Android Is Enjoying Ridiculous Growth, 1 Million Daily Activations

So how Android is doing these days? I’d say pretty well considering they are at 400 million total Android device activations, up from 100 million activations from Google I/O 2011? That’s a pretty big jump, hell that’s a HUGE jump. Even better? More than 1 million Android devices are being activated every day, at a rate of 12 per second. Yeah, Android is growing.

Image Credit: @PhoneDog_Aaron

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  • Nearmsp

    If Apple had sold their phones on all network in all countries like the Android devices, then there would be more iPhones, particularly at T-mobile USA.

    • TMOEngineer

      So what you’re saying is, is that if T-Mobile sold the iPhone, more T-Mobile customers would HAVE the iPhone? Brilliant.

      • Nearmsp

        I did not get what you meant by “HAVE”. In any case I have 4 phones on a value plan and I always buy phones at full price. So yes, I would for sure buy a phone if it came to T-mobile, but I have no plans to move to AT&T or VZ just to be able to get an iPhone.

  • UMA_Fan

    One way to think about things is that even though T-Mobile suffered some losses by not carrying the iPhone this does not mean people are NOT signing up for T-Mobile service.

    This should in a sense ‘concern’ Apple because everyone who walks into a T-Mobile store COULD be buying an iPhone but isn’t.