Nokia Says Mobile Hotspot Feature Coming To Lumia 710 Models “Soon”

Nokia has indicated via a FAQ posted on their website that the Lumia Windows Phone device line will receive an update with support for a mobile hotspot feature. The Lumia 710 on T-Mobile released without a mobile hotspot feature, a small disappointment given how useful the feature has become. Nokia says the feature will be added in a future system update, though the timing of such an update was only said to be “soon.”

Q: When will the tethering update for the Lumia devices be pushed out?

A: It will be in coming soon for 800 and 710 via Zune update, for 610 and 900 it will be available at launch.

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  • YBT

    This was one of two reason why I didn’t go for the 710. #HineSightLOL

  • now make it free with your data plan

    • Jules Glapion

      T-Mobile is currently offering the mobile hotspot feature for free with a 5GB or higher data plan.

    • UglyPete

      LOL it is

  • Deaconclgi

    I’ve never had to pay for wi-fi hotspot usage on any of my handsets, even up to the GSII. How is it determined if you have to pay for the usage? Could it be that I have grandfathered data plans or is the WiFi sharing part only for new plans as far as cost?

  • Tomnewtn

    Very nice. I picked this up for my wife and we both like the device. I hope TMO gets more of the higher end Lumia series. I may pick one up for myself.

  • Markwill62

    really…really…just getting HotSpot???

  • Blah

    This phone is selling like crazy, getting rave reviews, and generally exceeding everyone’s expectations.

    Yet Tmobile has made no announcement about a lumia 800 or 900.

    Does Tmobile hate money, it’s customers, or success? 

    I ask because it is pure madness for tmobile not to sell the higher end Lumias.

    The only way to get the Lumia 900 is to dump tmobile and sign up with AT&T.

    Personally I’m hoping for the 800

    • hawc1506

      I’m getting an 800 unlocked from Amazon. The HD2 is currently my primary phone. I’ll use the Lumia 800 as a PMP for a while, and then it will become my primary phone once T-mobile completes the 1900 MHz refarming for 3G in the Seattle area.

      My HD2 is currently running WP 7.5, but it’s having some battery issues. I’m going to return my HD2 to the old days of tri booting WinMo 6.5, Ubuntu and Android to mess around :)

  • Fed Up

    You Lumia users better hope that Nokia’s “soon” is a LOT sooner than when LG says “soon”.

    • Frigadroid

      Same goes for tmobile, samsung and others they all play the same coming soon game.

  • Foxeh

    The G2 originally had yanked Android’s hotspot feature when it first came out, but was added fairly soon after release. It appears to be a similar story with the Lumia phones. I did spot a few weeks ago that Nokia filed for FCC approval of this update which allows these phones to function as a wireless router, so this is no surprise. Very good news regardless.

    Nokia is all-in on this platform so it’s in their best interest to take it seriously.

  • Brett Schulte

    Wondering if this Will be locked to a carrier tether feature or just worklike Android.

  • BahamasGeek242

    The tethering feature works on my HTC HD7 phone …………Nokia please bring the Lumia 900 to T-Mobile

    • tomnewtn

      A TMO store manager told me it is coming to TMO, but of course I took that with a grain of salt. Still…if it comes to TMO, I may have to use my upgrade for that. It’s one beautiful slab of technology.