T-Mobile CEO Philip Humm Introduces His Team To T-Mobile’s New Marketing Campaign

More about this marketing campaign David? Yup, there’s more and it’s possible there will be more tonight. It’s clear T-Mobile is going all-in with this new campaign, especially as details come out they are preparing an extra $200 million investment in marketing and advertising this year. T-Mobile CEO Philip Humm is even getting in on the action, sending out a letter to T-Mobile employees informing them of the new campaign, which begins tomorrow.

Highlighting 2012 as a rebuilding year, Humm says T-Mobile is “beefing up their message” with the new ads and “transforming our advertising personality.” That’s very true as these ads are a departure from the last 12 months of white screen television spots.

Humm concludes by saying “…T-Mobile is an aggressive competitor,” an argument that will require more than a new marketing spot. T-Mobile will have to prove it and perhaps that is what the upcoming “Test Drive” website is for.

Still, I’m glad to see T-Mobile recognizes the weaknesses in their current marketing strategy and is trying to liven it up a little. We’ll see how you guys react to the new message tomorrow.

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  • Deadeye37

    When I hear “Strong and irreverent”, I think of the Old Spice Commercials with that crazy black guy who’s always blowing stuff up.  It would be awesome if T-mobile went with the same people who does the Old Spice commercials :)

  • Auser72

    They need an aggressive product selection to go along with their aggressive marketing strategy. The value , low cost carrier brand is not enough. People want a greater selection.

    • Jr Rod97

      iPhone and more coverage..tmo needs only these 2.

  • omnirep

    It won’t matter unless Carly is holding an iphone in these ads. That is what the customers want more than ever.

    • Bleacherbums1

      An iPhone? Please ….your full of it!!! I have use to have an iPhone ….its not that great of a phone I gave it to my 10 year old daughter.

      • omnirep

        I agree the iphone is not that special of a product, But I own 12 T-Mobile stores and know first hand why #1 People are walking away from T-Mobile and # 2 This is what they are asking for everyday and in every store And # 3 We ask everyday why they are asking for there acct numbers and there response is to get an iphone.

        • Vim

          The very high handset subsidy that Apple requires of carriers for an iPhone contract clashes badly with T-Mobile’s business model of lower (or no) subsidy and lower plan costs.   I don’t see how T-Mobile can take the big hit to its profit margin that an iPhone contract would entail without increasing rates for everyone, which in turn would drive existing non-iPhone customers away.  Now if T-Mobile could convince Apple to allow them to sell iPhone’s with no subsidy paired with a Value plan, that would be ideal for T-Mobile, but I’d be highly surprised if Apple agreed to that.  Apple has done too good of a job rerouting mobile phone profits from the carriers to itself. It is highly unlikely that they’ll relax their grip any time soon.

        • Bleacherbums1

          Tmobile really doesn’t need the iPhone, if they just get high end smartphones with their plan of expanding/upgrading there network manufacturers will see that. With a pricing low beyond the other outrageous carriers they will in some point be the one of the best carriers here in the US…!!!!!

        • Littlesis1774


        • Bleacherbums1

          Screw you…. why don’t you look at what you wrote on a post. “Tmobile needs to get variety of phones not only android or windows phone” YOUR A HYPOCRITE !!!!
          all this post is saying is that Tmobile DOES NOT need the iPhone to compete with other carriers. When they do upgrade there network that’s good. More LTE highend phones will come.
          And like I said I use to have an iPhone and its not really that special or a great device.

        • Littlesis1774

           Screw you and millions of people who disagree with you because iphone is the dominate phone around

        • Bleacherbums1

          Get your facts straight lilsis’ … when did ios came? When did Android platform came out? Of course ios will have a ton of subscribers, Android just came out 3 years ago . But again I do respect your own opinions like everyone here…. ;)

        • zeth006

          Whoa whoa, calm down! iOS and Android are both great platforms. Geesh!

          The main reason anyone wouldn’t want an iPhone on TMO’s network is the influx of customers that would result and the consequent drop in speeds with everyone and their dog on the same network.

        • Littlesis1774

           Here the thing not everyone likes the android. I played with products before I preferred them over the android

        • zeth006

          It’s fine to have a a preference, but there’s no need to be rude about expressing it.

        • Littlesis1774

           When Sprint got the iphone they did not raise their plans rates. The only thing they raise is ETF.  Tmobile can raise their ETF rates

        • Bleacherbums1

          Sprint as a whole company is struggling ever since they got the iPhone. They spent millions just to update there network to accommodate the iPhone on there network. They posted lost of REVENUE in the last 6 months cuz of the iphone.

  • Mcclurejrjr

    As a long time customer I want Tmobile to emphasize their benefits wi-fi calling (when you get a cell signal), competitive pricing and the lash test equipment. Tmobile is positioned to be the Toyota of the cell industry. Tmobile should offer the Lexus high end phones, scion and toyota models. Please give us the apple, the Htc, the Samsung smartphones and lower end hand units.

    • Nick

      As a long time customer I want Tmobile to quit charging my plan minutes when I use wifi calling.

  • BigMixxx

    damn…This means he is gonna be here a while…

    • Littlesis1774


  • Momark2006

    Now change the pink tmobile sign

    • iTried

      I’ve said this for years. Pink just can’t be taken seriously! Black would be sweet but not as eye catching, so we will see what they decide!

    • No you’re wrong, they need to Keep the Magenta.  They ARE Magenta.  they can just add black along with it, they both go well together.  Besides, real men like Pink.

  • I’m happy, FINALLY! We keep talking about how “affordable” we are, that get’s really old, very fast. We need to market our phones, & what else our network does, because not every average joe knows all that.

    •  Amen!  Tech savy Smart phone users care more about the Power than the savings and T-Mobile seriously needs to shift their message and I truly hope that’s what they’re planning on doing.  It sure sounds like it but I want to see it in more Aggressive ads, Phones, and Plans and a Killer LTE network next year while still upgrading HSPA+ at the same time to fall back on almost just as fast speeds when we’re out of the LTE zones.

      • I concur. I’m hoping that’s what direction they’re heading.

  • Jmart922

    Pink with black accents, get rid of the white, makes magenta look anemic, keep expanding HSPA+ and build an awesome LTE net work, and give me ICS for my Amaze already!

  • Yadda.. yadda.. yadda.. marketing gimmicks don’t mean squat, if you don’t start to add the high end flagship devices..

    • Tayshaun

       By flagship, I suppose you mean iPhone? Because T-Mobile is already poised to launch the HTC One S (HTC’s flagship line of phones) before month end, and they already carry Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S II. Not to mention the Galaxy S III they’ll likely carry that’s just around the corner..

      • Icksanford

        I checked the specs on the One S. No replaceable battery, crappy resolution, and no micro sd slot. All deal breakers for me. Bring better phones to the table Tmo!

        • That is the direction HTC is going with it’s top of the line phones.  You can’t MAKE them put out a better device.  Tmo has had top of the line stuff the whole time.  I know, I have had them ALL.  Is there a better phone out now than the SGS II?  There may be a later version one off (Skyrocket) but no real difference.  The HTC One X and S are different, but even early reviews say the S is nearly the equal of the X.  The SGSIII will be the one phone that rules them all for the next year, and you can bet TMO will have it.  Who carried the first Android phone?  The first Galaxy S phone?  The first DECENT dual core phone?  I’m sticking with TMO, good network plan, solid pricing and service, and GREAT phones.  

  • My gripe is….turn my shitty Edge service in my area to at least 3g. I can get 4G in 15 miles in every direction around my house. When every other carrier even prepay has faster internet than me. Something is wrong. The kicker is that after numerous calls there is no plans to move our signal to 3g/4g.

  • TMoFan

    Time to make some noise. T-Mobile is here. It is a valid competitor to the “big guys”, not on the other end (Metro, Cricket, Virgin, etc). It will refarm and it’s network will mirror at&t’s which means more phone support including (and definitely not limited to) iPhone. It will roll out LTE release 10 tech which makes an easy upgrade to LTE advance. 

    Yeah, T-Mobile is here and ready.

    • Tom

      Metro PCS has 4g LTE, but Metro PCS 4g LTE data speeds are more comparable to 3g or Sprint WIMAX 4g. LTE wont necessarily make your data fast.
      T Mobile 4g is good, but T Mobile has a serious lack and gaps where they have 4g.
      So sad that T Mobile is going to invest millions promoting their service, when in fact their service, well data service, is horrible.
      Why not invest that money into leasing towers and making sure the 4g is consistent and is interefered with because of no service.
      I live in Los ANgeles in the San Fernando Valley and I go everywhere. More places than not I can’t stream video consistently because T Mobile is covering the area with 4g.

    • Littlesis1774

       Well until gets variety of phones that are not window or android phone then are in business

      • Bklynman

        Pray tell,what other OS are there besides windows and android? There BB,and the iphone,what other is there?

  • ChadBroChillz

    I am glad tmobile is going in a different direction. People care about three things: Phones selection, Network, and Pricing. Tmobile has one of the best( if not the best) 4g coverages with great speeds. They have way better prices than the big two. They are just lacking in the phone selection. If they beef up their phone selection and make ads cartering to the ATT crowd who is fed up with high prices and being nickled ‘n’ dimed, then they will see the positive reaction they need.  

    I hope they have an ad showing people can get unhooked from the money vaccum that is ATT and still use their favorite smartphone. 

  • Aaron

    Why not invest money into making the T Mobile network have more coverage.
    T Mobile wants to expand customer base, but T MObile USA has very poor 4g data coverage. The 4g network is great with T Mobile, but it is inconsistent and when streaming video/audio or loading new web pages, over half the time, you are going to get buffering because of no 4g or even 3g.
    Well, shows priorities. Verizon Wireless is number one because their coverage is number one.
    T Mobile has a lack of 4g data coverage everywhere I go seems like.
    I think I am going to cancel my T Mobile service this week and go to Verizon Wireless.

    Money is the only reason I have kept T Mobile for so long. $65 value plan with 5gb data. but you get what you pay for
    audios Magenta

    7 years of T Mobile.  

    • Littlesis1774

       Don’t know why Tmobile invest in better phones

    • bakgwailo

       I get pretty much a constant 4G signal from Boston down to NYC and mostly through to DC. I would note that if you think TMobile’s 4G coverage is spotty, don’t even look at Sprints/AT&T/Verizon’s, their 4G coverage seems to be even smaller. That said, Verizon at least definitely has a much better (and bigger) 3G foot print nation wide.

  • Aaron

    Metro PCS has 4g LTE, but Metro PCS 4g LTE data speeds are more comparable to 3g or Sprint WIMAX 4g. LTE wont necessarily make your data fast.
    T Mobile 4g is good, but T Mobile has a serious lack and gaps where they have 4g.
    So sad that T Mobile is going to invest millions promoting their service, when in fact their service, well data service, is horrible.
    Why not invest that money into leasing towers and making sure the 4g is consistent and isn’t interefered with because of no service.
    I live in Los ANgeles in the San Fernando Valley and I go everywhere. More places than not I can’t stream video consistently because T Mobile isn’t covering the area with 4g.

  • well let’s go Magenta .. let’s see if Carly can bring you back to prominence .. or at least back to respectability amongst the nation.

    • TmoCSR

       putting the ad chick in hot leather isnt going to change tmobile in the slightest.  as long as we have policies that harm the customer, and continue to disbelieve everything the customer says, in addition to being forced to try and push people off the phone as quickly as possible all the while forcing crap they dont need down their throats, nothing will change.

      with the new 6-2 method they are forcing on us CSRs (solve issue in 6 minutes, sell and get them off the phone in 2 minutes), its only making it worse. especially seeing as how probably 2 of those 8 minutes are simply waiting for our systems to load or switch pages….

  • Gouv

    I really would have so much more faith in this if Humm wasn’t at the helm…  This guy is simply not the man to rescue t-mobile from itself.

  • Get_at_Me

    Alot of ppl saying tmo should invest the money into the network rather than marketing….i dont understand this logic. Marketing should bring in more subscribers which could increase revenues…that increased revenue can then be used to expand the network. If tmos new marketing strategy fails to bring in new customers, there wont be any network expansion. Expanding the network first would be a risky move. Tmo invests in populated and highly travelled areas. Tmo hasnt and probably wont invest in those random areas in between where fewer ppl live and travel. Verizon and att are rooted in the landline business.They had a head start in the wireless game bc of this. Its somewhat unrealistic to expect sprint and tmo to match the big 2s level of network expansion.

    • Bleacherbums1

      Why would it be a mistake to upgrade for tmo to update their networks first? My opinion Just my opinion it is a great move, once they do high end Smartphones/manufacters will send there best ( flagship) devices to Tmobile then subscribers/customers will come to there network.
      And again that’s just my opinion ;)

      • Ben McRill

        That is not how it works. T-Mobile decides what they will/won’t buy, RARELY is it the manufacturer. T-Mobile had the opportunity to buy many phones but passes them up. Because they have to look at 1) how many will sell 2) will we make a profit 3) is it worth the commitment to samsung, htc etc. 4)does it fit OUR CUSTOMERS price and needs?

        There is more to it than just grab every phone out there and sell them, they have to pay for these phones for close to full retail then sell them at a discount. 

    • No, you’re right.  Every corporation needs to market.  There’s no doubt about that.  A lot of successful devices and products relied solely on blitz marketing and hype.  Apple and MS do it all the time.

      Marketing is not stupid… what is stupid is marketing the Marketing. When the execs of a corporation have more to say about the TV commerical rather than what the TV commericial is about, then there’s a question of focus.   Who cares if you have $3,000 rims when you’re driving a 2002 Kia Rio?  All bark, no bite.  

      • Ben McRill

        I think there is some confusion here. This was an internal T-Mobile doc. It’s not like he put a commercial out telling people to wait for a commercial. This was meant for internal employees to show they are making changes, then it was leaked here.

  • Winski

    I debate daily if Humm or his CMO trade-off, daily, being the dumbest humans alive. How did they get these jobs?

  • jumptheshark

    I am ho-hum on Phillip Humm.

  • StonersLane


  • T Mobile already has many customers on their network using the iPhone.    

  • theman

    Humm is Nazi scum

  • T-Mobile Sales Rep

    Personally I think the new ad campaign is garbage.  What does a woman on a motorcycle have to do with wireless?  Verizon’s ad campaigns were always successful because they were about the phone not lame mac/pc ad ripoffs or stupid “no more mr. nice girl”.  By the way shouldn’t it be no more ms. nice girl because she is in fact a woman?  No offense to Carly she’s a good looking woman, but T-Mobile should focus more on their phones, network and speed than showing a chick throwing dresses out of a closet for 40 seconds then showing her on a motorcycle for 10 seconds.  If anything it seems more like a clothing/motorcycle ad than anything.  I’ve seen the whole ad and I couldn’t believe Humm emailed the whole company he normally only emails when we’re getting laid off or AT&T is attempting to buy us out.  Overall, I hope the other commercials in the “series” are better because this first one is garbage and as usual T-Mobiles ad campaigns fail to hit home IMO.

    • DDeleon

      you mad bro? clearly you’re unhappy with your employer this may be the time to move on. 

    • Ben McRill

      T-Mobile has the largest 4g network with speeds that beat or are extremely close to Verizon’s LTE (depending on location obv.) BUT with much much better battery life. They drop roughly 2% of their calls which ties them with Verizon for #1 in the industry. They are rolling out LTE on top of HSPA+/ Their prices are much much lower than everyone else. They have great phones for people who don’t want top end and those who do(HTC Amaze, GS2, Blaze, 9900 BB, Torch etc). Customer service may have slipped lately but they have still won JD Powers 11 times. Advertising gets people to notice a company. It is part of how they get customers. Take a look at apple. T-Mobile NEEDS something to get people to notice them and these commercials are a nice start.

    • Bleacherbums1

      It sounds to me that someone didn’t get there quota this month or a bonus…lol

      Just joking

  • Ickster

    I agree that Tmo need a better selection of phones. I’m on my ninth G2x (6 on warrantee and two insurance) only to end up with another bad one I’m stuck with. I want to replace it. Didn’t like the Sensation and am not impressed with the HTC One AT ALL. No replaceable battery, crappy display and no microsd card slot.
    So that leaves me with no hi end choice at all.
    And I have spotty reception as well.
    IMO, TMO needs to spend money on all three things- More hi-end handset choices, upgrading the system w/ more towers AND more advertising money. I agree that more customers translates into more revenue for upgrading.

    • Bob

       root the phone. I have the G2x its LG’s software thats the issue

  • theman

    Humm is Nazi scum

  • WirelessRefugee

    With being “awarded” the “fastest network” today, it is that kind of thing that people remember, not old ads. The only time you keep old marketing ideas is if they are working and the commercial spots have become iconic or synonymous with the brand.

    Since none of these things are evident when one thinks of T-Mobile, a new direction is warranted. Besides, as I have always said, wireless is like a Hollywood actor.

    Where the actor is “on top” or considered as good as only his latest movie, wireless is perceived as cool, hip or must have as the carrier’s latest hardware and services.

    Apple is instructive in wireless, the iPhone has been losing its luster, and Apple knows this, that’s why it is bringing out the iPhone 5 (IMO Jobs was Apple and the iPhone. If he said something was cool and a must-have, the entire world, including the media, believed whatever Steve was holding was a must-have. Steve has passed so now Apple realizes that like T-Mobile, it needs a new marketing plan since the guy who could sell coal to coal miners is gone.)

    Fact is, sex sells and nothing says “we are hip, we are cool, you must have our phone and services” faster and better than Carly in skin tight leathers. (And being a Ducati owner for 15 years – 996, 998, etc. and wearing lots of different riding stuff – black leather, nylon, cotton – I know that motorcycles and riders in black apparel is an easy sell on whatever being cool.)

    The tie in with speed is automatically built-in to motorcycles too, IMO. People associate superbikes with speed, so T-Mobile should stick with the superbikes (Ducati, because they are red) because the metaphor for fast 4G is implied.

  • WirelessRefugee

    If I was in T-Mobile marketing, I would rip off that famous scene in Mad Men and substitute Carly in place of Jessica Pare, who looks like Jessica. The commercial’s rip-off would get on the national news and put T-Mobile’s name back on top.

    The Set: Same living room look as that in Mad Men scene.

    The actors: Only two needed. One who looks similar to Don Draper (but not a spitting image, as that would get T-Mobile sued). And Carly.

    The commercial:

    John Nraper: “Carly, where are you.”

    Carly: Walks out in thin, sheer bathrobe, same as in Mad Men scene. “Oh, how are you.”

    John Nraper: “Fine, where’s my new phone, did it come in from T-Mobile?”

    Carly: “Yes, I opened the package and I loved the phone so much I used it all day.” (Camera pans to table to show empty T-Mobile-branded phone box, opened, with packing strewn about.)

    “I put it somewhere, let me look for it.”

    Carley removes robe to reveal her wearing sexy PJs, in T-Mobile colors. She starts walking around looking for the phone.

    John Nraper: “What are you doing? Let me call the phone and we can find it that way. (Camera pans over Carly looking high and low for phone.)

    John pulls out phone to dial the new T-Mobile phone. (Camera pans to latest T-Mobile phone, sitting conspicuously on a table on the outside deck. From the shot the camera also pans around to items here and there, and a decor that shows Carly and John have good taste and are cool. Maybe show the phone on the bedroom nightstand, and Carly’s black leather riding outfit laying on the bed, with cool looking boots on the floor.)

    Camera pans back to John dialing phone:

    John: “This phone won’t dial out.” (The phone is blurry but clearly implies it is a Verizon handset.)

    Carly: “Isn’t that why you switched to T-Mobile John? (In the background the TV is playing. There’s a T-Mobile commercial, the announcer saying “T-Mobile, the largest 4G network, and as just tested by PC World, the fastest speed in the U.S.”)

    To focus on part of the TV commercial Carly can look for the misplaced new T-Mobile on top of the TV.

    Or John and Carly can pause in the search of the phone, both look at the TV commercial, look at each other, give each other a look, and John, perturbed his phone is “lost” somewhere inside the apt., says to Carly “maybe he (the guy in the commercial) can find my new phone.”

    Carly: (In homage to the Mad Men scene) “You don’t deserve nice things, you probably can’t even use that phone, you and your old phone deserve each other. I am keeping the T-Mobile phone.”

    John: (In homage to the Mad Men scene, aka rip off), rips off his suit coat, walks up to Carly for a passionate embrace. He then says:

    “Let’s not argue over that T-Mobile phone. Let’s go online and order a second line and phone. Plus I heard at work someone else saying we can get two lines and two phones for $49.99 each.” (Another joke in that there’s was no Net in the sixties).

    Two are shown walking off to the bedroom, with a vibrating noise in the background. The camera lens moves toward where the phone is sitting. The camera reveals that the vibration noise is from the T-Mobile  phone, that is in vibrate mode. The camera zooms in on the phone display. There is a text message. The message says:

    “John, this is Jessica Brills. Please call me, I desperately want to” (it then scrolls to page 2 of the message and says) find out how you like your new phone. Regards, T-Mobile Customer Service.”

  • LanceMiller

    I think we need to take the CeO out for an afternoon of electro-shock, just to get him back on track.
    Especially if he thinks that taking over 6 months to get ICS released to their number one selling phone is, what did he say “Bold steps in the marketplace”.

  • Annamajad

    Hi Philipp,
    I need your help. I’m not getting resolution from your customer relations
    department and I would like to know if the type of resolution your company is
    providing me, is what you expect as CEO.
    Thank you,
    Anna-Maja Dahlgren