New T-Mobile Inventory Sheet Shows HTC Amaze 4G End Of Life As May 2012

It’s been almost two solid months since we last heard anything about the HTC Amaze 4G and its “end of life” status on T-Mobile. That changes today as a new inventory sheet indicates the Amaze 4G will see its last days sometime in May of 2012. The Amaze had a good run however, with the HTC One S on the horizon and currently rumored for the end of April, the Amaze is yesterdays news.

Also on the chopping block is the HTC Sensation 4G, set for its last days on store shelves as early as the end of March or early April (we’re betting it’ll be April). Given that HTC has promised the Sensation 4G will receive Ice Cream Sandwich, even if the Sensation is no longer sold on store shelves, it’s still got plenty of life left in it.

Along with both HTC devices and just as our leak in January hinted, the LG Doubleplay, Sidekick 4G and myTouch Q are all on their way out in the next two months. With the Huawei myTouch devices set to launch in the next two months, we imagine that these devices are simply ready to be replaced with this years models.

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  • G123

    And speaking of ICS on the Sensation 4G… Still waiting

    • UglyPete

      just leaked yesterday. you should be able to install it any day now. I’m betting that it’s going to be another in store only deal and not OTA.

  • SemiSpook

    Okay, sort of confused here. Why is the Amaze already EOL when it only hit about 6 months ago? Doesn’t make any sense.

    • Drepope100

      Simple: The quicker devices are made, the shorter their life span.Not to mention other factors such as screen bleeding, wifi issues, etc.

  • Needanewphone

    So Tmobile will get the HTC One X?

  • PimpStrong

    7 months.  That’s gotta be a record.

    • UglyPete

      *cough* exhibit *cough*

      • PimpStrong

        How long did that one last?

        • UglyPete

          Just barely over 4 months

        • PimpStrong


        • Matlock

          Actually it was the BB Torch 9810, and it was EOL’ed after only 2 months, not 4! It was released in november, and got killed off in early January!

        • UglyPete

          lol forgot about that one. Although we still get shipments of it in. Same with the exhibit

      • fixxmyhead

        *cough* that one blackberry that died 1 1/2 months later*cough

  • Josh A Dalin

    that’s not an inventory sheet, that’s the handset placement guide to where to put the phones around the store.

    • UglyPete

      lol exactly. not exactly the first place i would look to check inventory status…. not reliable at all.

  • Kalel

    Figured it’s about gone.  The employee pricing has dropped so low that many of the reps that know about it are picking one up.  It’s actually cheaper to buy an Amaze than it is a Sensation right now.

    • UglyPete

      haha it’s about the same price as the Radar now… I’m saving my last discount for the One S tho :P

  • Daddym469

    End of life essentially means nothing….There will be plenty of stores still selling through existing stock. Even more ridiculous is none of these so called end of life devices will be discounted. They will still be selling them at regular price….Something needs to be done about that. If the phone is old news, give it a new lower price!

    • Guest

      This is why they are EOL now so they can be sold before they have to discount them.  If you knew anything about how to run a business you would understand this.

      • Daddym469

        I know this….they don’t ever discount them, business major…this is why I said EOL MEANS NOTHING….THE PHONES SHOULD BE DISCOUNTED AND YOU SHOULD STHU!

  • why are midrange phones more than $100 at tmobile stores

    • Kalel

       Well, if a high end phone is $230 and mid-range phone is $99-$149 then that makes sense.  If people were smart then they’d just do the Value plan instead and save the money over the long term.

      • UMA_Fan

        ….If people were smart.   HA

  • kelvin mcclamb

    Good, cuz they need room for the One X which is replacing the Amazed. And the One S which is replacing the fabulous Sensation. :)

  • TBN27

    These EOL on these phones are making my head spin. These phones are fairly fresh and still relevant. And they are eliminaying them after a few months? Why? Poor sales?

    • JBrowne1012

      Can’t be that poor of sales for the sensation…

  • BahamasGeek242

    You know what that means NO UPDATE ever NO ICS….WTF

  • KeoniMaui

    After all the problems HTC has had with the HTC Rudy platform it does not amze me they end of life this unit so fast

    • Matlock

      And what problems has HTC had with the Amaze!?!? my GF has one, and has had no issues at all, and none of my customers have returned them or complained about them. So where are you digging up these issues?

  • Third_Eye

    To BahamasGeek242 
     HTC has publically commited to delivering ICS to Amaze 4G. 

    I think that EOL is there for Amaze 4G as TMo wants to start from scratch with the new 28nm Krait platform. It does not mean that Am4G will not get ICS.

    To my knowledge the HTC One S variant with dual S4 that is coming to T Mobile will be the premium cell phone from the HTC stable from T Mobile. 

    One S vs Am4G

    It loses the flexibility of removable battery,
    Storage Expansion via microSD  
    Can accept standard SIMs

    Krait (better architecture processor) at same clockspeed. 
    Thinner & Lighter
    SAMOLED display
    Specific HTC image processor chip rather than using Krait’s IP engine.
    Beats capable

    So it is a win some loose some compared to Am4G. If both are there at the same time, it is difficult to decide which will be the premium model and which the mid-range as both have some features that the other does not. In case of Am4G vs Sensation it was clear the former was superior to the latter in every shape & form….. 

  • Vim

    Hmm…the mytouch slide 4g is going eol too.  I wonder if they’ll be replacing it with another slider…

  • Mueller2051

    not into the fact you cant expand or replace battery. so i bought the amaze and i love it so far

  • Bklynman

    The other big 3 don’t do this. EOL phones so soon. At&t still selling smart phones that came out 2 or 3 yrs ago,if then when do stop selling them,they packages them as go-phone,at discount,as go phone.  Why doesn’t tmobile do the same thing? When both Tm and At&t had Nokia 2720,when they both stop selling them At&t was selling them for about $6.00 as a go-phone.

    Recently (not sure they are still selling it now) they were selling Pantech smart phone as a go phone for $80.00. Tm can do the same with their prepaid phones,but for some reason they don’t. But why not?