

        • PatheticLoser

          Damn near bankrupted the company with the iphone too. 

    • ChadBroChillz

      While I think it would be awesome for Hesse to join up with tmobile, I do not see it happening. I doubt sprint would let him go, and I definitely do not see sprint letting him go to a competitor. Plus sprint seems to be happy with him currently, and I think Hesse would butt heads with DT more than he does sprint’s current board. DT still does not seem to want to invest in tmobile, and Hesse would probably need to dip into the red a little for them to redesign themselves.

      He came after the Nextel deal.

  • UMA_Fan

    So that’s TWO major executives to jump ship within 60 days? 

    Regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes this does NOT look good.

    Last year provided the merger wasn’t occurring it felt like T-Mobile was making all the right moves when it came to device launches and network advancements.  I think THIS year will go down as one of the roughest years for T-Mobile.

    •  typical panic and paranoia , just the age we live in I suppose.

      • UMA_Fan

        It’s still discouraging when the leaders of T-Mobile, Cole Brodman has held that role for many years, sees no point of sticking around.  Not even for the short term.

  • …churning…soon….

    Now replace the rest of senior management & Tmo might stand a chance at survival

  • Please Jim Ailing give us the iphone

    • GwapoAko

      Just buy the iPhone from Ebay, Craigslist or Apple .. Unlocked or Jailbroken. Then bring it to Tmobile.

      Sent from my iPhone 4$

      • JBLmobileG1

        Gamestop.com sells them too.

  • Magenta Man

    This is truly a new beginning for Magenta. This guy destroyed a company with so much potential. The US government must have finally caught up to the Nazi war criminal, for his crimes against humanity while in the Hitler Youth League during WWII. The only question remains is if Magenta has the strength to regain footing in the US Market. GOOOO T-MOBILE!!!!

    • None

      someone needs a history lesson on several topics.

      • Magenta Man

        What would your history lesson be moron?

        • None

          That YOU are the moron, moron.

        • Magenta Man

          Do you work for T-Mobile?

        • With your “impressive” level of “intelligence” I am sure you could run TMO – you are on the same level as current leadership.  Now belly up to the bar and drink more of your kool aid!

        • Magenta Man

          It doesn’t take rocket science to see when a moron is making large obvious mistakes in the business, or when a moron is making comments about kool aid. Its almost the 1st of the month you should be able to refill your Straight Talk phone soon! You must miss the flexpay plans we used to offer huh?

        • Ah, lowbrow, trailer trash humor – you seem to know it so well! Ignorance attempting to masquerade as intelligence – you cannot even throw insults well you pathetic wannabe Aryan Nation pig.  Even the Neo Nazis wouldn’t spit on you.

          If you do work at TMO, no wonder they are in the state they are in – Rhode Scholars such as yourself, whiling away the day…blogging (look up Rhodes Scholar – remember to capitalize).  Too funny!!!

        • Magenta Man

          The reason T-Mobile is in the state they are in, is due to entitled pukes like yourself that overdose on white supremacy kool aid. Drink up bitch…

        • Yes, I am laughing AT you!!!

          Oh wow, now you really got me – that’s telling me!  Refer to my earlier comment above – look up the words you don’t know – i.e. all of them.  Do I make you angry?!  I have to tahnk you – you are the most humorous piece of work we have all seen in awhile – takes a lot of mind bending thought on your part to get EDITED on an unofficial website…by the way, am I making you upset?  LOLLLLLLL

        • Guest

          Hope Magenta “man” (laughing hysterically) forgot his heart meds today!  Keep raising his blood pressure folks!!!

    • Stan Kasserly

      whoa…totally out of line.


      I dont think bringing Hitler or the Nazi party into this was appropriate

      • cameo

        Must have been fired from T-Mo.

      • I concur, those comments will not be tolerated. I don’t censor comments, but that’s ridiculous.

    • guest

      I actually think its was Robert Dotson that killed the company. Not Mr. Humm. With flex pay plans, non competetive devices. The bleeding started in 2008, before Philipp came along.

      • kalel33

        Non-competitive devices like the G1(first ever Android phone) or first Blackberries? 

      • UMA_Fan

        …and the F*CKING HD2 pos.  I feel bad for the people who LINED UP for that phone.  No one has lined up outside of T-Mobile stores since for any phone.

    • Magenta Man

      I agree about the flexpay issue. Good Call.

    • cameo

      Magenta Man, your charges of Nazi past against Humm are despicable. Were you laid off from Magenta recently and this is how you are trying to back at the company?

      • Much agreed, his comment has been edited. 

    • This is disgusting, leveling charges of a criminal war past are egregious and will not be tolerated on this site. 

  • Wilma Flintstone

    YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   YOU ALL DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE AMOUNT OF JOY I HAVE BECAUSE OF THIS NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am almost feeling a MeeGo moment coming on.  For those that don’t know what I mean, go back a few months/years and read some of my posts on here.

    Philipp Humm was a TERRIBLE CEO as well as a TOTAL SELLOUT!!!  I am ECSTATICALLY Happy to see that he is Resigning from his Undeserved position.  At first he started out ok and I was all for him but then he started to go downhill to the point of even siding with AT&T on the Takeover Deal.  He was a Terrible CEO and I hope his replacement is better which shouldn’t be too difficult to do.

    The SELLOUT is GONE!!!! I may actually stay with Tmo now.  That guy was about to drive me to Switch Carriers.  Thank Goodness he left.  I wish him the best with where he ends up but I’m just glad he is gone from T-Mobile.

    Thank You David for posting this Enlightening, Invigorating and Inspirational Article.

    • PatheticLoser

      Are you serious? He didn’t “side with ATT on the takeover deal” he was sent to complete the deal. The reason his family didn’t come with him is because it was supposed to be a short term deal. The failure of the acquisition means that Phil was gonna be stuck here for a while. 

  • Phillip Humm

    t mobile seriously sucks, and the company is going down faster than an airplane on fire.  that is the real reason why i left. fuck you all

    • guest

      T-Mobile is still highly profitable. unlike ahem Sprint

    • Lol at all these people saying T-Mobile is falling. please someone tell me in what way are they falling?

      • Uh where to start…how about revenue, market share, employee retention, market reputation.

        • kalel33

          You forgot the hundreds of thousands of net contract customers lost each and every quarter.

      • Uh where to start…how about revenue, market share, employee retention, market reputation.

    • cameo

      All of you who are so pissed off by T-Mobile, why are you hanging out here? Sounds like a love-hate relationship to me …

    • Nnamou

      That’s why you got fired .

  • JBLmobileG1

    Let them bring in the best CEO of all time…. Michael Eisner. Not sure if I spelled his last name correct but he was an amazing CEO for Disney. I am sure he could run a cellular company.

    • GS3

      then we’ll have mickey and minnie mouse as TMO’s models.. LOL

  • ctkatz

    i would say i was sorry he was leaving, but then i would be a liar.  most of t-mobile usa’s recent falling off a cliff are his fault.  i don’t think he seriously persued the iphone when he came in and once the merger first got its legs it was a half step forward and 500 miles backward.  auf weiderssen dumkopf.

  • guest

    The bleeding started in 2008. Thats a fact. Way before Humm came on board. It was Robert Dotson that destroyed the co. With his flex pay plans, and poor handset selections.

    • You are 100% correct.  I was there during that time and came to my senses and left in mid 2011.  Scary part is that employees still there have, unfortunately, drank the Kool Aid.  They are convinced they are on the brink of major success…so sad.  While current management still in place (EIT, Sales, etc.) the same idiotic, short sighted decisions will continue.

      • kalel33

         I left 2 months ago and none of the phone reps in my center thought they were on the brink of success.  On the contrary, most didn’t like the direction of sales first and good service being an after thought.  I didn’t know of a single rep, senior, or coach that wasn’t actively looking for a different job.

        • FormerTmoCsr

           my whole call center (Teletech amherst ohio) is looking for other jobs. a bunch are going to a Progressive call center. none of us liked the whole trying to coax people into impulse buying things they dont want or need.

          a bunch of us got fired for not trying to sell, myself included on 6/25.

        • Lukadek

          you 100% correct. immoral to say the least. Especially the peeps that take shortcuts that cause….!!! Hopefully Jim change that. I believe so.

    • kalel33

       I was there too and up until a few months ago and I can say for perfect certain that Humm tainted the entire culture of T-mobile.  They went from first to last in no time flat and they didn’t start losing customers until Dotson was already on his way out. Humm took T-mobile in a whole new direction…..down.

      • UMA_Fan

        This is simply not true.  T-Mobile’s was losing tons of customers back in the late Dotson era too but had net customer growth thanks to the amount COMING to T-Mobile.  Now, the adds don’t negate the people leaving.

        • kalel33

           I was working there at the time.  The 4th quarter in 2010 was the FIRST month that T-mobile lost customers and Dotson had gave his resignation papers on May 2010. 

    • Lsjsjansnsn

      I blame the iPhone, and the selection that the other carriers had, and covergage/price. Look, when Verizon got the Droid a lot of people wanted it, and because of the coverage, and they had unlimited data. They also had a droid incredible. Att had the iphone and sprint had an evo. Tmobile had? The g1? Mytch 4g? T-mobile needs something to make people go “wow” and more selection. The plans are good right now but needs more coverage

      • Lsjsjansnsn

        And also people probably left because they were up on their 2yr contract from the cool SideKick phones

  • as a new tmobile customer let me say tmobile is going down fast , first they sign a deal with att then they sign a deal with Verizon …..if that aint proof than I don’t know what is . along with the dollar general and wallmart I don’t think I could find any where that sells tmobile phones. here in mi there are metro pcs on every corner about fifteen in the whole city of lansing mi but only 1 tmobile store….how the hell can you sell phone when no one can find you , and don’t get me started on their small selection of phones.

    • guest

      so they purchased spectrum from Verizon to IMPROVE the network and youre complaining? i dont get it

      • UMA_Fan

        Don’t worry, that’s just one of the idiots who like to come here and pretend to be customers.  Probably some bitter employee that was let go.

    • the deal with att never went through but t-mo got the better of it in the end. The deal with Verizon is to gain spectrum.. T-Mobile is actually doing good despite not being sold everywhere. T-Mobile is sold in a lot of places just some stored don’t do it in store because of idiots not knowing how to sell T-Mobile. let’s talk about their “small” selection.. you can buy any gsm device and use it on the network especially with them making frequencies compatible.

    • Doomazz

      LOL wow you have the basic understanding of this whole situation sort of like almost a retard

  • ME

    YESSSS!!! Jim please get rid of the value plan or make them no contract and focus on the classic plans. Get rid of Carly unless she can do anything besides walk and drive around. Please Jim make things better.

    • Durandal_1707

      Why get rid of the value plan? Do you prefer being ripped off or something?

      • ME

        Nope just easier to talk to a customer for 10 mins about 1 plan and phones, than 25+
        explaining the difference between the two and continuously having people ask the same questions over and over. Its not that its not a good plan its just so different from what ppl are use too, it works for some just not for all.

      • ME

        Nope just easier to talk to a customer for 10 mins about 1 plan and phones, than 25+
        explaining the difference between the two and continuously having people ask the same questions over and over. Its not that its not a good plan its just so different from what ppl are use too, it works for some just not for all.

  • Tatdude806

    Don’t let the door hit ya in the ass Phil Baby! Worthless Turd!

  • Doomazz

    ” Our ‘No More Mr. Nice Girl’ advertising campaign”

    I just vomited in my mouth a little

    • Me


    • Me

      Exactly what i was saying….

    • None

      from a marketing perspective, that campaign (love it or hate it) is brilliant.

  • BigMixxx

    I have tons to say about Humm leaving. It makes a lot of sense for him not to be CEO….good move on obermens part on firing him today…..

  • jon

    I don’t know what qualifications this individual might have to be CEO, but if you want to boost morale and put focus back where it should be (on customer service), I have two words for you. Sue Nokes.

    • Magenta Man

      THANK YOU!!! The best comment on the whole story thus far. Our battle has been up hill since the day she left……..

    • Magenta Man

      She took JD Power with her…… If you can find him, bring him back too ;)

    • Me

      Aman, she was the shit….

    • PatheticLoser

      Not a fan of Sue Nokes the person. But she had great ideas that did make us a first class customer service organization. Only problem is – we aren’t a customer service organization anymore. 

      • Kramwood

        …agreed, we’re hitting the fan in this department, and it scares me.

      • Eel1987

         That’s part of the problem.  The customer service people should be doing customer service, not trying to sell Family Allowances to single-line accounts.

    • j5ive

      Sue Nokes…those were the glory days. Thats when i LOVED working here. She was well spoken and really lived the values.

      • Kramwood

        She also wore gaudy glasses. 

      • Ginastarke

        Total Agreement. I wish I’d  quit right after she did. that’s when the customer care  descent began.

    • Eel1987

       Isn’t she running Asurion now?  I’d give every single DT shareholder a hug if they brought her in to be the new CEO.

  • Red

    Humm was recruited by oberman to prep this company for sale. Sale fell through=no more humm=remewed focus on quality and most importantly, Longevity

    • I totally agree with this comment. This is something I said back when he was first made CEO. I felt something was up because he wasn’t here for the long term. He wasn’t from the US and his family was in Europe. The writing was on the wall early. He is moving on now that he failed to get the company sold.

      • ME

        IKR he had those shifty eyes, and I was like naw something is off about him…

        • Doomazz

          You 2 douche bags should start the Barney Fife investigation agency

  • Jgarofola

    O well

  • Jgarofola

    O well

  • souggie

    good. never trusted that bastard anyway…..

    • ExTmoEmp :(

      No employees did, that’s for sure. I remember feeling so bad for Jim Alling the day he joined T-Mobile. He came to us from Starbucks right as Starbucks were starting to get over some of their hardships. Jim has been well known as a positive leader since his days back at Nestle, but i kind of laugh because he looks like someone from a Colgate commercial.

      Hearing that the AT&T merger was falling through didn’t give anybody comfort, however the fact that Humm is leaving can finally start to bring back a longer term perspective on their job security and projects within the business. Humm was brought in to sell the company and as many have posted… his failure and departure should be considered a milestone in the reshaping of T-Mo.

  • Ne0

    the 2 year he in, t-mobile has no phone make other people wow.

    • PatheticLoser

      Was that english?

      • ME

        LMAO right, great grammar bud….

        • YO MOMMA

          I’m not  the grammar police but daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang lol wow …i lol’d

        • None

          I did too.  That was hilariousl, right there.

      • ReyTFox

        English.  Capital “e.”

        • PatheticLoser

          You win the internets. 

    • Highergroundkc


    • mreveryphone

      Where are you from?

    • Bklynman


    • Who in the hell gave this dude a Like??

  • MagentaMadness

    Don’t let the door hitchya where the good Lord splitchya…good riddance.

  • Kramwood

    Now for real growth!

  • Vicky Keyser

    Best news for T-Mobile employees in 2 years. Phillip Humm did exactly what he is known for: come into a company, act like he cares about it and the well being of its employees, then tries to make a ton of money for himself by negotiating a merger or buyout. As an byproduct of his actions, thousands of people are now jobless or in a much worse position than they were before he came to the company. I am glad he bailed. No one trusted him or his BS since March 2011. 

    If I were the employees of the company he just joined, I would start a mass exodus and beat him to the punch.

  • Tanvir Ahmed

    Glad he left the company!! He was here from 
    Deutsche Telekom for ONE REASON and thats to sell T-mobile! 

  • Ginastarke

    As  glad as I am to see him go, I  suspect he thinks he’s leaving a  sinking ship

  • macman37

    It would be strange and funny if he left for Vodafone; One of the two owners of Verizon Wireless.  Although he may be looked down for trying to sell T-Mobile, we do have to admit that going after acquisition/mergers that they know are not going to get approved, like the AT&T acquisition, it is a good way of getting some money for other projects.  This is how they got the money to expand the 1900Mhz band and start further 4G LTE deployment.  Prior til’ then, they didn’t have enough money to do any of that.

  • mike prspr

    Cust. Svc went down a icy hill under his watch, and it still sucks big time. Tmo doesnt care for their current customers and it seems like Reps on all levels are giving either misinformation or none at all.Their upgrade plans for current customers is horrendous, (wal-mart offered me a better deal for an upgrade.) handset choices are bush league, a once model of how to do cust svc is now the model of what not to do.

    • Carlos

      do not agree, sorry, I’ve been with Tmo for 10 years, and I think their service is fantastic.

      • kalel33

         You’ve been luck then.  JD Powers agreed with you until Humm came in.

      • Suckit

        suck my ass carlos

    • Soynut01

      Being on the inside of T-Mobile, we’re seeing many talented staff and operations personnel leave TMO and it  feels like we’re bailing water as the ship goes down. But TMO is  sinking faster than it can manage. AT&T may buy TMO after all, just as part of a bankruptcy.

  • macman37

    My lucky guess hit the target dead center.  http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-57462531-94/vodafone-nabs-newly-departed-t-mobile-usa-chief/?tag=mncol;2n

  • None

    R.I.P. Vodaphone!!

    • bleeew

      Rip verizon

  • TyRetr0

    He was horrible!! T-Mobile was great in 2010!! A majority of people do NOT care about paying a high cell phone bill. If they did they’d have metro pcs, cricket, virgin mobile or boost. Why do you think VZW and AT&T have over 50% of the US cell phone market?


    SOOO the ass hole decided to “leave” the company.. Sounds like his ass got kicked off the ship finally. Im glad his ass is gone.. too bad Im not with the company anymore. after 5 years of tech support  and changes I would have like to give his ass the big 5!! All 5 fingers lol!

  • Lynkster

    Sorry to say it but Tmo sucks, but needs to suck in order for companies like VZ to take their customers. :) God their network sucks!