T-Mobile Statement Highlights Network Refarming For iPhone Customers

AT&T’s recently announced policy for unlocking iPhones is good news, but there is no company more capable of reaping the rewards of AT&T’s new policy other than T-Mobile. With T-Mobile’s network refarming, existing inventory of Micro-SIMs and value priced offerings, T-Mobile is perfectly positioned to attract angry AT&T customers. In fact, T-Mobile released a statement to 9to5Mac earlier today on this very subject:

Today we have more than one million unlocked iPhones running on our network.  T-Mobile currently offers microSIMs for customers who already have a GSM phone they want to use on the T-Mobile network, including an iPhone. In order to set up an unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile’s network, customers simply need to purchase a microSIM card and select a T-Mobile Value plan that suits their needs.

T-Mobile’s Value plans enable customers who bring their own smartphone, such as the iPhone, to save money. For example, T-Mobile’s Value family plan with unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data with 2 GB of high-speed data is just $49.99 per line for two lines.

In addition, we will continue to deliver more value to customers as we expand and modernize our 4G network. Beginning this year, we will introduce HSPA+ service in our 1900 MHz PCS spectrum. When we do, our 4G network will be compatible with a broader range of devices, including the iPhone.

Considering a comparable AT&T plan will run about $150 before taxes, I’d say T-Mobile well positioned to attract upset AT&T customers.


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  • Izzybrexx

    pretty cool.but ill stick with android

    • I agree but already have an unlocked iPhone 3gs and iP4 sitting in a drawer. When this becomes available that’ll just be 2 more phones for me to switch between when I get temporarily bored with my current phones. :)

  • Lu

    would the Verizon 4S unlocked work with T-Mobile as well?

    • Guest

      Verizon is CDMA, Tmo/ATT is GSM. Two different wireless technologies, so no.

      • Jesus

        News flash ! The iPhone 4S has a microsim.. it’s a world phone. So CDMA iPhones have sim cards. 

      • Aph

        The 4s uses both CDMA and gsm … The apple factory unlock does. The 4s sprint and Verizon has sim cards, check the right side of your iPhone . And open the little latch with a needle and you will see a micro sim

        • Guest

          Seems i stand corrected. I was going off the stereotypical “verizon is cdma att/tmo is gsm!” knowledge. Good to know. Cheer!

        • Yogi

          Actually, the factory unlocked iPhone only connects to GSM carriers. From Apple’s website:
          “The unlocked iPhone works only on supported GSM networks, such as AT&T in the U.S. When you travel internationally, you can also use a micro-SIM card from a local GSM carrier. The unlocked iPhone will not work with CDMA carriers such as Verizon Wireless or Sprint.”

      • Harper

        The iPhone 4S has both CDMA and gsm built into it, so if the sim card slot is unlocked it should work.

    • Tmoemployee

      no.. its coma and does not hold a sim card

      • Tmo employee

        cdma ***

    • Jarrod

      If you could get a “full unlock”, verizon will unlock but only for use out of the US so you would have to most likely jailbreak or get a gevey sim.

    • Johntajacobs

      Yes as longs as its unlocked. The 4S is a world phone so itll work with aby carrier in the U.S. Sprint, ATT Tmobile. MetroPCS, Cricket etc…

    • Mama G

      No it would not! totally different network! (cdma)

    • Hurlamania


    • Wolfwood

      CDMA iPhones lock out access to ATT and T-Mobile in the US.

    • jonathan3579

      There are methods online which enable the use in the States. It does involve a chip and a new sim

  • MagentaUser

    I like T-Mo’s strategy here. Have a disgruntled former AT&T customer who got their iPhone unlocked and doesn’t want to deal with any more contracts? T-Mo’s $50 monthly 4G along with the refarmed spectrum will be a really good option

  • ghulamsameer

    “Beginning this year…” Only thing I got out of this article :)

  • Tmo_employee

    i wish i knew when we will reframe the network!

  • alejandropando

    chatting w/att rep in another tab, weeeee!!

  • Chatter

    Now this is a step forward in the right direction. Tmobile can be like the statue of Liberty – bring your cellphones to our open arms – Pick a plan and enjoy freedom!

  • tmotech

    I wish I knew where exactly the 1900 refarming is happening. Is is happening in all of T-Mobile’s 4G markets? Will everywhere I can get 4G on 1700/2100 also support 1900 once this initiative is completed? 

  • nerdlust

    This is a good idea people that like iPhone can finally get 3g on tombile with tmobiles great pricing. It’s a win for everyone. Too late for me I tried android cliq2 last year and was hooked on android. Loving my sensation.

  • ChadBroChillz

    I’d rather go with Monthly 4G over Value plan. Signing a 2 year agreement without a phone subsidy is crazy to me.  I think refarming and ease of unlocking an iPhone will increase the demand of used gsm iPhones. 

    • Yogi

      For an individual account, Monthly 4G is indeed better. However, you can get some substantial cost savings with the Value plan once you have more than one line. It’s up to the user to decide if the savings are worth signing a contract.

    • UMA_Fan

      Family Plans are where you see the savings with value.  Just divide it by the number of people on the account.

    • Yeah, Monthly 4G for a solo account and Value Plan for a family plan would be the best option for those trying to save and use unlock devices. Good luck!

    • I can’t go for either of them:

      Monthly 4G: Stripped down functionality, lousy customer service
      Value plan: Contract with none of the benefits of a contract

      I really, really, hope T-Mobile undoes the awful decisions they made during the merger process, but alas, the recent announcement of a _cut_ in customer service jobs suggests they’re well and truly set on the wrong path, unwilling to change direction.

  • Witor

    so far i been reading the locations everywhere but Los Angeles, California or even SoCal. does anyone know if in fact are running in SoCal? any thoughts will be appreciate

  • Gwapo


  • Kind of need the when and where for this to be relevant to anyone considering bringing an unlocked phone to use on the 1900 band. Not much use till then.

  • Let those iPhones come right to T-Mobile USA. T-Mobile will be waiting with open arms!

    I am starting to think that all of these events are hinting that T-Mobile has landed a deal with Apple. AT&T has always been strict about their iPhone unlocking policy, so why change it now? Yes there were a lot of customers who were complaining and who also complained to Apple, BUT that alone can’t be the reason why AT&T decided to revise their policy.

    I suspect that because Verizon and Sprint are unlocking iPhones (only for international use so it’s not a COMPLETE unlock, since the phones won’t work in America with AT&T nor T-Mobile) had something to do with this. But I think there’s something more, I think T-Mobile has a deal with Apple in place and Apple has knowledge that T-Mobile would be unlocking iPhones after customers have completed the 2 year commitment.

    AT&T finds out this information and AT&T realized that they would be ONLY carrier who wouldn’t unlock their customer’s iPhones. They thought ahead and decided to just get it over with it now, to clean up their corporate image.

    This is just my theory, I could be wrong, however I definitely think there’s something going on with Apple and T-Mobile USA.

    • UMA_Fan

      I don’t think cleaning up their corporate image concerns them.  That all varies depending on who’s perspective you’re talking about.

      There’s been just as much to indicate there’s going to be a T-Mobile iPhone as there was last year.

      • Yes but last year the problem was Apple’s unwillingness to make their iPhone 1700/2100 AWS compatible. Since now T-Mobile is going to refarm their 1900 MHZ, the next iPhone and also previous models as well, will be compatible by default, whether Apple adds AWS compatibility or not.

        • I’m so happy for this refarming. I think imma celebrate with pornhub on my iPad

        • ChadBroChillz

          Do we know apple was unwilling? Could it have been that Apple set a price, and tmobile was unwilling to pay said price? Apple made a CDMA iphone that only worked on verizon. The CDMA iphone had different antennas and was larger than the GSM iPhone. They currently make two different ipads for Verizon”s and ATT’s LTE network. 

          Tmobile probably does not want to sign a billion dollar deal for the iphone.  they would either have to charge more monthly or increase the up front cost of the phone to the consumer. IMO, Refarming and promoting bring an unlocked iPhone to their network is smarter for them at the moment. Maybe after they finish their challenger strategy, but now it is smarter to focus on unlocked iphones.

        • Taron19119

          Worng cdma is use all over the world so apple can give made a cdma I phone that can be use on 100es of carriers t-mobile is the only one that use aws for 3g so apple wont make a lot of money makeing a iphone just for tmobile

        • ChadBroChillz

          What other carriers got the CDMA iphone 4 other than verizon?  

          explain ATT/Verizon’s LTE ipad then? neither can work on another LTE network. 

        • Taron19119

          First off there are more then 4 cell phone carriers that have the cdma I phone 5 of them in the us 4 of them overseas and lte is different cause apple will have to make two lte iphones maybe 3 cause not everyone use the same frequency for lte and it’s no way to get 2 g 3g and 4 g in to one iphone for every cell phone carriers

        • xhi

          It’s only America and some of Asian country that uses CDMA. Last time I check all over the world consist more than part of Asia and North America.

    • ChadBroChillz

      Why cant it be the only reason? Apple has an open policy and sells unlocked iphones. Sprint/Verizon unlock their iphones for their customers. Tim Cook’s office has gotten people’s iphones unlocked prior to this, and I doubt his office wants to focus on helping people get their iphones unlocked, so they pressured ATT into changing their policy. 

      Your theory seems a little far fetched. Even if ATT knew about tmobile’s policy, Tmobile does not currently sell the iphone. If they did start selling them this year, they would not be eligible for the unlock until 2014. 

      I think Tmobile is being smart. Now ATT/international phones will work on tmobile. Also the FCC will have more AWS auctions, which means tmobile can get more spectrum for more capacity. If they went with LTE on PCS, they would only have the PCS H-Block spectrum, which is only for 10mhz nationwide, and they would need special phones, like sprint will need. 

      • Jcj1969

        actually they can be unlock after buyers remorse is over if were sold by t-mobile unless restricted by apple.

  • Cbush1018

    verizon micro sim cards are not removable…. i own both iphone 4s verizon and att

    • guest

       yeah they are, the 4s is the same phone regardless of carrier, if the SIM is not removable on the right side of the phone, then you have an iPhone 4 and not a 4S

  • phonegeek

    crap….i actually want an iphone now smh

  • trife

    The million dollar question is now WHEN, and “this year” isn’t cuttin’ it lol.  

    • Babyqueru

       …In Thursday’s announcement, T-Mobile said it would modify its existing
      3G and 4G networks to be compatible with Apple’s iPhone no matter what
      carrier a consumer purchased a phone from. The 4G LTE service is
      expected to be launched in 2013…

      • trife

        That doesn’t answer when I’ll be able to use 3G on an iPhone though.  

        Are they just going to flip a switch and light up all the towers at once, or are they rolling out the launch as they go?  And if they’re doing the latter, can we get a list of what cities are lit up?  

        All I’m saying is that the vague answers aren’t helping ensure trust in TMO.  I have no doubt they’ll do it, but I don’t want to be waiting until next year.  

        •  some cities already have it and most will be farmed over by 3rd quarter.  They don’t want to announce until they’ve transferred the majority over to PCS HSPA+

        • Fabian Cortez

          Just keep flipping that 3G switch every now and then; that’s what I do.

          I think it’s coming soon to my area as I’ve been having some serious connectivity issues that I’ve never had before.

          It’s only a matter of time really.

          But yes, a timetable from T-Mobile would be great.

  • j5ive

    They used “the” in front of iPhone.

    Not being a fanboy of each…id use both but i prefer iPhone. I use a Galaxy Nexus right now that maybe far surperior but, the simplicity of iPhone is pretty awesome. I’d switch back if/when they refarm my area.

    I used one many moons ago but not having 3g blew.

  • Can’t wait! As soon as the iPhone is compatible with T-Mobile HSPA+, I will be switching back and never again will I ever go to another sorry OS. 

    Can’t wait to become a full time FANBOY again!  =)

    • AndrewSingleton

      clearly you’ve never owned an ICS device.

      • ICS is laughable! mad bro?

        • JBrowne1012

          Maybe to those who have never used it, whats laughable is that every year people sucker into the “New” iPhone believing that there is actually something different about it that matters. Oh em Gee guys we got siri I bet your device can’t do that, oh hay guyz we got teh face timez.. and the dull corezzzzz. Excuse my rant David  you know i mean no harm here.

        • Gouv

          you sound bitter…

        • AndrewSingleton

          laughable? what universe

  • Tyoder87

    My question is, will an unlocked iPhone work with T-Mobile’s 3G or 4G? I used to have an iPhone 3G unlocked on T-Mobile and the data would only work on Edge.

    • After the refarming is done, then yeah! Until then, you will be on the EDGE with iPhone.

  • BossManATL

    Sounds good but Ill stick to using my Galaxy Note on T-MOBILE.

  • Elvis

    An active T-Mobile 1900 mhz spectrum means 3g (or “4g” as in HSPA+) for all unlocked international GSM smartphones like the iPhone, galaxy note (N7000), or Nokia Lumia 900; when that happens, i will stick around with the magenta network for sure…

    • jay_max

       From the specs I’ve seen, I think the Lumia 800 will work also.  :-)

      • Fabian Cortez

        ALL AT&T devices/phones will be compatible along with all UMTS 1900 MHz devices/phones in the world.

        Moving ahead, all AT&T LTE devices will work on T-Mobile’s LTE network as well.

  • Babyqueru

    …In Thursday’s announcement, T-Mobile said it would modify its existing
    3G and 4G networks to be compatible with Apple’s iPhone no matter what
    carrier a consumer purchased a phone from. The 4G LTE service is
    expected to be launched in 2013…

  • If iPhone 4s gets HSPA+ or higher on Tmobile then Im ditching my current phone. 

    • ghulamsameer

      Technically, it should have a 4G icon considering T-Mo’s HSPA+ is mostly faster than AT&T’s.

  • JQuest

    I’m not going to get into the whole iOS/Android war. It’s just gets down right ridiculous at times. Can we all just agree to disagree and say “different strokes for different folks”? This is not only great news for the iPhone crowd on T-Mobile, but it’s great for anyone with a GSM phone. No matter what your flavor, with the refarming, you can practically run any phone from any network. Want the Galaxy Note at “4G” speeds? Or how about HTC One X (in the event Magenta doesn’t get a variation)? Or maybe you’ve been waiting for the iPhone 5? No prob, T-Mobile’s got you covered. Win/win. :-) 

  • JBrowne1012

    You know David as much as this is for the iPhone this refarming is great because now we just got the list of capable phones wide open anything overseas and on AT&T could work with our network. All those Nokias and so on

  • frustrated

    One thing that is left out is doing a value plan is going to out u in a 2 yr contract. Yes while the plans are cheap u are committed for 2 yrs. I sure hope the network gets better because as of late its gotten bad. I get more dropped calls than I ever have and I’ve had them for over 6 yrs worked for then 5 of those 6. While I currently use a SGII I love the phone can’t stand the dropped calls and hit our miss “4g” speeds and I live in an area that “has” 4g all over, Dfw Texas area.

    • Jcj1969

      value plans have no contract, you pay full price for phones over 20 months. check your facts

      • Whiskers

        Yes they do , i’m on the value plan with three lines and have a two year contract.
        Check your facts.

      • Value plans do indeed require contracts. That’s why we were all up in arms when they announced them as the “replacement” for EMP.

        Value plans make sense only to short sighted marketers, not customers or mobile companies in the long term.

        • Yogi

          Value Plans also make sense for family plans with people that want more flexibility on the data options. EMP plans only allowed 5GB data options, which is overkill for three of the phones on my 5 phone family plan. Reducing those phones to 2GB paired with the other cost reductions of the Value Plan and the fact that I could once again get a corporate discount that was removed on EMP all totaled up to a substantial savings for my family. I weighed the overall savings for me of switching from EMP to Value Plan and, to me, it was worth signing the 2 year contract. Each individual should look over all the options and pricing available and determine what is the best account plan for them. You shouldn’t paint the Value Plans with such a broad brush by saying that they “make sense only to short sighted marketers.” They are a much better deal than EMP for some people.

  • about2paymore

    I always liked T-Mobile every networks has its flaws but this HTC one series isn’t sitting well with me. I just do not like the fact that they are going to release a cheaper version of the one s without the MAO. I think come end of April I’m leaving the pink and switching to big red. Not saying Verizon is better, but its time for a change.

  • Jwmort

    Local AT&T store said “no way, no how” on unlocking the iPhone.
    Called AT&T toll free, spent over 30 minutes getting passed around from one CSR to another.  Ended up right back where I started and ended up with a CSR who just completed her 1 week vacation and said “no way, no how” until a coworker told her otherwise.  She took my info and said it should be unlocked within 7 days.  Do I trust it will be done … NO.  I don’t know why I bother, I should just jailbreak the ^&*%$ thing and be done with it.

    • ghulamsameer

      They’re probably expecting a lot of people wanting the same service. Getting it unlocked by AT&T is much better than having to jailbreak and rejailbreak after every new update.

      • Whiskers

        You can get local techs to jailbreak and update your iphone for $30.00 all day long. Most will even come to your house and do it in 15 minutes.
        Just look on your local craigslist , and it’s just a quick phone call away.
        Screw AT&T , unlock/jailbreak it quicker your self and be done with it.

        • ghulamsameer

          Yeah, I know. I have been using an unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile for several years now. Yeah, I enjoy the benefits of jailbreaking, buts it truly a hassle to have to backup, restore, jailbreak, and unlock every single time you update. It’ll be better for those who rely on interposers for unlocks and people who are stuck on unlockable basebands. Honestly, a free and much more effective method is much more efficient than paying someone to unlock your phone. ()

  • Which way is Up?

    This is bigger than unlocked iPhones. Finally, we have greater options now when importing cellys from overseas!

    HTC One X, here I come!

  • K0246945

    I pay 80$ a month on ATT with my ipHone and the ATT network far surpasses any TMO network where I’m at. AT&T also gives me 15% off my rate plan because of my affiliation with a college.( former TMO customer)

    • coolerthanu

      So……. you commented why? You’re like a child who wanders in and out of people’s conversations adding little comments that have no relevance at all. Glad you get a discount and pay $80 a month. Shop you not get enough attention at home? Is that why you blurt out pointless comments so the world knows you exist? Great, we now know an idiot is around. Thank you

      • Phozfate

         why did you flame?

    • jame

      Tmo also has business and college discounts too….idiot.

  • NardVa

    Now only if Tmobile will tell the public what locations have HSPA+ on 1900 spectrum.

    • Jcj1

      is virtually all their towers so it wont happen overnight

    • mrsbelpit

      Right now it’s live in the Pacific Northwest, Nevada and Northern California.

    •  it’s going to be PCS HSPA+ Nationwide.

  • That’s good news for iPhone users.

  • Jcj1

    So sad when a carrier changes their whole network for 1 phone! Say what you want but this sounds like a bad idea. Changing to carry 1 phone goes against what T-Mobile is all about. It is good however if you have an iPhone as they are the biggest winners by them doing this.

    • nd5

      It’s not just one phone!  The HTC One X, the Galaxy Note (if you’re so inclined) or any other AT&T phone would work on T-Mobile’s network.  All the complaining that we don’t get the best phones.  This allows us to use a much wider variety of GSM phones on T-Mobile’s network on 4G.

      • Matthew Tillman

        We don’t want AT&T’s version of the One X, we want the ROW version with the Tegra3

        • mrsbelpit

          That will work, too.  So many choices out there, it will be hard to decide.

    • Princeasi

      You’ve got to be like 14 years old to come up with this reasoning lol!

    • trife

      You serious, brah?  

      So allowing TMO customers to have a wider selection of phones to use on their network is a bad idea?  Do tell.  

    • mrsbelpit

      Hello?  You can buy any international phone and use it on 3g.  How is this not great news for everybody?  

    • MagentaMadness

      Its much bigger than for just one phone. We have our 2G spectrum…2G has been and is being phased out. The less 2G phones on the network, the less 2G hardware is needed, the more 2G spectrum is just sitting there. We are taking this excess 2G spectrum and reusing it for 4G. This is how we save money, by taking something we already have, and putting it to great use. The upside to doing this as a company it saves a ton of money, the upside for our customers who want the iphone(and for iphone users on another carrier like AT&T that might want to make the switch to TMO) is that they will get 4G in the greater ares where this is taking place. I believe people in the Philly area are already experiencing this, as this is the first(FOA) area to be trialing this. Its a win/win all around.

  • Aneirin

    What I REALLY need to know is the WHEN and WHERE. I have been waiting a long time to use an IPhone on TMobile, but it is no use for me in Seattle, when I need it in South Florida. To be more opne with the schedule of the promised refarming would probably go a long way in managing expectations.

    • When this happens in South Florida, I’ll be all over it!

      • Jason

        I spoke with the mid Atlantic director last week. In our area it’ll be later this year, 3rd quarter/early 4th. Stoked

        •  yeap, they’re shooting to having the PCS HSPA+ refarming finished by 3rd quarter, that will be so AWESOME!  not only will our HSPA+ band be the same, but T-Mobile’s LTE will also be compatible with Att and Verizon’s LTE.  This is nothing but AWESOME, very Smart move Magenta you true Maverick!

      • Jeff

        So the refarming….it will be in every market?  I’m in New Orleans and want to make sure that we won’t be left out.

        • HalfwayCrook

          Yes, it will be everywhere

  • Enoel69

    Smart move on Tmo’s part…instead of spending all that money (15+ Billions) like sprint did only to get the iPhone..i rather see them spend money on refarming efforts to put in place the 1900 band that can be used not only by the iPhone but a multitude of other devices with those bands. For such a hefty amount Tmo can build their LTE and then some….SMART MOVE MAGENTA. Now is Apple wants to make future iPhones with Tmo bands then fine, if not Tmo got those who really want the iPhone on Magenta covered. 

    •  …the 1900 band CAN be used for other devices…

      I DON’T UNDERSTAND. Just because it will HELP with the iPhone it isn’t specific to it.

      The iPhone doesn’t have it’s own 1900 band. IT REALLY DOESN’T

      Whatever can utilize that frequency will be able to use it for whatever.

  • James

    Right… To clarify the statement from t-mobile, To use an IPhone on the network, all I had to do was buy an unlocked one from Apple’s website (cheaper than Ebay) get a T-mobile Micro Sim, and on months I need heavy data pay $50 prepaid, and on months I don’t pay $30. I save so much its ridicules. I never run out of minutes, or messages, and I use wifi whenever I’m at home or at the office, so I’m good on internet too.

  • Big Red

    Tmobile is a pathetic company that will never have the iPhone. Cricket and Boost will have the iPhone before Tmobile. Tmobile is a Joke …

    • Jason

      And you’re obviously an idiot. Ask Sprint how that iPhone deal they got is treating them…

      • Gouv

        Yeah but Sprint has been in trouble for a while and they probably shouldnt have agreed to such terms or avoided iphone all together.  I don’t think Sprint can really afford it and T-Mobile definitely can’t afford it.  Truthfully i don’t think tmobile can count on their risky customer base enough to offer it subsidized, especially with their high churn rates and annual customer losses.

        • Jason

          Which is why this move is genius. Why get into bed with Apple when we don’t need to? This is a big win for magenta. People who don’t see that are just being difficult.

        • Gouv

          Yah but that’s if the phone is already older an used likely. I don’t see this being that huge of a hit until they can offer the later device at a nice price point i.e subsidy.

        • JQuest

          Though there’s a million iPhone customers on T-Mobile’s network. I think they proved that there’s a market for it…unsubsidized or not. I’d almost be willing to bet that if Magenta advertises that customers can now use iPhones on their “4G” network, people would be willing to buy one direct from Apple, unlocked.

        • Gouv

          There is most definitely a market, aboslutley no denying that.  I’m countering some commenters assumptions that are making this out to be bigger than what it is.  Tmobile is still only catching ATT’s bread crumbs at this point.  If they actually offered it subsidized at a price point that is like the others than that would be monumentally epic…. People are surprisingly OK with signing contracts to get discounts on phones they think they need to have.  Tmobile seems to be more anti subsidy than the other carriers but thats because they need to nickel and dime to make money where as the other carriers mainly the larger two have more flexibility.

      • Well Big Red does have a valid point, T-Mobile will never get the iPhone and they kinda are pathetic compared to the Big 3. Look at their customer service now, how many subscribers they lost to other carriers for the one and only iPhone. The NBA kicked T-Mobile to the curb like a side hoe (lol)… for Sprint, and Radio Shack told them dueces. Best Buy sales papers only advertises VZW, AT&T, Sprint phones and those are the carriers they throw at you when you walk into their Best Buy Mobile section. 

        Not sure what you delusional T-Mobile fanboys beef is what Sprint (maybe you jealous, who cares), but the Now Network is taking massive DUMPS on T-Mobile in every way shape of form. Sorry but its true, and this is coming from a T-Mobile customer. =)

        • UMA_Fan

          Except in the most important thing for a company to do – make money!

          T-Mobile makes money every quarter NET.  Sprint ALWAYS is at a financial loss.  It’ll be a surprise if they ever have a quarter without a loss.

        • ChadBroChillz

          Tmobile always has a positive net because they cut jobs and downsize. Also sprint is not making a profit, because they are paying billions of dollars to rebuild their network from the ground up. After their network vision plan is complete, they will be saving roughly 1 billion dollars a year in upkeep costs, 50% in cost per gb and per min, plus increase coverage, which will lead to lower roaming costs. Also they will no longer have to pay leasing agreements for Nextel towers.

          Wait until after nv is done n 2014. Nationwide LTE with unlimited data, plus subsidized iPhone sounds like a recipe for dominance.

        • UMA_Fan

          T-Mobile only announced major job cuts LAST MONTH.  Those care lay offs are mostly due to having a smaller subscriber base.  If they were adding customers, I would assume those centers would not have been closed.   Go back two and a half years and look at every quarter.  Sprint has cut tons of its retail staff and still loses money despite their customer additions.  Most analysts have predicted Sprint is on the verge of bankruptcy and their stock price is in the pitts.  No firm will make a move to buy Sprint now because of the extraordinary amount of debt they are in.  That’s the real price of owning Sprint is to assume their debt.  T-Mobile USA on the other hand has NO debt.  Just pure profit.  Their issue initially was remaining stagnant with market share and for a year now they’ve been losing market share.  A much much better situation than Sprint.

          Also I’ll believe Sprint’s nationwide LTE roll out when I see it.  Remember WiMax was Sprint’s 4G technology of choice up until a few months ago.  You can blame Clearwire all you want but what an abysmal roll out.  They have the worst coverage of high speed data by far.  For a technology that they supported so fully Sprint could have benefited a ton of their customers to do everything they could to expand coverage.  How many people bought the Evo line alone?  I don’t think it’s a stretch to say the majority of people who bought WiMax devices don’t have WiMax coverage.  What’s crazy is that people who aren’t in WiMax areas today are STILL buying WiMax phones and signing two year contracts… this does not bode well for customer loyalty to Sprint.  Let’s not forget the whole lightsquared debacle.  Sprint’s nationwide LTE plans depend on it’s partners so they have to depend on IDEN refarming and Clearwire again.  Why believe their roll out promises when they have JUST come off from failing to deploy nationwide WiMax?

          Another telling thing is that Dan Hesse apparently proposed LTE network sharing to Deutche Telekom.  Sprint has the spectrum, T-Mobile has the cash, in a sense it could work.  DT turned them down though.  What I think is telling about that is IMO T-Mobile is counting on Sprint to fail and then they can pick up their assets on the cheap.  T-Mobile could float the way it has been for years to come and that’s only the worst case scenario.  With Sprint, there can only be two extreme outcomes for them within the next two years, they will either fail badly or they will actually deliver on LTE and be really successful.  T-Mobile wins with smartphone coverage of pretty fast data speeds so I expect word of mouth on that to spread and really pry into Sprint’s customer base especially.  

        • ChadBroChillz

          Dang man. Wanna break it up into chapters for me next time?

          Tmobile also had job cuts last year. David wrote an article back in august 2011 about 2600 job cuts, so it isn’t only this month. IF they were adding, but they are not. They are losing customers, and it is not just the iPhone. What was the last great phone they got? the GS2? Dont try and say the One S, because it is Mid-range. Their last great phone came out around the same time as Sprint, but sprint has the excuse of they are not getting any new wimax devices, so what is tmobile’s? Sprint is getting the EVO 4g LTE, which androidcentral guys has said is better than the OneX, which is better than the mid-range One S.

          Most analysts? You mean the one guy from Brenstien Research? You know plenty of other financial/tech analysts ripped the guy a new one. Sprint has plenty of options, and they do not have to worry about the debt until the payments in 2015. one year after NV is complete and year 4 of the iphone deal( which means the burden of both are basically gone, and they are reaping the benefits), plus they could always restructure their debt prior. Bankruptcy is very unlikely.

          No one will want to buy sprint, that is laughable. CenturyLink has been linked to buying sprint a few times over the years.Verizon would love to buy Sprint also. Also Sprint has less debt than Verizon/ATT, they just have a higher debt to equity level than verizon or ATT. If Sprint is so poor, then how were they linked to buying tmousa? How were they so close to buying metro for 9 billion dollars?

          Tmobile has debt to their Parent company. Go look up their financial records. WiMAX was never going to be rolled out nationwide. Do you know how much it would cost to build a nationwide network using 2.5Ghz spectrum? it would be like 8X the cost of building out a 700mhz nationwide network, but Clearwire would be at a disadvantage, because they have no towers, while verizon has over 50,000. Sprint built out the network with Clearwire, so that they would not lose the spectrum, since the EBS/BRS spectrum was the only spectrum with the use it in 5 years or lose it. LTE was not ready, so they went with the only 4g technology available. If they were serious with it, then they would have built it out on their 1900 G Block, which is completely empty and unused or their iDen spectrum.

          how was LS a debacle? LS failed and sprint netted 225 million dollars(paid 290 up front and got 65 million back). Sounds like a win to me.

          They have no spectrum partners for their LTE network. They have the G block and their Iden spectrum. refarming iDen is easier than PCS refarming. Tmobile has to worry about their customers. Sprint has already told their nextel customers switch to sprint direct connect or GTFO. Clearwire’s spectrum is only for capacity.You better hope TMUSA has a plan for capacity or in a few years you will be crying about slow speeds, like sprint customers now. verizon is saying they will run out of spectrum in a few years. You do not think tmobile will with their data hog users?

          TMUSA could not afford sprint. maybe their parent company, but their parent company has given the US market the Finger. their challenger strategy has to be self-funded.

          You most telling point of this novel is your own opinion, which has nothing to stand on? Dude stop drinking the Magenta flavored Kool-aid. Tmobile is not going to go bankrupt, but they are not going to continue to float with the loss of customers they have been having, and the lack of High end phones. Also Sprint has a third option, which is continues to be in third place with 50 million subs, but more than likely their LTE network will be a hit. They sold more wimax devices then verizon last year, and over their first year of wimax had over 10% of their customers using wimax phones. If they copy those numbers, which is very possible with their Lineup of phones( iPhone LTE, Evo LTE, Nexus, GS3, rumored galaxy note, rumored Nokia windows 8 device).

        • UMA_Fan

          You are wrong about quite a few things.  With the job cuts article last year, T-Mobile made a statement that that was due to natural attrition.  Meaning, when people voluntarily quit or got fired they didn’t fill up the vacant spot because they ultimately didn’t need it.

          When it comes to high end phone releases you have no idea what you’re talking about.  With HTC releases alone, T-Mobile gets a variant of the best devices every year.  No other carrier gets it that good.

          Looking at JUST htc, here are their high end releases and please let me know which carrier got better devices overall than T-Mobile for that given year from a hardware perspective.  In brackets I’ll include examples of other variants of the same device on other carriers but you’ll notice the other carriers usually get variant of one or the other high end phone while T-Mobile gets both.

          2010 – HD2(Sprint Evo), mytouch3G slide (low end), G2 (Desire Z, Sprint Evo Shift), myTouch 4G (Desire HD, Verizon Thunderbolt, At&t Inspire)  

          2011 – Sensation (Sprint Evo 3D), myTouch 4G slide (sensation processor), Wildfire (low end), HTC Radar, HTC Amaze ( Verizon Rezound, At&t Vivid)

          As you can see over all, if you like HTC, T-Mobile has gotten something close to every high end phone HTC has churned out.  Let’s also not forget T-Mobile got the first Galaxy S phone in the US and has the 16GB internal storage in their version.

          To mass consumers, the One S will be a high end phone.  It has the same S4 processor as the at&t One X.  It’s only mid range from a tech geek perspective because of the smaller screen size and qHD resolution.  However the One S will have a more premium feel in the hand with it’s metal body and MAO treatment models.  People just want a screen that looks good and qHD on super Amoled accomplishes that.  The lower resolution will make the One S run smoother than the One X with the same processor.  But qHD shouldn’t make something mid range and a lot of people will prefer the 4.3 inch size over the 4.7 size of the One X.

          When Sprint cancelled the deal with Lightsquared THEY payed $65 million to LS.  All at a time when Sprint is in a very fragile financial state.

          With the whole buying T-Mobile, people forget that DT would own a percentage of the combined company.  The at&t deal was so appealing because it was almost a win-win or as good as it could be.  At&t made it sweet with the high break up fee it agreed to PLUS DT would have owned 8% of the combined at&t/T-Mobile.  Meaning Deautche Telekom would have still been making money off of a US investment and a less risky one.

          With the whole rumored Sprint deal, DT was supposed to own as much as 50% of the combined Sprint/T-Mobile, maybe more.  But taking on the cost of that debt would not have been worth it.

          I like how you bash reputable analysts but fail to provide examples of where they have been way off the mark.  If you truly believe in Sprint’s success I would buy up those shares while they’re dirt cheap now… you’ll probably be one of the only ones.

        • ChadBroChillz

          Do you believe everything tmobile tells you? 4,500( 2600+1900) jobs were lost. they only have 35k+ jobs in the US. They cut like 1/7th of their jobs. That is not natural attrition.

          I am talking now. Every time I bring up present devices you talk about devices from two years ago. HTC gave sprint the best One series variant. Also HTC is cutting back on their devices, so tmobile will not benefit from HTC releasing 15+ devices a year. ATT, Sprint, and Tmobile all got every galaxy S.

          To HTC, It is mid-range. You are trying to sugar coat it, but it is mid-range. Just because it is mid-range, does not mean it is a bad device, but lets call it like it is. Mass consumers still buy HTC Evo 4Gs and 3GSs. they are not the best indicator. AndroidCentral guys have been using the device and have said that the MAO treatment might fade after a while. One word about the display. Pentile.

          Did you not read what I said about the LS deal? LS paid sprint 290 upfront as apart of their deal. Sprint had to pay LS 65 million back to end the deal. That is a net of 225 million in sprint’s pocket.

          I never read that DT would own 50% of the combined company. Lol @ analysts. It was one analyst, and I already told you multiple other analysts( tech and financial) have bashed the guy. Go goole the seeking alpha article that refutes moffet’s( the analyst you are referring to) claim. Better yet.. Don’t.. I would not want you to lose your Magenta flavored Kool-aid Buzz dealing with messy facts.

        • Guet

          Dude where do you ger your facts. Most of the crap you post is crap you read of the net. Also if you love your sprint so much gtfo of this forum. People are sick of hearing your crap. Go get a life and stop trolling. My wife works for sprint and they are facing a make it or break it dilema. You should see what they are pushing on their management teams and their employees. These goals are nearly impossible. I work vor tmobile and my brother runs an att store. Been in the wireless for many years. Some of these so called facts you post is utter crap. When you get ral insider information then come back and post. Until then stay off this forum and stop pissing people off with your crap. You always have something negative to say. Let people be happy and you go be miserable elsewhe.

        • ChadBroChillz

          lol, u mad bro?

          You cannot refute my facts, so you call them crap? If I was mistaken, I am more than happy to retract. So how about instead of crying that I brought your Kool-Aid buzz down, show me where I am wrong.

          Thanks for correcting my GS2 price, but it does not really changes my point. Maybe you missed the point, but the point was that tmobile was subsidizing less of their phones, which would make it hard to subsidize the iphone.

          I never stopped anyone from being happy. Do my facts make you uphappy? It that my fault? Also unless David asks me to leave, I will not be going. I have not broken any rules or called anyone rude names. Also I am critical of tmobile, but definitely not miserable.

          Also does you working in the wireless industry somehow make you more knowledgeable? Just asking, because most of the time the CS/store reps at any store(ATT/Tmobile/Sprint) are way less knowledgable than many on this forum.

        • Spanky

          Although I am on T-Mobile, I will most likely be leaving once one of my lines runs out of contract this summer (don’t feel like eating 2 ETFs). With that being said, Sprint is utter garbage. I live in NYC, and my entire neighborhood is a dead zone. If you’re lucky, you’ll get 1 bar every now and again. One other thing – there are no Big 3. There are Big 2.

    • Järpen Fäviken

      And you are a T-Mo customer?! If not, then why posting? And if yes, then why are you still here?

  • mrsbelpit

    Best news ever for Android users.  Take your pick of international phones!  Congrats to iPhone users who hate AT&T as well.

  • Gouv

    Not bad at all, but too bad they can’t just offer it subsidized…  That might change in the future.

  • mrsbelpit

    disqus fail.

    • juanmondragon


  • Yogi

    A comparable AT&T plan to the one T-Mobile mentions in the article would be substantially more than $150 before taxes. Mentioned is “T-Mobile’s Value family plan with unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data with 2 GB of high-speed data is just $49.99 per line for two lines.” This would be a total of $99.98 for the two lines. A comparable AT&T plan would be as follows:

    Nation Unlimited (First 2 lines) – $119.99
    Family Messaging Unlimited – $30
    DataPro 3GB for Smartphone (Line 1) – $30
    DataPro 3GB for Smartphone (Line 2) – $30
    Total – $209.99

    That’s over twice as much as T-Mobile!

    • fart

      You get 3GB with AT&T only 2 with T-Mobile not to mention the EIP will be $30-40.. so we’ll say you save $60.. still great

      • Yogi

        Okay, so I’ll use the following as the “comparable AT&T plan” to make it even more obvious:

        Nation Unlimited (First 2 lines) – $119.99
        Family Messaging Unlimited – $30
        DataPro 300MB for Smartphone (Line 1) – $20
        DataPro 300MB for Smartphone (Line 2) – $20
        Total – $189.99

        In that scenario, T-Mobile is giving 2GB while A&T is only giving 300MB, but T-Mobile is $90 cheaper! AT&T would still be nearly twice as much.

        And why are you wanting to include an EIP in your comparison. We are discussing out of contract AT&T customers that are unlocking their iPhone and bringing it over to T-Mobile. They have already paid the full price, and then some, for their phone by paying the exorbitantly high AT&T service fee for two years. They won’t be paying an EIP to T-Mobile.

        • I agree with you. i am on t mobile and i pay only fifty for everything unlimited. and for ten dollars more i can have unlimited international calling. the best budget option as I can use what ever gsm phone i want. I dont know why anyone would be proud of paying more.

  • Guest7

    Good, now I will be able to pick up a 1900 Mhz unlocked HTC One X. The One S sucks.

    • Järpen Fäviken

      What makes you sat that the One S sucks? I’ve read excellent reviews on it.

      • mrsbelpit

        Yeah, the One S looks to be anything but sucky.  But I’d rather get the unbranded One S than the T-Mo one.  

    • brianinwood

      Don’t get the ceramic One X, unless you’re interested in getting a chipped-up phone after a couple of days…

  • what tmobile should do is make a commercial and say “you don’t want your iPhone on ATT?? then bring your iPhone to us” .. something along those lines .. they should make it known that the iPhone can work on their network instead of the campaign against it that they’ve been doing.

    they make that commercial and i guarantee an increase in customers.

    • Dakane

      I could be wrong, but I think that T-Mobile will lose more people to AT&T for the Lumina 900 than TMobile will get from AT&T with there I-Phones.   The sad fact is overall AT&T has better coverage, and better phones. 

      • Ecommerce

        …and double the cost!

      • UMA_Fan

        It depends where you are.  At&t spends more $$$ on marketing to make you think that.  My apartment, for example, gets no at&t reception but perfect T-Mobile reception.

        The truth is with all the national carriers they are all stronger than one another in different areas and all weaker in others.

    • fsured

       They may need to have that ability fully up and running before that type of commercial.  If there are only a handful of cites with the re-farmed network it might cause some people to get vexed.  They could go in expecting 3g and only get edge.  They may save money but I’d rather pay more on ATT than be on TMO edge.

    • Guest

      how they gonna do technical support on ATT iphone? 

      • ogopogo

         The same way they support the over one million iPhone users today.

        • kalel

           Which means not much but even AT&T doesn’t do support for the Iphone, it’s done by Apple Care.

    • ChadBroChillz

      I agree they will get more customers, but I doubt it save them. By the time they can air that commercial, the iPhone lte will be out on three different networks. The phone will probably only be able to do 14.4 HSPA+, while being able to do up to 72 on lte. It will not be much of an advantage as many are thinking. This would have been amazing if it was done prior to the iPhone 4s, but now it might be too late. Plus how many people are really willing and able to eat up the high initial cost to save money in the long term or stick with their old iPhone instead of upgrading to the newest model.

      • brianinwood

        I don’t think T-Mobile needs to be “saved.”  They’re still profitable, unlike Sprint.

    • k-mack

      don’t forget Verizon or Sprint too.  the iPhone 4S is exactly the same phone (even though they don’t tell anybody that) so they could all go to tmobile when the networks are ready.

  • Seriously, subsidies are a joke in the long run. Its time for Americans to get like the rest of the world and start treating these carriers for what they are: service providers! I bring the device/ buy right out – you provided me the service. Contracts are only useful for multiple lines. T-Mobile will never get the iPhone and thats cool for me. I have no problem going back to a unlocked version and shelling out top dollar for the iconic device now that I know it will soon run at high speeds. I was gonna bounce to one of the big 3 for the iPhone 5, but it looks like I will stay on my moms EM+ family plan – bill free. Haha! =P

    • Gouv

      lol! your poor mom…  Why don’t you get your own plan and stop mooching off of her?

    • Purenupe1

       yeah, but even if you bring your own phone you are still trapped in a 2 year contract! where is the benefit in that?

      • kalel

         Do prepaid then.

      • Hui

        Prepaid plans are also pretty good

  • S200

    But with value, dont u have to sign a 2year contract? That sucks

    • Whiskers

      Yes you do , check your facts again.

    • Rotaryp7

      Indeed you do.. And, you can add the iPhone and pay $59.99 a month unlimited everything. By not actually buying a phone w/ TMO, you can whenever you want to, upgrade the line. So if or when the iPhone comes out for TMO, you can get it at the discounted price. Oh and your contract will not change.

  • Which way is Up?

    Just got off the phone with tech support at T Mobile, the tech was honest and knowledgeable. He stated it will happen, however it is a process and should not be anticipated until the end of the year.

    He did confirm that some cities are up and running 3g on 1900, however it would take some time (end of the year) before we start seeing progres in the refarming of the network. He actually advised me NOT to get the One X as I may be stuck on 2g for a while.

    Helpful information but we already knew most of it.

    If you’re in Boston and interested in a Sensation XE, 32 Gig card, extra battery and charging dock, let me now, lol!

  • J3ss3c

    So i am confused. Will the iphone 4 run on tmobile network with 3g speed or edge?

    • CRT24

      The iphone with T-Mobile already operates on edge. Once all of the areas that currently have HSPA+ have been refarmed to work on the 1900 MHz band then the iPhone will be able to utilize 3g on T-Mobile. This project is in progress as we speak and is supposed to be near completion by the end of this year and the 1700/2100 MHz LTE up and running in several markets by the end of 2014.

  • Mizark

    refarming is good. but dont expect great help using all those unlocked devices.

  • hater on the rocks

    after this refarming are done maybe tmobile would be nations 3 largest wireless 
    provider sense they didnt have to spend billions of dollars to get it on the tmobile network. and tmobile has the better data 
    plan of any wireless carrier for 5gb for 30 dollars that good and hspa+ but im an android guy so this wouldnt matter to me i just like tmobile and wouldnt like it anyway. Maybe my family would switch to tmobile after their 
    plans are done with att or who ever contract is over with. but the only thing standing in the way is they gonna have to spend that dough to buy an unlock i

    • ChadBroChillz

      Unlimited data >>> any tiered plan. That is just a fact.
      Sprint did not spend billions just to get the device in their network. They just preordered 30million iPhones from apple to guarantee the iPhone works on their network. It just happens that 30 million iPhones at 500 pop( this is the price carriers pay ) is 15 billion dollars. Sprint really had no choice. They cannot refarm ton realign their bands to fit one of the major players. Neither player has plans of lte on esmr or lte on pcs. This was their only option to get the iPhone on their network. Also I doubt sprint will have a problem getting iPhone customers. They have a crappy network and still sold 1.8 million and had over 700k+ new postpaid subs.

      • hater on the rocka

        I wasn’t really talking about sprint I was more going towards att

      • Gumbitter

        the only reason why sprint can carry unlimited data is because their  data are slow point blank my tmobile g1 can get around 6mbp.

        • ChadBroChillz

          first, I am calling BS on 6 on a g1. I want to see the speedtest. I had a g2 and a mytouch and they barely hit over 6 and I am in a 42Mbps area. 2nd, Sprint has already said that they will keep unlimited data at the same price point when LTE comes out, so that kills your point of slow data speeds being the reason they keep it.

        • Gumbitter

          true story but i cant really show u speedtest because i no longer have it to show u but u can go on youtube to see it but what can i say? it just happens

        • hater on the rocks

          U guys need to chill we all live in different states so we all get different coverage signal. So u may live in a hspa+42 place but check ur signal strength it maybe weaker then his and maybe that’s y he got a higher speed.

        • UMA_Fan

          The G2 and myTouch are only 14mbps hspa+ devices.  So getting around 6mbps down is about right.

          When you use a 42mbps phone in a 42mbps area, you usually average around 4 times the speeds you were getting in the same location.

        • brianinwood

          I haven’t seen Sprint commit to keeping pricing on LTE identical, nor on keeping unlimited data on LTE.

          Further, to get that fast data speed, you’ll need a new phone.  In the case of the iPhone, there is no LTE edition.  For iPhone 4S users on Sprint, pokey EVDO is as good as it will get.

      • UMA_Fan

        What’s going to kill Sprint is that I believe the majority of their iPhone customers are not going to fulfill their two year contracts.  Let’s say T-Mobile gets HSPA+ on PCS and unlocking the 4s becomes easier, then you’re going to see huge defections of people who realize they can keep the same phone save money with T-Mobile and get significantly faster data speeds.  Even if they don’t do that specifically, Sprint customers are not going to be satisfied with that level of data speed when they notice their T-Mobile friends zipping away.  The more iPhone Sprint sells, the worse it’s data network becomes.  In fact, most Sprint iPhone users won’t argue with you when you bring up they have the slowest network.  As soon T-Mobile plans combine with an HSPA+ iPhone you’ll start seeing massive defections from Sprint.  That’s likely to happen sooner than Sprint lighting up LTE in all those markets anyway.

        • ChadBroChillz

          If they do not fulfill their contract, then they will pay an ETF and sprint still gets paid. Sprint charges 350 for their smartphone ETF( goes down the longer you have service, but still 1 month left is 100 ETF). If you cancel after your first month you would pay sprint 200 for device+350 for ETF. that is 550. If sprint paid 500 for the iphone from apple, then they make 50 dollars right there, and that does not include the subsidy that is built into your plan for that month, which is likely 15-20 bucks.

          The problem with your speed comment, which you can not seem to understand, is that Sprint will have LTE nationwide by the time tmobile is finished refarming. From what I have read refarming is going to happen in 2013 with LTE, and sprint will have around 123 million people covered with their LTE network prior to 2013. Also included in NV is true enhanced backhaul( fiber or microwave at every tower, so no more dial up speeds because of bundled T1 used as backhaul), DO advanced, and 1x Advanced. Both of which are more spectral efficient than their current technologies.

          Also a value plan 450min, Anything Mobile, unlimited txt, 2gb of data is 60 a month on tmobile a comparable plan is 80 on sprint. The sprint customer would pay 200 for the iphone, while the Tmobile customer would have to pay full price, which is 650. It would take 22.5 months(450 difference in initial cost divided by 20 a month savings) for the two to become equal. I would like to point out that the sprint customer would be eligible for an upgrade at month 20. The savings would be minor over 2 years. I doubt we will see massive deflection over the 30 dollars saved during a two year period.

        • hater on the rocks

          well from what i read even though ur 
          paying a
          phone full 
          price the 
          plans are cheaper look it up and 
          plus if u down 200 dollars on a 
          phone u 
          pay it off over the course of ur contract and its interest free. if you look at the value 
          plan and classic 
          plan the cost of data and voice and text are 
          priced lower. So even if your only saving 30 dollars during a two year contract its better to save 30 then to waste 30 dollars even in this rough economy. only big baller can waste 30 dollars and not say anything.

        • brianinwood

          If you’re willing to get slow EVDO service ranging from 0.1 Mbps to 0.5 Mbps (in my experience), Sprint’s the better deal.

          However, a refarmed T-Mobile HSPA+ network will deliver much faster speeds — around 4.0 to 8.5 Mbps (in my experience).  When you hit your 2 GB cap, you can turn off 3G and do EDGE for the rest of the month and get speeds equivalent to Sprint’s “3G” network for the rest of the month.

        • WandY2673

          http://www.forbes.com/…/22/…you-into-thinking-your-iphone-4s-is-unlocked  Explains in great detail how you cannot go from one US provider to another (CDMA to GSM) or reverse

        • Vjballa21

          I thought you cant use sprint or verizon iphones with tmobile because they dont have sim card slots? am i missing something?

      • brianinwood

        That’s only if the unlimited data is a high-quality data stream.

        Sprint’s CDMA-EVDO network is overloaded in large swathes of the country, resulting in lower-than-EDGE speeds in many places (especially in big cities).

        Launching LTE isn’t going to help customers stuck with CDMA devices on the congested EVDO network.

        I also haven’t seen anything from Sprint promising that LTE will be “unlimited data.”  In fact, even on their CDMA and WiMAX networks, they’ve been eliminating unlimited data for “data only” devices like hotspots and tablets… it’s not hard to imagine them doing the same thing with handsets when they launch LTE.

        • ChadBroChillz

          cutting 4,500 in a short time frame. Losing almost 1 million customers last quarter. Stating that more jobs will be cut. That does not sound like a company on the right path.

          .1-.5 is faster than edge. edge is 60kbps or .05Mbps. CDMA users will see help from the fact that they are adding advanced backhaul to every tower, plus EVDO advanced can offload users near congested sites to non congested sites, plus sprint can thottle datahogs down during peak hours to ensure other users get good speeds.

          Google sprint lte unlimited. All those stories confirm what I have said.

        • inwoodguy

          I don’t think that in the “layoff Olympics” that Sprint would do well.

          You’re also a tad confused about EDGE speeds. 60 Kbps is the speed of GPRS, the slowest 2G GSM service. EDGE is 2.5 G, and runs at up to 400 Kbps.

          As for “throttling data hogs,” I’d argue that’s no longer “unlimited.”

      • wsj

        $500 a pop is doubtful.  Apple sells an unlocked for $550.  I would not believe that their is only $50 profit in phone made in China where wages are a couple of bucks a day.  My guess is that $500 is MSRP and that Sprint is making a nice margin off each handset, and most likely receives additional incentive based on the overall volume of Phone that they sell form Apple. My guess is that Sprint might be required to sell 15 Billion @ retail work of phones , maybe.

        • ChadBroChillz

          I do not have the contract in front of me, since I am just a regular joe schmoe, but the articles I have read have said sprint promised to buy 30 million iphones at 500 a pop, but of course others have said only 24 million, so the information on it is murky at best.

          Apples sells their unlocked iphones for 650, not 550. And Apple is not selling the phone to sprint/att/verizon for no profit. According to iSuppli, the iphone costs 188 to make and I doubt labor costs the other 312, so they are making a good amount of profit just by selling it to the carriers.

          You could be correct that it was 15 Billion worth of phones at what ever price apple set.

  • Hemingwaysaylor
  • Hemingwaysaylor

    GigaOm has a story about how Tmo may be readying for a 2013 iPhone release

  • So technically, the iPhone will run on 4G on T-Mobile.

  • I’m just so curious anyone tested their iphone in Dallas – FortWorth Area?

  • UMA_Fan

    Although it would be great, the article is reading way too much into T-Mobile’s statement to 9to5mac.  In no way does T-Mobile imply they are getting the iPhone soon nor would they be permitted to.

  • steveb944
  • steveb944

    I should have read your comment first, I sourced the same. I see an iPhone this year for us

  • WirelessRefugee

    This was AT&T “snapping to” Apple’s concerns that it (AT&T) was not letting iPhone owners freely move about or on once their quite expensive iPhones were fully paid for, meaning the contracts were up.

    Apple has so much weight in the computing and mobile community now, if a carrier like AT&T tries this kind of cra#, making it difficult for people to move on and use their iPhones on another carrier’s service, Apple says “knock it off” and AT&T responds “Yes sir.” That is, unless AT&T could care less about partaking in Apple’s future developments.

    — Apple is in a war with Google and Samsung. Android and Samsung mobile owners don’t suffer these kinds of restrictions when they switch (e.g., the SGS II can be unlocked and used on multiple GSM carriers), so why should Apple suffer that fate because AT&T is worried about defections. An “unlockable” iPhone makes it at a competitive disadvantage over many Android-based handsets and Samsung mobiles.

    — Apple wants the iPhone to be an international handset. That’s a difficult goal when a carrier refuses to provide unlock codes (and AT&T’s acts may be illegal in countries where former AT&T customers relocate).

    — AT&T is also in part motivated by where handset and service are trending, “bring your own phone” and prepaid service. People can diss America Movil’s (Carlos Slim’s venture) Straight Talk SIM program, but I agree with experts and national commentators that Straight Talk will force carriers like AT&T to change the way they do business. Unlocking fully paid for iPhones, so to speak, is one change.

    • Very well said!

    • brettschulte

      Actually, the real story here is a new decision at AT&T to push non LTE devices off the network as fast as possible. More they’re NOT unlocking off contract LTE devices.

  • I think you all need to read this article a little more closely!

  • Yeah, it means anyone using a 2G device is going to eventually have crap service.

  • After getting my iPhone 4 unlocked, I’m using it as a pre-paid backup with T-Mobile pay-by-the-day service.  Got the MMS and Tethering working; not fast on Edge but enough to stream Pandora.   

    • gcdiesjr

      What settings did you use for the mms?

  • Renita Hargrove

    What is so great about the iPhone? U can’t customize like with an android. Ur limited to only Apple products verses the versatility than an android offers. I was an iPhone user and I can only think of one reason why I even used an iPhone at the time it was the only bigger touch screen around. I’ve seen more people wanting to ditch there Apple POS due to siri being a twat and never working but unless ur fad hype that enjoys “living in the moment” iPhone user should get out and explore there options.

    • Chiva2699

      But, you can! Jailbreak it :)

      • Kuranharu

        but if you had just got an android in the first place, you wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of jail breaking it like the iPhone. then when something breaks on the iPhone you’re screwed becuz apple won’t take it back

  • Uma fan

    I phone 5 !!!!!!

  • uma_fan

    I heard Verizon is getting wifi calling. Is this true?

    • Android!!


  • Kuranharu

    with apple you’re limited to one design, but android you have more to choose from and they’re half the price

  • john

    will this be good for hawaii also?