Future QWERTY T-Mobile Samsung Smartphone Found Hanging In The Wild

Still wondering about that upcoming SGH-T699 Samsung smartphone headed to T-Mobile? Well, wonder no more! First, let’s back pedal for a moment and talk about our earlier speculation that this could be the Galaxy Nexus, a hypothesis that may have been based as much on facts as hopes and dreams. Clearly, we wanted this to be something it isn’t. Now, with the above picture we know exactly what it is. I’ve only been told a little, but there 5 megapixel camera on the rear, along with front-facing camera and an LED notification light as well. Unfortunately, outside of knowing this device hides a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, (not sure if it’s S3 or S4) this is all we really know about about the device. Well, that’s not true, we know it runs Android 4.0.4 right out of the box too.

It’s not the super mega QWERTY device some of you may have hoped for, but let’s be honest, super mega QWERTY devices seem to be a thing of the past. Either way, I have been told this device runs very smooth with no noticeable lag or slowdowns.

The SGH-T699 did appear on the very same inventory sheet we posted earlier in the week, so we hope we’ll know the answers to all of our lingering questions soon enough. All that’s left now is a complete spec list, price and a release date. That’s not asking to much is it?

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  • Guest

    Ugly. No thank you. 

  • looks like a smaller GS3 with a keyboard attached to it….looks good but its obvious this will be a midrange phone, desgin wise its pretty good looking

  • Eugene Le

    Screen looks like its super amoled.

    More likely to be an S3 processor, they wouldn’t put an S4 processor in it, it would outshine the flagship galaxy S3.

    • Jamille Browne

      Lies nothing can outshine a galaxy s3

      • MarcusDW

        Dude is trippin’.

  • Reminds me of the Samsung Moment. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s probably part of the Samsung Gravity Smart line. Samsung Gravity Smart 2?

    • Get_at_Me

      I agree….prob a gravity smart 2….atleast 1ghz chip, 1gb ram, 2.3.6…..basically samsungs version of the mytouch q…..just a guess

      • tmorep

        It says in the description that it has 4.0.4

        • Get_at_Me

          Hmmm… Mustve skimmed past that….impressive.

  • Still nothing to make me want to give up my rooted MyTouch 4G Slide. This thing is still one of, maybe THE best QWERTY option right now. Kind of sad that they’re a dying breed.

  • monkeybdb

    Looks like an Epic 4g actually. tis a good looking phone anyway. I have been begging for a new qwerty device that was 4g and powerful.

  • Jim Jiang

    Samsung Exhibit Slide Look at the Middle Button, its very similar to the current Exhibit line.

    • Heisenberg

      The Exhibit 1 had a button kind of like that, but the Exhibit 2 does not.  But Exhibit Slide is still a good guess.

    • ransack

      This could be the next sidek!ck

      • That keyboard is nothing like that of the previous Sidekick, so I doubt this is the new SK. 

        • ransack

          Umm when motorola came out with the sk slide it wasn’t like the other sk’s. None of us know for sure what this is. It could be named anything.

        • When did Motorola make a Sidekick? I’m pretty sure that Sharp made them all the way up until the Samsung Sidekick 4G.

        • UlyssesGhost

           Moto did the Sidekick Slide,  maybe in 2007 or so.

        • ransack
        • Motorola made the Sidekick Slide..

        • I’m saying that the Sidekick usually has the use of the 4 buttons: Menu, Home, Back and Cancel. It’s clearly not a Sidekick because it doesn’t take from the form factor of one.

        • I’m saying that the Sidekick usually has the use of the 4 buttons: Menu, Home, Back and Cancel. It’s clearly not a Sidekick because it doesn’t take from the form factor of one.

  • Seksay

    Perhaps the first five row qwerty on T-Mobile since the G1? That feature ALONE has MY attention. Cant wait to find out more!

    • FanBoy

      Samsung’s Sidekick 4G also had a 5-row keyboard.  But you are right, a 5-row keyboard is a MUST when it comes to physical keyboards.  Love that the numbers get their own row and you don’t need to rely on pressing the SHIFT button. 

      The Sidekick 4g was the best messaging/typing experience I’ve ever had PERIOD.  Too bad it was too weak in the other specs. :(

  • in2android

    Could very well be an s4 processor & cost effective little brother to the gs3. The blaze 4g did the same for the gs2? Who knows, but if its fast, stylish, & satisfies the average consumer, then it could bring/keep some on Tmo. Anything that brings or retains customers, then that’s great! I still hold the dream that Tmo is the horse to bet on in the future, value, good service, and something for everyone….

  • Zach Mauch

    What I want is this with the huge screen the new phones have.  I don’t know if that will happen though.  I just hope for a 4.5+” screen. Unfortunately, I would bet this is only a 4 incher.

    • MarcusDW

      Nobody’s ever made that 4.3″ Android with KB yet have they?

      Just because you want a KB doesn’t mean you want a tiny screen.  I dunno why they don’t understand that.

      • The problem is that the keyboard has to be sized in proportion to the screen. No one wants a small screen, but no one wants a wide keyboard either. That’s why smartphones with physical keyboards max out at 4″ diagonal for the screen usually. Any larger, and the keyboard becomes rather unwieldy for regular usage.

        • Zach Mauch

          I don’t agree.  My old epic 4g still had plenty of room to expand.  Now if you are talking about putting a keyboard on the Note, that might get unwieldy, but the GS3 would be just fine with it.

        • MarcusDW

          I guess you’re right and that’s part of why KB phones are so scarce now.  With big screens being the way of the future, this Samsung seems a bit out of place.

        • Vim

           Sorry, I have a pair of TP2’s that I feel have one of the best keyboard designs ever made, but at 3.6 inches, I still consider it cramped for two-thumb typing.  I’ve held the Epic 4G which is 4 inches and still would have liked it to be larger yet.  I’d love to see someone put out a high-end phone in the 4.3-4.8 inch size category with a keyboard like this. And my hands are on the small side for a man’s. 

          Although I do agree with you on the not wanting a small screen part. I’ll take a big screen & no keyboard over a dinky screen and a 4 row keyboard any day. My hands feel less typing on the larger screen than on the small keyboard, and removing the number row killed the biggest remaining advantage of having the keyboard on a smaller phone.  

        • Vim

          I meant to say: “my hands feel less cramped typing on the larger screen than on the small keyboard”. 

      • Vim

         I’ll second that.

      • I co sign

  • UMA_Fan

    Isn’t this thing supposed to have a 720p screen?  That would be amazing.  In fact, wouldn’t it be the first QWERTY with 720p?

  • MarcusDW

    Wow this looks exactly like one of the “leaked GS3’s”.

    I used to fiend for a KB like that back in the day(2010).

  • FanBoy

    I think the BEST “messaging” smartphone I ever owned was Samsung’s Sidekick 4G from last year.  It’s not very powerful but, in terms of pure messaging/typing, it was pure BLISS. I could type so fast on it! One reason for this is that it has a FIVE-row keyboard (numbers have their own row!)   Right now, I own the HTC/T-Mobile MyTouch 4g Slide and the QWERTY keyboard on it sucks– It is a 4-row keyboard and you have to hold shift and another button in order to put in numbers.  I have noticed as of late that I type slower using this physical keyboard then I do with the touch-screen keyboard :(

    I am glad Samsung is utilizing a 5-row keyboard in their new model.   I was a bit disappointed that after the Sidekick 4g, Samsung’s qwerty keyboard on the Samsung Gravity Smart wasn’t anything like the Sidekick 4g (the buttons weren’t very depressable and it’s a 4-ROW!!!).  Glad they are finally learning!

    • Guest

      My BEST “messaging” smartphone is the bold 9900. That keyboard is solid. 

    • I agree! There’s yet to be a qwerty that outdoes the Sidekick line. They were FLAWLESS! Perfect spacing, 5 row, offset…MADE for messaging. It was ergonomically fitting and comfortable.

    • dosmastr

      amen brother, I moved from a casio brigade and before that and original enV to the LG mytouch Q and that keypad is 4 rows, huge, and horrible. i type half as fast on this thing as any other phone i’ve had.

    • dosmastr

      only reason I didn’t get that one was froyo and also… feared the way the keys were in a valley I’d keep bumping the sort buttons on the sides — what is your experience?

  • Lonewolf1314


  • Wow, where did this come from?  Loving the home button too..

  • lg mytouch q replacement, ya know since the huawei ones are going to flop

  • Tmo-Fan!!

    OMG!!!! this is identical to the Touch Pro 2 from 2009.. and if this runs android 4.0.4 then SGSIII and this will be my two choices.. I still have that TP2 which I hate now but the QWERTY keyboard to me is essential.. I type so fast and I dont wanna move on to just a screen keyboard idk what to do!!!!!!! I was decided on that S G S I I I but now I see this im re-thinking… just wait till i see more news on this and make a decision ASAP…

    • Vim

      I was thinking the exact same thing.  It looks nearly identical to the excellent keyboard HTC made for the TP2, the staggered 5 row tilting keyboard I was praying that HTC would bring to android and never did.   It doesn’t look like this one tilts.  Nevertheless while we don’t yet know how it feels, this -looks- like the best android keyboard yet.  The sad thing is that HTC never seriously tried to leverage their skill at making excellent keyboards into their android portfolio.  I never thought the day would come when I’d like Samsung keyboards more than HTC keyboards, but that day appears to have arrived.

    • MarcusDW

      Ahh the TP2… an amazing $379 piece of S#!T.  The thing was almost dead within a year but I loved that KB.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    UH OH!!!  I know a certain somebody that will be pumped to see this.  He knows who I’m talking about SQUIT!!!  Lol

  • tspx23

    4″ is this like the captivate glide? i just bought one for my bro :(

    if it is it has a tegra 2 with 1gb ram.

  • Hendren13

    i dont think it will be a exhibit or gravity phone, my guess?? Galaxy Slide. it already has a home button identical to the international Note and S2. samsung already rebranded the exhibit 2 to the galaxy exhibit 2.

  • ransack

    I can’t wait to hear what size the screen is. I was thinking of getting the note and trying to find a qwerty case for it. But this may be a better replacement for my Sk 4g. The only problem I Have with my SK4g is the screen size

  • J-Hop2o6

    It might be the Apex Q that was in a leaked document David posted a few months back. Check the pic here: https://www.tmonews.com/2012/04/t-mobiles-planned-dates-for-ice-cream-sandwich-upcoming-device-launches/

  • justme02
  • UlyssesGhost

    Reminds me of the sidekick 4g. Yawn, another non-flagship Samsung phone which means buggy and unsupported.  No thanks.

  • Interesting, not going to complain when I see a new phone with a full (5 row) keyboard, but want to see more on the specs.

    As a former G1 owner and a current G2 owner I’ve been wondering if
    TMO is planning on bringing us a G3 this fall and if so what will it
    look like.  The first two have been made by HTC but were T-Mobile
    branded so I’d think they could totally go with Samsung or someone else
    for the G3.  Also it’s rare for TMO to offer more than one phone with a
    physical keyboard at the same time.

    At the same time these specs seem pretty mediocre by today’s standard
    (especially the 5MP camera) and by October (when the G1 and the G2 were
    released) this will pretty much be a budget phone (even if they charge a
    lot for it).

    Not that it’s especially relevant to me anyways, the atrocious
    keyboard on the G2 and the awesomeness of Swype has cured me of my
    previous insistence for a physical keyboard, and the declining coverage
    I’ve seen on TMO in the last couple years makes it increasingly likely I
    will switch carriers altogether when I go off contract early next year.

    • The G series from tmobile has always been stock android so if this is a future G3 then judging by the notifiaction bar, it will have gingerbread and not ICS. but i do like the idea of a G3 from samsung

  • remister

    This makes me hopeful for a Galaxy Note with a hardware keyboard. Let’s make it happen Samsung!

  • Psaux

    Dear Samsung,

      I need this now. Please.

  • Anonymous

    So.. this has a 720p display? Screen also looks to be around 4″.

  • I played with the Note today and using the stylus was befitting. Want to compare the two first if I like the keyboard and the internals & the screen size. But I’ll pass on the GS3…Im getting this or the note which ever has the best input for me.

  • The directional buttons are kinda pointless in my opinion.  

    • Deaconclgi

      The directional buttons make it easier to accurately move the cursor when entering text.

  • Me@gain

    There is no law saying that the keyboard needs to be the same width as the screen.
    | ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
    Something like this could work well, even giving support to hold the phone with your knuckles while typing.

  • Mloudt

    this phone looks nice. we don’t know much about the specs but we know it has 4g speeds and a 5mp rear camera. also it most likely comes with android 4.0.4 os and a front camera probably 1.9mp for video chatting and possibly a 3.7 inch touch screen. if you are familiar with pre paid carriers such as cricket or metro then you would know this phone is similar to their popular samsung messager series. i owned the 1st 3g ever device for cricket like 3yrs ago which was the samsung messager 2. obviously the speeds were slow because it was on cricket’s slower 3g brand new network at the time and was not an android phone but a feature phone. but besides that it was a great phone the best phone they had at the time. with this phone being on a faster network having update specs and operating system with larger screen I can assure you this will be a plus feeling a void for customers who want a phone with keyboard. i doubt you will see much lag in this phone give it a chance.

  • Steebie

    This phone looks like a step back in time to the Sprint Galaxy S with QWERTY…granted, that phone was not Android 4.0.4, but it looks exactly the same.

    • WW

      It was called the Epic 4G.  It had several of the features that were missing from other carriers’ versions of the original Galaxy S.  LED flash, front facing camera, 5 row KB (duh).  
      I came very close to switching to Sprint over the Epic 4G.

      • JK

        I did switch to Sprint for the Samsung Epic. The phone is kick ass. This was Sept 2010 I switched. Now I am back with T- Mobile again. Waiting for a new Blackberry phone. BB 10 is going to crush a lot of systems when it comes out.

      • JK

        I did switch to Sprint for the Samsung Epic. The phone is kick ass. This was Sept 2010 I switched. Now I am back with T- Mobile again. Waiting for a new Blackberry phone. BB 10 is going to crush a lot of systems when it comes out.

  • WW

    That “home” button/touchpad thing is rare for a U.S. phone.

  • TMOSince2003

    My next phone, I think, take my $ now!

  • UMA_Fan

    If you take a Blaze and add a 720p screen and a keyboard, hopefully the price wouldn’t go up THAT much?

  • Justaguest

    Sure looks to me like a Gravity Smart, but 4G! Blah. So lets call it the “Galaxy G Smart II S”

  • Exibitman

    It looks like a exhibits ll with a qwerty keyspad. Has any body here any .pricing information

  • Exibitman

    samsung apex q .?

  • randomnerd_number38

    Great that it has a 5-row keyboard, but the 5-megapixel camera seems to be a sign that this will be on the lower-end when it comes to specs.

    Sigh :( I want a high-spec’d qwerty slider sooo bad!

  • eric

    I need a replacement for my aging G2. I do lots of emails with my G2’s keyboard.  I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just build a high end keyboard phone.  Galaxy S3 with a keyboard would be perfect even with a slightly smaller screen.
    I have the money for a new phone. just waiting patiently for a high end slider as the touchscreens just don’t cut it for me.  My emails use too many technical terms and numbers to use auto-correct or swype efficiently.  I want a 5 row keyboard, 4.3inch(or bigger) screen, a top processor and memory.  I have the money, just waiting for it to exist.

    • Im waiting right with you. This keyboard looks ok but the screen looks like a 4inches or less

    • Athleteboy00

      I have a G2 too but am waiting for a phone with an amazing keyboard like the g2 or the iPhone 5 if tmobile gets it.

    • chanman

      Actually, after you use Swype a couple of times with your technical terms (assuming you repeat them often), then Swype will actually make it easier after a while. I hated it at first, but it really does learn as you go.
      It’s also less frustrating if you use Swype to type out your entire email without clicking through the menu, and then go back, find errors, and use the Swype key then.

  • Robert n stl

    I’ve been waiting on a qwerty galaxy phone. I had to settle for the htc mytouch 4g slide. I’m not a big fan of htc sense.

    • livingonenergydrinks

      Root your phone, then install virtuous Inquisition ROM.  It will blow away the Stock ROM you are likely running.

  • Joe333x

    PLEASE if you are going to release a qwerty dont make it with a 5mp cam? wtf? my year old G2x has an 8mp! and if you going to do it make sure it has ATLEAST an S4 processor, im sick of touch screen keyboards taking up my whole screen when I want to type, I have always had qwerty phones until my G2x and I want to go back! but im not going to downgrade in specs to do it! 

  • dosmastr

    coming soon?