Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G Dummy Phones Arrive In T-Mobile Stores Ahead Of Launch

We’re just under a week until the March 21st “select launch” and T-Mobile stores are already receiving their dummy units for display. Thanks to one of our super readers, we’ve got a look at the Galaxy S Blaze 4G dummy phone compared to other Galaxy S devices in T-Mobile’s lineup. It’s true we’ve already seen the Blaze 4G live and hands-on from Barcelona, this time we’re getting a closer look at the size of the Blaze 4G against T-Mobile’s other Galaxy smartphones. Check out the fully gallery below!

The Blaze 4G launches March 21st at select retail stores and is available Nationwide on March 28th for $149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate.

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  • Maddening99

    Am I missing something? This phone seems pretty lackluster…

    • Auser72

      Lackluster as high-end phone, yes. Great value, specs and features as a mid-tier phone.

      • PimpStrong

        It’s funny cuz us enthusiasts call this “mid-tier” while its still more powerful than the gen-pop needs.  Most people would probably say it is high-end and the GS2 is just larger.  I also lean in this direction.

        • Deon Davis

          I agree!

        • guidomus_maximus

          Agree.  More like a GS2 with a smaller screen (that fits your hand better).  I had a 4G and went to the GS2.  GS2 is way better, but its so friggin big I’m gonna drop it.  If I had to make the choice again, I’d go with this one.  This is like a 4G screen with GS2 guts. 

  • Kristin

    Nothing special it’s just going to be 42 Mbps. Also the price point is pretty good.

  • Kristin

    Nothing special it’s just going to be 42 Mbps. Also the price point is pretty good.

  • Derrick227

    They all look the same, even tho they have different specs

  • PimpStrong

    Anybody wanna buy my White G’Nex?  $540  I’m not feelin it like I’d hoped.

    • Frigadroid

      Are you keeping the galaxy 2 over the nexus? Just curious as to what you might find you like better with the touch wiz phone.

      • PimpStrong

        I’m keepin the GS2 because I started Android with Touch Wiz and there are just features in it that I’ve come to get used to.  Also the GS2 screen is more energy efficient, the GS2 has a dedicated menu button, and my GS2 honest felt more consistantly fluid than the G’Nex.  

        The transitions are silky smooth on the G’Nex BUT there was hesitation most of the time BEFORE the silky smooth animations.  It also became laggy on the home screen when I applied a LWP which shocked me.  I expected a solid performance all around but I think the Qualcomm and its 1.5Ghz clock out performs the 1.2Ghz OMAP.  This is my experience at least.

        I would swear by the Nexus though if it was my first Android series of phones.

        • Frigadroid

          I hear ya. Actually what I have learned on this blog from reading some of Conan’s informative posts is a lot of what I do like about my Vibrant is touch wiz related except for the lag of course.
          I guess I’m just like some of those lazy sheeple who just want a multimedia device that works. Without having to search out and try every app and allow multiple permissions just to email, text, call & block numbers, and play videos. Thanks for your reply.

        • Matlock

          IDK what you did to your Galaxy Nexus but mine is super smooth, no matter what im doing! It only got better once Swype finally released the Android 4.0 compatible version, my phone is whole. The only time I experience slow down is when im playing that stupid NFL Quarterback game. The factory battery is a bit weak to operate the phone, so I purchased the 2000mah Samsung battery and now, I get a day and a half out of my phone, with full use!

    • Bruce Banner

      If it were black we could have done business. I just bit the bullet and ordered mines today. I’m hoping it lives up to my expectations. If not I have my upgrade coming up in about 3 months.

      • PimpStrong

        Shame! Its on eBay right now so its cool.

  • Justamazing87

    This is old dummy units have been in

  • Phone Guy 237

    We got our dummy in over a week ago.  I feel as though this phone looks too much like the Exhibit II to be able to stand out as a good middle to top tier phone.  

  • Anamor

    Is this Blaze better than Samsung Galaxy S II? Which is the best phone available right now? I am due for an upgrade and just want to get what is best right now. I have a mytouch 4G with a cracked screen that I need to get rid of soon!!

    • Anamor

      anyone please?

      • Craibailey

        The Samsung Galaxy S 2 is better.

      • Frigadroid

        I think most will agree the htc amaze or galaxy 2 are as good as it gets for now of the in store options. Just depends what’s most important to you. Camera & updates would make me choose the htc. I don’t know why anyone wants to get samsunged???

        • Matlock

          Oh Shut up about getting “samsunged”, the S2 is one of the best phones on the market bar-none! you are complaining about a phone that is close to two years old. In this industry that thing is a dinosaur. If I remember correctly Samsung did update the SGS 4G to Gingerbread. Albeit the updates were slow but they still came. Cant wait for the Galaxy S III, only phone that will replace my Galaxy Nexus.

          Im a big HTC fan, but cant stand how bloated Sense has gotten. The hardware on the Amaze is dragged down and slowed up by the software. It sure doesnt feel as snappy as the SGS2. Believe me I own an Amaze, and its rooted and stripped of all the extra HTC and Tmobile bloatware. 

        • Frigadroid

          Oh shut up yourself samsdung fanboy. How is the sgs 4g getting gingerbread relevant to the vibrant? The closest my vibrant ever came to an official gingerbread update was when they were still lying about it coming soon, after the rest of the world got theirs. It’s not related so stop being such a fool and living in denial. Ignorant fanboy’s like yourself lose all credibility when you can’t debate in a rational and intellectual manner and don’t even get your facts straight.

        • Anon

          Tmobile has gimped samsung phones. They lack the exynos processor and have terrible screen problems compared to other carrier versions. and if you are talking about dinosaurs, the galaxy sII came out almost a year ago yet didn’t even debut on tmobile until october. by that logic, ics for sgsII shouldnt be released since its a relic (gingerbread came out only 6 months after the galaxy s while ics came out 8 months after) samsung phones, esp on tmobile, suck compared to its competition.  

          i also find it hard to believe you own both an amaze and a galaxy nexus. Why would you buy both phones within two weeks of each other releasing?

    • Jgarrett855

      The blaze is basically the original galaxy s revamped and is not, in my opinion, better than the galaxy s 2. In accordance to which phone is the best available as of now, my choice is gonna have to be the gs2. The galaxy s 2 screen is larger and brighter than the blaze ( 4.52 in samoled plus vs. 3.97 samoled)

      • Husam Hammadi

        I recommend you to wait for HTC one or so as the GS2 screen won’t make you happy at any movie/video with dark backgrounds. Read Lines-blobs. 

    • To answer your question, no, the Blaze is positioned as a replacement for the Galaxy S. It has a smaller screen (4 inches) than the S-II and it has a pentile AMOLED screen which isn’t remotely as nice or advanced as the RGB AMOLED in the S-II. But it does share most of the speedy processor, 4G capabilities of the S-II for a slightly lower end phone. Same S3 1.5 Ghz processor, and 42Mbps HSPA+ capability.

  • Frigadroid

    Yeah they had one to show me last week when I payed my bill. After explaining my disdain for samsung, the sales rep admitted he hears a lot of negative reviews from samsunged customers. Then he showed me his nokia windows phone I was impressed for a midrange phone. I’m looking forward to what the future holds for nokia & tmobile.
    He was training a new guy and made me feel good when he told him I was a loyal customer for over 13 years something you will rarely see he noted. We shook hands exchanged pleasantries and I welcomed him to the family lol.
    Both had great attitudes and covered all the bases. Then I looked around to make sure I wasn’t in starbucks because I had a weird twilight zone feeling that I wasn’t really at tmobile. Thanks guys nice doing business with you :-)

    • Theman

      You sir, are a rare gem.

      • Frigadroid

        Thanks I appreciate your comment. Have a happy St. Patrick’s day!

    • Sales numbers don’t reflect your anecdotal history (though colorful). The S-II has, let me say non specifically, about 10 times the number of sales per month as that Windows Mobile mid range Nokia you refer to. Your personal issues with Samsung aside, having an agenda doesn’t help in evaluating current actual situations. Since your Vibrant experience, the S series has considerably advanced. And they are having trouble pushing out those new Windows Mobile phones even with all of their efforts, those are facts.

      • Frigadroid

        Thanks for the civil reply. You are right about my having an agenda with samsung I will admit that. I can be as hard headed as a buffalo and stubborn as a government mule. When someone has wronged me and they don’t even have the decency to say that their sorry or even own up to their mistakes and or promise to do better. I realize Mr. Lee and family would never be willing to lose face and admit failure so there you have it, we probably shall remain mortal enemies for life.

        As for what you state as fact I have trouble believing that tmobile is moving the galaxy 2’s at a 10 to 1 ratio month to month over the nokia windows phone. I wish we had some official company documentation to back up that claim. I realize it’s a much better phone but I would have figured that with tmobile’s stance as a value provider and little interest in the most popular high end phones, that mid range phones are the companies bread and butter. Especially after reading here a few days ago that the nokia’s were moving even better than expected.

        Perhaps David has a connection who could leak or at least verify that coveted company information? No offense but I can’t be sure not knowing if you might have a pro samsung agenda :-)

        If you are in fact a samsung employee of merit you could easily personally apologize for my vibrant on behalf of the Lee family just by making an official company twitter statement apologizing for and admitting that samsung has learned from their past mistakes, and how they plan to correct them. As well as what they can guarantee to regain the consumers confidence going forward. Then I would consider giving the galaxy 3 another look and also consider suspending my anti samsung campaign. Or just give me a galaxy 3 to test and that would make up for the hard feelings over the vibrant’s shortcomings.

  • Lanni

    Do they sell the GS2 with the WiFi Calling feature, or so you have to wait door a future update?

    • Yes the S II has Wifi calling.

      • Lanni

        Look at the specs on the Tmo website for the SG2, and chat with a Tmo Rep, both will tell you NO WiFi Calling.  Here’s my recent emailed transcript of a online Tmo chat with a rep.

        3-12-2012 chat transcript:
        info: Thank you for choosing T-Mobile.  A representative will be with you shortly.

        info: Welcome to T-Mobile online sales support, how may I help you with your purchase today?

        Jillian: I’m more than happy to assist you. Can I ask for your name please?

        You: are you familiar with the Samsung Galaxy S II?

        Jillian: Yes , I am familiar with Samsung galaxy S II . IT’s a great phone with 4g speeds

        You: are you able to check to see if it has WiFi Calling?

        Jillian: No , it doesn’t supports Wi-Fi calling.

        You: Thanks for the information. Have a great day.

        info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.

        Jillian: You are welcome. Have a wonderful Day.

        Jillian: Thank you for
        choosing T-Mobile.  Have a great day. We value your feedback, please
        click on the “End Chat” button to provide us your views on your chat
        experience today.

        • Husam Hammadi

          LOL, i own the GS2 and it has wifi-calling. Stupid T-mo customer service

  • God of houston

    They need to stop making galaxy phones s2 over rated.This phone the blaze 5mp cam wow I’m thinking is it a upgrade or downgrade?

    • EXIBITman

      O stop wineing you sound like a grouchy ol bitch!!!!!!!!!!

  • EXIBITman

    I stoped by the local t mobile store. the samsung blazer demo unit was on the disply its a slightly larger Exhiibits2 the screen is a lil wider then exhibits2 will be replacing my exhibits2 it my backup phone i also have HTC amaze.

  • Dkim1129

    I got lost in the debate below, but what do you guys think is the best t-mobile phone at the moment?  I need to get a phone and T-mobile $30 plan seems to meet my needs.  Btw I will be buying the phone without contract so i’ll be paying the hefty retail price.  My roommate has the SGII but I can’t swallowed the fact of buying a SGII for $599 since it’ll probably replaced by SGII later this year or early next year.

  • Dkim1129

    Does anyone know the retail price for the Blaze?  I’m guessing $399 since it’s $150 plus $50 rebate plus $200 contract = $400.

  • The dummy units at T-Mobile stores are awful.  You can’t get a feel for the heft of the device or what it’s like to use with the huge security cable on it.  And who cares about the shell anyway?  It’s the screen I want to see and touch.