Mini Editorial: T-Mobile, Stop Attacking The iPhone On Slow Web Speeds?

Has T-Mobile’s next marketing salvo against the iPhone already begun? With both a tweet under their belt as well a captured image(s) of an advertisement running on IntoMobile, T-Mobile is attacking the slow internet speeds of the iPhone. You can be anti-iPhone, pro-Android or somewhere in-between and loving Windows Phone, but I’m really quite tired of T-Mobile attacking the iPhone. Why does the T-Mobile marketing team insist on attacking the one device the company continues to claim is partly responsible for its own unstable financial predicament. Enough is enough. The iPhone brings customers over in droves, Android yet to do that, it’s as simple as that. The iPhone has customers lining up every launch like clock-work, Android phones hardly ever do. Except that isn’t what this is about, this is about T-Mobile needing to find new and inventive ways to lure customers back, instead of attacking the most popular phone on the planet.

All that being said, you can argue that T-Mobile is right with their message and you would be correct, until a LTE iPhone launches, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 21 and HSPA+ 42Mbps smartphones blow away iPhone data speeds. Still, is there anyone in T-Mobile-land that is truly naive enough to think this is going to win over customers? If internet speeds were truly of concern to iPhone owners, T-Mobile would be the number one or two carrier in the US.

I’ve long said that T-Mobile’s marketing team needs a refresh and this just steels my resolve to continue thinking that. This is another half-hearted attempt at attacking the device that is, at least in some small part┬áresponsible for T-Mobile’s current position in the marketplace. Those are T-Mobile’s words, not ours.

You can love Android, hate the iPhone or vice-versa and that’s fine, your smartphone preference isn’t the subject here. You can interchange the word “iPhone” here for any other name as long as the internet speed and #4GLife argument remain the same. This is about another wasted marketing effort that shows much T-Mobile’s marketing team needs to start thinking outside the box. Sorry T-Mobile, yet again you need to step up your game if you want to win customers back into the Magenta world.

As a last thought, just stop attacking the iPhone, especially when you highlight your network refarming with a specific focus on unlocked iPhone’s working on your 3G/4G network in the very near future. I guess there is a network refarming for that.


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