T-Mobile CEO Philip Humm Introduces His Team To T-Mobile’s New Marketing Campaign

More about this marketing campaign David? Yup, there’s more and it’s possible there will be more tonight. It’s clear T-Mobile is going all-in with this new campaign, especially as details come out they are preparing an extra $200 million investment in marketing and advertising this year. T-Mobile CEO Philip Humm is even getting in on the action, sending out a letter to T-Mobile employees informing them of the new campaign, which begins tomorrow.

Highlighting 2012 as a rebuilding year, Humm says T-Mobile is “beefing up their message” with the new ads and “transforming our advertising personality.” That’s very true as these ads are a departure from the last 12 months of white screen television spots.

Humm concludes by saying “…T-Mobile is an aggressive competitor,” an argument that will require more than a new marketing spot. T-Mobile will have to prove it and perhaps that is what the upcoming “Test Drive” website is for.

Still, I’m glad to see T-Mobile recognizes the weaknesses in their current marketing strategy and is trying to liven it up a little. We’ll see how you guys react to the new message tomorrow.

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