T-Mobile Carrier Billing Now Available For Movies, Music, And Books Through Google Play

Google has announced they beginning direct carrier billing for apps, music, movies, and books by charging them directly to your T-Mobile bill.

There are many ways to pay on Google Play. Some carriers offer direct billing that lets you charge your Google Play purchases directly to your monthly phone bill.

This week we expanded this service to include all types of digital content on Google Play. In the U.S., T-Mobile customers can now purchase apps, music, movies and books by charging them directly to their mobile bill

Carrier billing means you can buy just about anything you want from the Google Play store, and have the cost added on to your T-Mobile monthly statement. Sounds pretty good.


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  • NotAg1

    Crap…don’t tell my kids about this!

    • Watusay99

      u can call tmobile to add the “content block”.. its free.. :)

      • kalel

         I believe content block has changed.  T-mobile’s website states emphatically that content block only blocks purchases from T-mobile, not from 3rd parties.

  • rwc1792

    I guess I can order the Galaxy Nexus and pay for it on my T-mobile bill.  Any chance they will give me a credit on my account since I’m not using my upgrade?

    • Papa_Smurf_59

      I see what you did there.

    • dingaling

      Can u really do that?

      • rwc1792

        Haven’t done it yet, but going to try, the worse that can happen is they say, no, and I don’t order the phone.

  • KAsp3rd

    This was done before, however T-Mobile stopped this content for a couple of months. Or am I mistaken and that’s not the same case as it was before the google play updated from the marketplace

    • Jay

      I think that was for certain things. I tried buying stuff and sometime it wouldn’t work and others it would. I dont know if it is still like that though.

  • Good news, woohoo.

  • Chad

    Is it working for anyone else? I tried buying a book but during the authorization process it comes back with a pop up with a message along the lines the transaction cannot be completed and was cancelled. So far no successful attempts.

    • Are you on WiFi? Try using cellular network.

      • Chad

        Yep just tried over the cellular network but still no dice. thanks for the tip though bro.

  • Rudy Belova

    I’ve been able to do this for a while now. I just can’t put anything on my tmo account that was foreign.

  • I’ve been able to purchase music for a month or so. Maybe two but not books and movies. I’ll giver ‘er a go now.

  • Sirivn

    They been doing this.
    This isn’t new

    • JBrowne1012

      Yes but it was only for specific sections of the play store now its all of it of which is new.

  • Izzybrexx

    wish they did paypal

  • Aegentirony

    has anyone figured out how to buy the g nex with a tmo account?

    • Of course not, they aren’t subsidizing this…

  • JBrowne1012

    Yeah sure this is great until t-mo starts receiving massive calls from parents about heyyyy why is my bill $400 credit it back. Why would anyone want to put it on their phone bill?? i mean really its great to have options but your phone bill? people already claim its too high and accidental bought apps can result of this and because google’s return policy is only like 15 minutes or so from what i remember in the app store its not like the charges can be reversed

  • Qtfrat715

    does anyone know if it works on htc sensation