So How Did Samsung Keep The Galaxy S III Launch Secret?

Still wondering how Samsung kept the Galaxy S III unveiling a well-kept secret right up until the May 3rd launch? A new blog post on Samsung’s official company blog,¬†Samsung Tomorrow, provides a little insight on how all the secrecy went down. First things first, just how secret was the project? Well, Samsung engineer Buyong-Joon Lee had to deny what he was working on to his 11-year old son, even so the boy knew his father had worked on both previous generation Galaxy smartphone models. As for all those prototypes flying around, Samsung did in fact develop three separate prototypes for the Galaxy S III, which were transported in secure boxes and hand-delivered by Samsung representatives to network partners.

Samsung prevented everyone working on the project from taking pictures of their work, which sounds obvious for security reasons but presented a challenge as engineers had to verbally describe their work to other parts of the Galaxy S III development team. Samsung’s own procurement department had to set pricing for materials based on verbal explanations, which we imagine is incredibly difficult.

Still, all of Samsung’s secret Galaxy S III development paid off as the only “real” prototype which hit the internet before the May 3rd launch event, turned out to look nothing like the final device. Bravo Samsung, bravo.

Samsung Tomorrow

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