So How Did Samsung Keep The Galaxy S III Launch Secret?

Still wondering how Samsung kept the Galaxy S III unveiling a well-kept secret right up until the May 3rd launch? A new blog post on Samsung’s official company blog, Samsung Tomorrow, provides a little insight on how all the secrecy went down. First things first, just how secret was the project? Well, Samsung engineer Buyong-Joon Lee had to deny what he was working on to his 11-year old son, even so the boy knew his father had worked on both previous generation Galaxy smartphone models. As for all those prototypes flying around, Samsung did in fact develop three separate prototypes for the Galaxy S III, which were transported in secure boxes and hand-delivered by Samsung representatives to network partners.

Samsung prevented everyone working on the project from taking pictures of their work, which sounds obvious for security reasons but presented a challenge as engineers had to verbally describe their work to other parts of the Galaxy S III development team. Samsung’s own procurement department had to set pricing for materials based on verbal explanations, which we imagine is incredibly difficult.

Still, all of Samsung’s secret Galaxy S III development paid off as the only “real” prototype which hit the internet before the May 3rd launch event, turned out to look nothing like the final device. Bravo Samsung, bravo.

Samsung Tomorrow

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  • Spanky

    Oh no…Apple keeps their product launches secret, so they must have a patent on that. Lawsuit!

    • in2android


    • Xavier

       dear samsung,

      stop it or we’ll sue!!!

      too late

    • Xavier

       wait…did any apple execs take photos of a fist pump????  i see 6 samsung employees…6 fists….wait for it…

      • Spanky

        Does Apple own a patent on fist pumping?

        • Xavier

           you never know…but i’m thinking jersey shore does for now…unless Jobs patented it before the show aired lol

  • rschauby

    So when is Tmobile going to break the secret on GS3 pricing?

    • Xavier

       after fathers day or on fathers day….i just know it will happen after they notice how much inventory they’ve cleared from this two day sale starting tomorrow

      • Brubawil87

        thats the plan :)

  • Xavier

    they didn’t want to get samsunged duh lol

  • MarcusDW

    I guess none of them go to bars.

    • Karaoke bars… 

      • MarcusDW

        She bangs, She bangs
        Oh baby when she moves, she…


        • Xavier

           i’m channeling william hung now lol

  • I don’t understand all the secrecy from any company…unless it’s to prevent the competitors from having ample time to change designs on upcoming devices to compete.  If you’re going to come out with a killer feature you probably want the competitor to not know until it’s too late to mimic in their next product… 

    • MarcusDW

      So you DO understand all the secrecy lol.

      Plus they don’t want to give people reason to pass up on the GS2 because they’ve seen 4-5 months in advance that the GS3 has “feature X” which puts the GS2 to shame.

      If today I found out that by Christmas T-Mobile would carry the GS3.5 and it was gonna have an RGB HD screen and a Quad-Core S4 in it, I would skip the regular GS3.

      • Xavier

         true..but your probably right about that guess for christmas too lol

        • MarcusDW

          Don’t tell me that lol.  I’d be just as mad as when my Vibrant found out about the Galaxy S 4G six months later.

        • Xavier

           but it’s just the curse of technology!!  lol  you doomed yourself man….GALAXY S 4 THIS CHRISTMAS!!!!

          the mayan calendar said so! lol

        • cincin

          lol oh well.. i once thought that I got scammed after i got the s 4g last March when the S2 was out last Oct. then now i feel better coz IF i got the s2 last oct, then i cant upgr to the S3 next week~~ lol….

  • Lani

    Keeping it a secret helps keep Apple from suing Samsung for this and that before it hits the shelves.

  • Meluvulongtime

    What a bunch of pussy magnets!  I’m thinking the aren’t getting laid much!

  • Chinesehatekorea

    Q: What do you call 6 Asian men working for Samsung?

    A: Virgins


    ting tong ting ching cho (Asians talking)

    • Ken Sze

      Can’t be a virgin if one of them had a son…

      “Samsung engineer Buyong-Joon Lee had to deny what he was working on to his 11-year old son, even so the boy knew his father had worked on both previous generation Galaxy smartphone models. “

      • Xavier

         unless the Gods smiled upon his wife…LOL

    • KoreanshateChina

      You sir, are an idiot.
      Q: What do you call a Chinese manufacturers who tried copying Korean phones?

      A: Wannabees.



  • Seems like a lot of work for a mediocre phone. 

    • Xavier


      •  sorry. I have an Android phone but anything with MOTOBLUR, Sense, touch wiz etc makes me want to smash it on the ground regardless of its specs and hype.

        • Xavier

           give a phone a chance man  lol

        • tekmonkey

          Learn how to remove them…

        • Aznvanwilder

          If u were smart u would root it phone

        • im not spending 200+ on a device to put a cooked OS on it. Also, if i were smart I would not have gone to college of electrical engineering and would have been a chef. 

  • Homofobic

    looks more like a queer convention!

    • Guest

      You are just racist. It makes you look bad and ignorant. 

      • Comment deleted. 

        • Mesohorny

           Me luv u long time!  Creamofsumyunguy is great!

  • Homofobic

    looks more like a queer convention!

  • Jim Jiang

    Now, if Samsung cvan do this, why can’t Apple? EVERY Apple Phone has been predicted.

    • charlieboy808

       like wise for Sony as well LOL

    • Rgallo10

      that’s because every apple phone is the same they only change the color or add a letter and call it revolutionary. 

  • 254443212

    galaxy 3 best    iphone suck