The Six Stages Of Growth For The HTC One S

So how does a HTC One S get born? The micro-arc oxidation process begins with an aluminum shelled fried in 1.21 gigawatts of electricity which morphs the metal into a near-ceramic state giving the One S its unique look and feel. While the current T-Mobile version of the HTC One S does not use the MAO process, that’s not necessarily a bad thing considering previous complaints of chipping circling the web.

In any event, HTC’s booth in CTIA shows the HTC One S stripped down to bare metal and shown through its half-dozen manufacturing steps. Unfortunately, we don’t see any gigawatt frying going on here, but it’s still a nifty look at the production process behind one of HTC’s newest and hottest smartphones.

Of course there are always those pesky rumors the Black HTC One S with red accents will arrive on T-Mobile this summer.

Android Central

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