Samsung Galaxy S III/3 Announcement Tomorrow, Watch As It Goes Down

Samsung’s Galaxy S III/3 announcement is less than 24 hours away and they are sending out reminders in hopes of capturing the worlds attention tomorrow. We’ll cover any and all T-Mobile related news as it happens, but you can watch live via or via Samsung’s Mobile Facebook page. It all goes down tomorrow at 2pm EDT.

So what do we expect? Well, you’ll have to read this to find out.

The Next Galaxy

Samsung Mobile Facebook

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  • David M. Garcia

    so what time is that stateside?

    • David, I put the time in the post.

      • John

        Hows that One S treating you David?  I am waiting to hear more about it.  I suppose hearing about the Galaxy S III tomorrow may direct me as to whether or not I get the One S.


      • Marc Klein

        David, did they fly you out for the event or you watching the stream like us?

    • David M. Garcia

      Nevermind haha missed it up top

    • 2pm US/Eastern.

    • 2pm EDT is the time used in the US during daylight savings. Think of it as 2pm NewYork time

    • J-Hop2o6

       11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern

  • Ray

    i know its old news but I hope we hear about the Tmobile variant of the galaxy note. : )

    • That’s not old news, lol. That’s good news.

    • Brad Johnson

      We better hear about this. I may switch to ATT if we don’t. It’s not that I want the Note that bad, but I would also get a 20% discount off my monthly plan through my employer.  So maybe I can pressure T-Mobile into something when it becomes available. D:

      • Anthonyr1018

        please you get 20% off if you got a city job I work in a hospital & get a discount from T-Mobile so step ur game up & get a real job .. At&t is garbage

        • Brad Johnson

          I do have a real job. Pharmacy. And I am in Pharmacy school. Unfortunately, both only get discounts through AT&T.  I couldn’t switch from T-Mobile. Unlimited data is too good.

        • How about being in the US Army and taking classes for a B.S. Degree in Computer Science at the same time…#Checkmate

        • Brad Johnson

          This isn’t a contest!

          edit: Oh and thanks for your service! If you need any drugs, hit me up! Legally of course.

        • LMAO  

        • Anthonyr1018

          Well ima X-ray t technician if you making more then 47 in hour then that’s good for you …Otherwise thank’s for ur service USA babyyy

        • nerdlust

          Thank you for your service and good luck with your studies….

      • CRT24

        Your bill would still be higher on At & t even with a 20% “discount”

        • Brad Johnson

          That’s probably true, and like I said, I enjoy the unlimited data I won’t lose.

        • nerdlust

          i get a 24% corp. discount i went in att to check out the galaxy note and even with my large discount i still would pay more per month. About $16 more per month then what im paying now with tmobile. tmobile has been good to me, i would have to save a ton of cash to consider leaving…

  • Caseybea

    Actually glad I got the Galaxy Nexus recently (unlocked) from Google’s sale for $399.    I *was* waiting for the SGS3… and waiting…   and…   but when the Gnex went on sale, I jumped.   I realized that no matter how much awesome goodness is in the SGS3, there is no way I will be able to afford it off contract.   I can’t imagine this will go for less than $799 off-contract.

    I will still watch the news unfold..   and I imagine I’ll get an unlocked sgs3.   in a year.    when *IT* can be had for $399 or less :-)

    • Anonymous

       doubt it, pricing still needs to be competitive. They can’t just continually push devices up $100-200 each time forever

  • Vict0jr

    I really hope this phone is not as big as a TABLET that galaxy note is more like a TABLET that can make calls.. way too big OMG stop turning phones into tables lol are we going back to the old times where the big phones with antennas where popular….

    • Yes we are and we are going to drag you right along with us mwa hahahahahahaha!

  • Taron19119

    What about the app can u use that to watch

    • Search for “Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012” on Google Play.  It’s a good app if you’ll be away from a computer or at work where blogs/live streaming might be frowned upon or blocked, but if you have access tomorrow, you’re probably better off just sticking in front of your computer.

  • This may be the push i need to come back to T-Mobile from AT&T pending the conclusion of this event. Please be Exynos Quadcore since we dont have LTE.yet. Thats the reason why the AT&T and Verizon version will be S4 dual core because of lack of integrated LTE radio on the Exynos quadcore SoC 

    • Spanky

      Agreed. I am not interested in Snapdragon processors. However, I am leaving T-Mobile in July, so I guess I’m out of luck anyway. Truth be told, I am very happy with my Galaxy Nexus, but I’d love to experience the LTE speeds.

  • ugh i kno i wont be able to sleep tonight with the Announcement tomorrow and Avengers on Friday. #Nerdgasm

    • Aransom99

      Avengers was meh… bad ending

  • badbob001

    I bet like the Galaxy Nexus event: zero specifics on North America release, wait for info from your local carriers. WTF.

    • Spanky

      The North American Galaxy Nexus release was the definition of a botched launch. I’m sure we can all thank Verizon for that.

  • mreveryphone

    Might have a unlocked Note up for sale depending on how this announcement goes tomorrow.

    • Ray

      get that ebay/craigslist listing ready.

      • mreveryphone

        Oh it’s ready all that’s missing is the period on the end of the sentence!

    • WirelessRefugee

      Although my SGS II has a 4.3″ screen, I am kinda liking the idea of the Note’s 5.3″ display. I like the idea of a bigger screen for web pages, but a device small enough to still be carried around as a phone.

      Although the SGS III will have the latest and greatest specs, I find the SGS II and Note are plenty fast for my uses. I don’t need my phone to be as fast as my notebooks. Besides, I have found that most apps I download work great on the SGS II.

      Decisions, decisions.

      • Phozfate

         but your sgII doesn’t have a 720p screen. I’m just assuming the s3 will run 720.

        But I hear you. While I”ll think about spending $700 for this phone depending on how it looks that purely because I’m a geek. Really, other then a bigger, higher dpi screen what will this phone run that the sII won’t? SII is a snappy device.

  • Taron19119

    i hope they do it like apple announcement tomorrow pre order tuesday phone out one week later

  •  Wish I could watch it live, I work until 4:30 Eastern time… = /