Samsung’s S-Voice Pitted Against Siri, Who Comes Out On Top?

With iOS 6, Apple’s latest iOS operating system providing Siri with a much-needed boost, it was only a matter of time before decided to pit the reigning champion of voice technology against Samsung’s S-Voice. The result is a pretty favorable comparison, showing S-Voice can hold its own well enough against the “new and improved” Siri.

Still, it’s pretty clear that Siri was the inspiration for S-Voice, everything from the bubble conversation to the general UI just smacks of Siri-inspired. The only real difference here that caught our eye was how “boring” S-Voice sounds compared to Siri. We’ve long known that Apple built Siri to have a personality, and while the focus is more function over tone, we can’t help but notice that Siri just sounds more “fun” to talk with.

Boring voices aside, we’re glad to see that S-Voice is not only a viable competitor, but can absolutely hold its own in a direct comparison.

YouTube via Phandroid

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